HIVdb Program

HIVdb version 8.1.1 (last updated 2016-09-23)

Genotypic Resistance Interpretation Algorithm

HIVdb accepts user-submitted protease, RT, and integrase sequences or mutations and returns inferred levels of resistance to the most commonly used protease, nucleoside, non-nucleoside, and integrase inhibitors. Its purpose is educational and as such it provides extensive comments and a highly transparent scoring system that is hyperlinked to data in the HIV Drug Resistance Database. A detailed description of the program as well as all updates is in the Release Notes. A web service has been created to allow users to access HIVdb programmatically.

Protease, RT, and integrase mutations can be entered using either the text box or auto-suggestion boxes. To use the text box, type each mutation separated by one or more spaces. The consensus wildtype and separating commas are optional. If there is a mixture of more than one amino acid at a position, write both amino amino acids (an intervening slash is optional). Insertions should be indicated by “Insertion” and deletions by “Deletion”.

Reverse Transcriptase

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