HIVdb Program

Sierra version 3.1.3 (last updated on 2022-06-08)
HIVdb version 9.1 (last updated on 2022-06-02)

Genotypic Resistance Interpretation Algorithm

HIVdb accepts user-submitted protease, RT, and integrase sequences or mutations and returns inferred levels of resistance to the most commonly used protease, nucleoside, non-nucleoside, and integrase inhibitors. Its purpose is educational and as such it provides extensive comments and a highly transparent scoring system that is hyperlinked to data in the HIV Drug Resistance Database. A detailed description of the program as well as all updates is in the Release Notes. A web service has been created to allow users to access HIVdb programmatically.

New: this program is now available for analyzing SARS-CoV-2 mutations, FASTA, and FASTQ (NGS) sequences.

Protease, RT, and integrase mutations can be entered using either the text box or auto-suggestion boxes. To use the text box, type each mutation separated by one or more spaces. The consensus wildtype and separating commas are optional. If there is a mixture of more than one amino acid at a position, write both amino amino acids (an intervening slash is optional). Insertions should be indicated by “Insertion” and deletions by “Deletion”.

Drug display options

By default, results will be shown for checked ARVs. Use checkboxes for additional ARVs. (select all ARVs, revert to default)


Reverse Transcriptase

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