Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

Dolutegravir Resistance Zotero Reference Library (DTG-Z)

Updated on February 1, 2019

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DTG-Z contains 264 publications and meeting presentations obtained following a systematic PubMed search and literature review. PubMed search was performed on February 2019. The search terms were “(Dolutegravir or GSK1349572) AND (resistance or trial or monotherapy or "dual therapy" or "two-drug regimen")”. The literature review identified papers containing three main types of data: (i) the mutations emerging in vitro and in vivo under DTG selection pressure; (ii) in vitro DTG susceptibility; and (iii) the virological efficacy of DTG. The systematic review has been submitted to the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and available for download:

Each study is tagged with one or more key words (Tags) and with a list of key integrase mutations (Notes).

Each tag belongs to a group of tags sharing the same prefix:

    Study type:
    1. Study-Genotype: mutations emerging under DTG selection in vivo
    2. Study-Clinical: virological efficacy of DTG
    3. Study-Susceptibility: in vitro DTG susceptibility
    4. Study-inVitro Passage
    5. Study-Biochem
    6. Study-Mechanism
    7. Study-Mechanism_AnimalModel
    8. Study-Structure

    Drugs studied in in vitro selection, in vitro susceptibility or mechanism of drug resistance:
    1. Drug-DTG
    2. Drug-EVG (elvitegravir)
    3. Drug-RAL (raltegravir)
    4. Drug-CAB (cabotegravir)
    5. Drug-BIC (bictegravir)

    ARVs received from whom genotypes were obtained or clinical outcomes were evaluated:
    1. Rx-DTG
    2. Rx-DTG/3TC
    3. Rx-DTG/RPV
    4. Rx-DTG/ATV
    5. Rx-DTG/DRV/r
    6. Rx-DTG/ABC+3TC
    7. Rx-DTG/TDF+3TC
    8. Rx-DTG/OB(optimized background)
    9. Rx-DTG/NRTIs
    10. Rx-RAL
    11. Rx-Naïve

    Therapy Type:
    1. Therapy-FirstLine
    2. Therapy-SecondLine
    3. Therapy-Mono
    4. Therapy-Dual
    5. Therapy-Salvage
    6. Therapy-Simplification
    7. Therapy-Intensification
    8. Therapy-Switch

    ARV treatment history (baseline):
    1. Hx-ART_Naive
    2. Hx-INSTI_Naive
    3. Hx-INSTI
    4. Hx-RAL
    5. Hx-NRTI_Resistance

    Susceptibility Method:
    1. SuscMethod-PhenoSense
    2. SuscMethod-ViiV
    3. SuscMethod-ANRS
    4. SuscMethod-McGill
    5. SuscMethod-Milan
    6. SuscMethod-Nagoya
    7. SuscMethod-Sienna
    8. SuscMethod-Vancouver
    9. SuscMethod-Misc

    Study Population:
    1. Population-Trial
    2. Population-Cohort
    3. Population-CaseReport
    4. Population-MTCT
    5. Population-LMIC

    HIV other than HIV-1 group M:
    1. Virus-Non_Group_M
    2. Virus-HIV2
    3. Virus-SDM (site-directed mutant)