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Clinical Trial Datasets

ACTG A5095 clinical trial
Gulick RM, Ribaudo HJ, Shikuma CM, Lustgarten S, Squires KE, Meyer WA 3rd, Acosta EP, Schackman BR, Pilcher CD, Murphy RL, Maher WE, Witt MD, Reichman RC, Snyder S, Klingman KL, Kuritzkes DR; AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study A5095 Team. Triple-nucleoside regimens versus efavirenz-containing regimens for the initial treatment of HIV-1 infection. N Engl J Med. 2004 Apr 29;350(18):1850-61.
PR Data in HIVDB
RT Data in HIVDB
Nucleotide sequences in fasta format
ACTGA5095_PR_fasta.txt,   ACTGA5095_RT_fasta.txt
Composite alignment (of sequences at baseline)
ACTGA5095_PR_composite.html,   ACTGA5095_RT_composite.html
List of sequences with stop codon, ambiguity codon and unusual residues
ACTGA5095_PR_QA.txt,   ACTGA5095_RT_QA.txt

Method: Direct PCR, Dideoxy terminator sequencing
Sample: Plasma
Timing: Multiple timepoints

Integrated view of ARV, genotypes, RNA and CD4 on 513 patients
The Microsoft Access database ACTGA5095Summary.mdb was created on 513 patients for whom sequences and ARV histories are available and contains tables with treatment, mutations, RNA levels and CD4 counts.

The files contained ACTGA5095Summary.mdb (the description of each file)

Rx modification Note
The Rx history was modified in 10 instances: in 7 instances there was a single drug regimen and in the rest, the record shows that no drug was given. Changes are described in detail in ACTGA5095RxChanges.txt.