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INI-Resistance Mutations and Response to New INI-Containing Regimens

There has been only one salvage therapy study in which raltegravir (RAL)-experienced patients were treated with a second INI, dolutegravir (DTG). This phase II study has two cohorts receiving two different DTG doses.

Dolutegavir (DTG)
ReferencePrevious INIFollow-up INIOther RxNo.PtsWkEffect of Baseline Mutations on Response
Eron (2010)
VIKING Trial (Cohort 1)
100% RAL DTG OBT 27 2 In 18 subjects with viruses having mutations belonging to N155H or Y143 pathways, the mean plasma HIV-1 RNA decrease by day 11 was 1.8 log copies/mL. 3/5 subjects with Q148H+G140S had an RNA decrease of > 0.7 logs by day 11. None of 4 subjects with Q148 mutation plus >2 additional mutations at positions 74, 138, and 140 had an RNA decrease >0.7 logs.


  • RAL: raltegravir
  • DTG: dolutegravir (formerly GSK9572)
  • OB: optimized background
  • W: week
  • M: month