HIValg Program

Sierra version 3.0.4-1 (last updated on 2020-05-27)
HIVdb version 8.9-1 (last updated on 2019-10-25)

Comparison of Genotypic Resistance Algorithms

HIValg compares HIVdb results to those of 2 other algorithms: i. Rega Institute (rules), and ii. Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le SIDA (ANRS rules). However, it does not provide the complete HIVdb report. HIValg also allows users to interpret sequences using any algorithm created using the Algorithm Specification Interface (ASI). A detailed description of the program as well as all updates can be found in the Release Notes.

Protease, RT, and integrase mutations can be entered using either the text box or auto-suggestion boxes. To use the text box, type each mutation separated by one or more spaces. The consensus wildtype and separating commas are optional. If there is a mixture of more than one amino acid at a position, write both amino amino acids (an intervening slash is optional). Insertions should be indicated by “Insertion” and deletions by “Deletion”.

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Select two or more previously published algorithms and/or upload one or more ASI-encoded interpretation algorithms from your computer using the file selection box below.

Selected algorithms:HIVDB 8.9-1XANRS 30XRega 10.0X

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