HIVseq Program

Literature Prevalence of Mutations in Submitted Sequences

HIVseq accepts user-submitted RT, protease, and integrase sequences or mutations. Translated sequences are compared to the consensus subtype B reference sequence and the differences are used as query parameters for interrogating the HIV Drug Resistance Database to determine the prevalence of each mutation in antiretroviral class naïve or experienced patients with viruses belonging to subtypes A, B, C, D, F, G, CRF01_AE, and CRF02_AG. A detailed description of the program output can be found in the Release Notes.

Protease, RT, and integrase mutations can be entered using either the text box or auto-suggestion boxes. To use the text box, type each mutation separated by one or more spaces. The consensus wildtype and separating commas are optional. If there is a mixture of more than one amino acid at a position, write both amino amino acids (an intervening slash is optional). Insertions should be indicated by “Insertion” and deletions by “Deletion”.

Reverse Transcriptase

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