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Author Maguire (2002)
Title Emergence of resistance to protease inhibitor amprenavir in human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected patients: Selection of four alternative viral protease genotypes and influence of viral susceptibility to coadministered reverse transcriptase nucleoside inhibitors.
Citation AAC
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Lab
NumIsolates 28
Lab Parent Strain HXB2


Lab PR Isolates : Susceptibility Data

IsolatePIMajorDRMsPIMinorDRMsMethodDrugFold Res.
MM-L1 I54V, V82A  Antivirogram FPV 0.5 
MM-L10   Antivirogram FPV 1.4 
MM-L11 I84V  Antivirogram FPV 1.7 
MM-L12 I47V  Antivirogram FPV 1.9 
MM-L13   Antivirogram FPV 1.9 
MM-L14 I47V  Antivirogram FPV 2.2 
MM-L15 I54L L33F Antivirogram FPV 2.4 
MM-L16 I84V  Antivirogram FPV 2.4 
MM-L17 M46L, I50V  Antivirogram FPV 2.5 
MM-L18 M46L  Antivirogram FPV 2.6 
MM-L19 V32I  Antivirogram FPV 2.8 
MM-L2 I54V  Antivirogram FPV 0.7 
MM-L20 I54L  Antivirogram FPV 3.4 
MM-L21 I50V  Antivirogram FPV 3.5 
MM-L22 I54L L33F Antivirogram FPV 4.4 
MM-L23 I50V L33F Antivirogram FPV 4.4 
MM-L24 V32I, I47V  Antivirogram FPV 4.7 
MM-L25 I54M  Antivirogram FPV 5.4 
MM-L26 V32I, I47V  Antivirogram FPV 5.8 
MM-L27 I54M L33F Antivirogram FPV 6.5 
MM-L28 M46I, I50V  Antivirogram FPV 12 
MM-L3   Antivirogram FPV 0.8 
MM-L4 I54V L33F Antivirogram FPV 0.8 
MM-L5  L33F Antivirogram FPV 0.9 
MM-L6 I54V L33F Antivirogram FPV 0.9 
MM-L7 L90M  Antivirogram FPV 1.1 
MM-L8 V82A  Antivirogram FPV 1.1 
MM-L9  L33F Antivirogram FPV 1.4