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HIV-1 Drug Resistance Mutations (DRMs) for Point-Of-Care (POC) Genotypic Resistance Testing

This page contains data for developing a list of sensitive and specific HIV-1 drug resistance mutations (DRMs) for the diagnosis of HIV-1 drug resistance in resource-limited settings. To provide feedback on these recommendations and to view the feedback of others, please register on the google+ community HIVDB_POC. This will require using an existing gmail account or setting up a new account (e.g., and then activating your google+ account. You can email your gmail address to or request permission at the HIVDB_POC community page.

Clinical Scenario 1: ARV-Naive
»Table 5. Prevalence of NRTI DRMs: According to Region and Subtype
»Table 6. Prevalence of NNRTI DRMs: According to Region and Subtype
Clinical Scenario 2: Virological Failure on an Initial NRTI/NNRTI Regimen
» Dateset
» Table 10. Prevalence of NRTI DRMs and DRM Patterns: Tenofovir (TDF)-Containing Regimens
Clinical Scenario 3: Virological Failure on an Initial or Second-Line PI-Containing Regimen
» Dateset
» Table 13. Prevalence of PI DRMs and DRM Patterns: Lopinavir (LPV/r)-Containing Regimens
Prevalence Summary
» Table 14. Prevalence of Major NRTI and NNRTI DRMs: Starting an Initial Therapy VS. Failing on a Standard First-Line Regimen