Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Fokam (2020)
Title Pre-treatment drug resistance and HIV-1 genetic diversity in the rural and urban settings of Northwest-Cameroon.
Citation PLoS One
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 58
NumPts 58
Subtype CRF02_AG, A, G, F, CRF18_cpx, A + J, A + G


Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
CIRCB_AA07 CIRCB_AA07 None None   V21I, V35T, E40Q, K43E, K49R, V90I, A158S, S162A, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211A, V245Q, T286A  
CIRCB_AH08 CIRCB_AH08 None None   V35T, V60VI, K82R, K102KQ, I135V, I142V, S162A, K173T, D177E, I178IM, T200E, E203Q, Q207DN, F214L, V245KN, K277R, T286A  
CIRCB_AI27 CIRCB_AI27 None None   K11A, V35T, T39K, D121Y, K122E, D123G, I135T, S162C, K173A, Q174R, D177DE, V179VI, S191SF, D192DN, G196E, Q207A, R211S, W212WR, V245Q, E248D, D250A, T286A  
CIRCB_AS03 CIRCB_AS03 None None   K11S, V35T, T39N, E40D, V60I, K102R, D121H, K122E, I135T, Q145QH, K173A, Q174K, D177E, T200E, Q207A, R211K, V245Q, D250S, T286A, K287Q  
CIRCB_AV35 CIRCB_AV35 None None   V35T, T39K, I142V, I159V, E169D, Q174R, D177E, I202V, Q207A, R211S, V245Q, E248D, D250N, A272P, L279M, T286A  
CIRCB_CB05 CIRCB_CB05 None None   V35T, K49R, K122E, D123DN, S162A, K173T, Q174K, D177E, I178M, T200A, Q207K, R211RS, V245Q, A272P, T286A  
CIRCB_CG06 CIRCB_CG06 None None   P4H, E6D, V35T, T39K, K43E, K122E, D123GS, A158S, S162A, K173A, Q174K, D177E, T200E, Q207A, R211S, K238R, V245E, D250E, K281R, L283I  
CIRCB_DM33 CIRCB_DM33 None None  E138A M16MV, V21I, K32Q, V35T, T39L, V60I, V90I, K122E, I135V, S162A, K173AT, Q174K, D177E, I178M, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245Q, K281R, T286A  
CIRCB_EA12 CIRCB_EA12 None None   P4T, V35T, T39K, E40D, K43N, V60I, S68G, K122P, K166KR, K173A, Q174K, D177E, Q207E, R211K, F214L, V245T, S251N, A272P, T286A  
CIRCB_JI26 CIRCB_JI26 None None   V35T, E36D, T39M, I50IV, N57NH, K102Q, K122A, A158AS, S162A, S163SR, K173T, Q174K, D177E, I178M, R199RT, T200A, Q207E, V245Q, S251SR, L264LI, Q278H N81NS, H96HL, Q145QR, N147NI, E169E*, R206R*, L209LF, T253TI, A267AE 
CIRCB_MG41 CIRCB_MG41 None None   V35T, I37IV, K122E, I135V, S162A, K173T, Q174KN, D177E, I178IM, G196E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245E, V276VI, K281KR, T286A K30I, K43EG, N57P 
CIRCB_ML04 CIRCB_ML04 None None   K11S, E28EK, E29ED, K32N, A33S, T39N, E40D, I50IV, V60I, T69TS, R78X, K102E, K104R, D121H, K122E K30N, V35GR, W71C, D76Y, R83KQ, T84S, Q85S, G99D, V111VG 
CIRCB_MP17 CIRCB_MP17 None None  V106I P4S, V35T, E36D, T39A, E40D, V118I, K122E, I135V, S162A, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, F214L, V245Q, A272P, K281R, T286A  
CIRCB_MV23x CIRCB_MV23x None None   V21I, V35T, E36D, T39M, K49R, V60I, K122E, I135V, R143RK, S162A, E169Q, K173T, D177E, E194EQ, T200A, Q207G, R211K, V245K, T286A  
CIRCB_NE02 CIRCB_NE02 None None   I5V, E6D, E28EG, V35T, T39L, K49R, K102Q, V118I, K122A, T165I, E169D, K173T, Q174K, D177E, G196E, T200K, I202V, Q207E, F214L, V245Q, E248D, D250E, Q278E, L283I  
CIRCB_NG16 CIRCB_NG16 None None   K11T, V35T, E40ED, K49R, S68SG, K122KE, D123NS, S162A, Q174DN, D177E, T200A, Q207E, P243S, V245Q, K249Q, Y271F, A272P, V276I, K281R, T286A  
CIRCB_NJ34 CIRCB_NJ34 None None   V21I, V35KT, E36D, I37IV, T39KM, K49R, V60I, K122E, I135V, S162A, E169Q, K173T, D177E, T200A, Q207G, R211K, V245K, T286A C38CY 
CIRCB_NL52 CIRCB_NL52 None None   V35T, K104R, D123DN, I135V, S162A, K173I, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245Q, E248D, K277R  
CIRCB_NM39 CIRCB_NM39 None None   V35T, E36EA, T39K, K43KE, K122E, I142IV, S162A, K173S, Q174K, D177E, V179I, T200A, Q207D, R211K, V245Q, E248EV, A272P, K281R, T286A  
CIRCB_NT20 CIRCB_NT20 None None   V21I, K32R, V35T, V60I, K122E, D123S, I135V, S162A, K173A, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211RK, V245Q, E248D, A272P, G273R  
CIRCB_NV18 CIRCB_NV18 None None   V21VD, I50IV, G93R, K101Q, K122E, D123K, T131TP, I132IL, S134SR, N136X, N137X, E138X, T139X, P140X, G141X, I142X, R143X, Y144X, Q145X, Y146X, N147X, V148X, L149X, P150X, Q151X, G152X, W153X, K154X, G155X, S156X, P157X, A158X, I159X, F160X, Q161X, S162X, S163X, M164X, T165X, K166X, I167X, L168X, E169X, P170X, F171X, R172X, K173X, Q174X, N175X, P176X, D177X, I178X, V179X, I180X, Y181X, Q182X, Y183X, M184X, D185X, D186X, L187X, Y188X, V189X, G190X, S191X, D192X, L193X, E194X, I195X, G196X, Q197X, H198X, R199X, T200X, K201X, I202X, E203X, E204X, L205X, Q207K, R211K, Y232*, V245Q, Y271X, K275R, T286A, E291D, I293V, P294T, E312D, S322T, I326V E36E*, L74LF, W88WG, H96HP, V106E, V108VE, Y115YS, D121EK, F124IL, Y127V, A129AT, F130FI, L210R, F214S, D237Y, N255I, D256Y, L279L_K 
CIRCB_OAA40 CIRCB_OAA40 None None   V35T, K122E, D123DN, I135V, S162A, K173T, Q174K, D177E, I178M, T200E, E203Q, Q207D, R211RK, P243A, V245KQ, T286A  
CIRCB_OAC32 CIRCB_OAC32 None None   I5V, V35T, E36D, T39AS, V60I, K122E, D123N, I132V, I135V, T165I, F171Y, K173KT, Q174R, G196E, T200A, I202V, Q207E, R211RK, V245K, D250E, A272P, L283LI, T286A  
CIRCB_OAJ07 CIRCB_OAJ07 None None   V35T, T39L, S162A, K173A, Q174KT, D177E, I178M, T200A, Q207GR, R211EK, V245Q, E248D, T286A  
CIRCB_OAL25 CIRCB_OAL25 None None   N57NH, V60I, K64KR, A98S, D123E, I135V, S162A, Q174N, D177E, T200E, E203Q, Q207E, R211K, V245E, T286A W88WG, T131TS 
CIRCB_OAM21 CIRCB_OAM21 None None M41ML, K70E, M184V, K219R K103N, E138G, P225H, K238T V35AT, E36D, E40ED, K49KE, V60I, K173T, Q174K, D177E, Q197E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, L228R, V245Q, E248D, D250E, S251X, T286A  
CIRCB_OAN39 CIRCB_OAN39 None None   V21I, V35R, E36D, E40ED, K43N, V60I, I135V, N137NS, S162A, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207K, R211S, V245Q, K281R, T286A G99G* 
CIRCB_OAZ34 CIRCB_OAZ34 None None  E138A N57X, V60I, K122E, D123S, I142T, Q174K, I178M, G196E, Q207S, R211K, V245Q, S251N, A272P, Q278Y, T286A, E291D, V292I, I293V, P321S, D324E  
CIRCB_OBG26 CIRCB_OBG26 None None   V35T, T39L, D123E, I135IV, A158S, S162A, F171Y, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, F214L, V245Q, T286A  
CIRCB_OC08 CIRCB_OC08 None None   V35T, E36D, T39I, V60I, D123E, I135V, S162A, K173L, Q174K, D177E, V179I, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245Q, D250E, S251D, A272P, T286A  
CIRCB_OC29 CIRCB_OC29 None None  Y188YH V35T, E36D, T39E, S48T, V60I, K122E, D123DN, I135V, S162A, K173V, Q174K, D177E, R199RT, T200A, Q207N, R211X, V245Q, T286A P19T 
CIRCB_OKA31 CIRCB_OKA31 None None   P4S, V35T, K102KE, S162A, K173AT, Q174K, D177E, I178M, T200E, E203Q, Q207DE, V245K, L283LI, T286TA  
CIRCB_OKA41 CIRCB_OKA41 None None   K11Q, V35T, T39M, V60I, K122AP, D123S W71WG 
CIRCB_OKC05 CIRCB_OKC05 None None   V35T, E36D, T39ILM, V60I, K122E, I135V, S162A  
CIRCB_OLN14 CIRCB_OLN14 None None   S3R, P4Q, E6P, T7A, P9A, K13N, K20X, V35T, T39TI, V60I, K104KR, D121Y, K122E, D123G, I135T, I142V, E169D, K173A, Q174K, D177E, G196E, I202IV, Q207A, R211S, V245K, I257V, A272P, T286A I5D, K11Y, K22I 
CIRCB_OLN18 CIRCB_OLN18 None None   K11T, W24WC, V35A, D121H, K122E, S162C, E169D, K173V, Q174K, D177E, G196E, T200A, Q207A, R211S, V245Q, E248D, D250Q  
CIRCB_OLNN15 CIRCB_OLNN15 None None   V35VA, K49KR, V60I, A98S, K122P, S162A, K173I, Q174K, R199RK, T200A, Q207E, V245X, A272S, T286A, K287R  
CIRCB_OMJ36 CIRCB_OMJ36 None None  V106VI I5V, V35T, T39L, S48T, K49R, V60I, D121DY, K122E, D123E, I135V, S162A, T165TI, K173I, Q174K, D177E, T200A, I202V, Q207E, R211K, E224D, V245Q, D250E, A272AP, K277R, Q278QH, T286A  
CIRCB_OMM12 CIRCB_OMM12 None None   V35T, E36D, T39S, D123E, I135V, S162A, K173T, Q174A, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245Q, T286TA  
CIRCB_OMV22 CIRCB_OMV22 None None   L34I, V35T, T39TI, K49R, V60I, I135V, S162G, E169ED, D177E, I178L, T200A, E204K, Q207E, F214L, V245Q, E248D, T286A  
CIRCB_ONC10 CIRCB_ONC10 None None   K32I, V35T, K49R  
CIRCB_ONE27 CIRCB_ONE27 None None   K20R, V35T, E36ED, T39KR, K43N, K122KE, T139TA, S162A, K173KT, Q174E, D177E, T200E, E203Q, Q207D, F214L, V245T, T286A  
CIRCB_ONF37 CIRCB_ONF37 None None   V10VI, V35T, E36D, T39A, E40ED, E44D, D121Y, K122E, D123E, S134N, I135V, I159IV, S162A, K173A, Q174K, D177E, V179AT, T200A, Q207D, R211K, V245Q K49KN 
CIRCB_ONI38 CIRCB_ONI38 None None   K11T, P14PS, V21I, K30KE, V35T, T39A, D86DE, F87FL, D121Y, K122E, D123G, S134SR, I135T, S162A, Q174N, D177E, I178V, Q207A, R211S, V245Q, E248N, D250E, V276I, L283I K49K*, F61FY, S117Q, V118F 
CIRCB_ONO11 CIRCB_ONO11 None None   K32KR, V35T, V60I, V90I, I135IV, S162A, K173T, Q174K, D177E, I178M, T200A, Q207E, R211RK, V245Q, A272P, T286A  
CIRCB_ONVO4 CIRCB_ONVO4 None None   V35T, E36D, T39L, K122E, D123G, I135V, S162A, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207G, R211K, V245Q, K281R, T286A  
CIRCB_ORM06 CIRCB_ORM06 None None M41ML  V35P, E44EAD, D123E, I135V, I142V, S162A, K173I, Q174K, D177E, T200E, E203Q, Q207D, R211EK, P243PH, V245D, A272P, K281R N54ND 
CIRCB_OSE28 CIRCB_OSE28 None None   K13KN, V35T, E36D, T39L, K122E, I135V, S162A, K173T, Q174K, D177E, D192E, G196E, T200A, Q207G, R211K, V245Q, K281R, T286A  
CIRCB_OSN03 CIRCB_OSN03 None None K65R, M184I V179E, M230L V35T, E36D, T39L, G45GR, K46Q, S48ST, K49R, V60I, S68G, V90I, K104Q, K122E, Y146YS, S162G, M164MI, T165I, I167V, K173T, Q174K, D177E, G196E, T200A, R211K, V245Q, A272P, T286A P25PT, Y127S, T128P, I135FV, I159FL, L168GW, Y183H, Q207DY 
CIRCB_OTD46 CIRCB_OTD46 None None   V35T, K122PQ, D123DE, K173A, Q174K, D177E, Q207A, R211A, P243A, V245Q, E248D, D250S, A272P, K275R, V276I, Q278H, T286A  
CIRCB_OYA09 CIRCB_OYA09 None None   V35T, T39A, E40ED, S68G, V90I, D121H, K122E, I135V, S162A, T165TI, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, P243S, V245Q, A272P, K275R, V276I, L279M, T286A  
CIRCB_PS21 CIRCB_PS21 None None   S3SI, P4S, V8VA, V35T, E36D, I135V, S162A, K166R, K173I, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, V245Q, K277R, R284K, T286A  
CIRCB_TD01C CIRCB_TD01C None None   V35T, K43KN, S48ST, K49R, K122E, I135V, S162A, K173I, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245Q, D250E, A272P, K277R, K281R, T286A  
CIRCB_TJ30 CIRCB_TJ30 None None   V35T, V60I, K122E, K173A, Q174K, D177E, G196E, T200A, I202V, Q207D, R211K, V245Q, D250E, S251D, A272P  
CIRCB_TL37 CIRCB_TL37 None None   V35T, E36ED, V60I, K122E, I135V, S162A, K173T, Q174K, D177E, I178M, T200E, Q207E, R211K, V245E, K281R, T286A  
CIRCB_TP10 CIRCB_TP10 None None   P4S, K20R, V35T, T39L, D123E, K173A, Q174K, D177E, T200A, E204D, Q207D, R211K, P243A, V245Q, E248ED, D250S, A272P, K275R, Q278H, K281R, R284K, T286A  
CIRCB_WR15 CIRCB_WR15 None None   V35T, E36D, T39L, K102Q, S162A, T165TI, K173T, Q174K, D177E, I178IM, V189VI, T200A, Q207D, R211K, V245Q, T253N, A272P, K281R, T286A  
CIRCB_WS19 CIRCB_WS19 None None   V35T, E36D, T39M, D123E, S162A, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, E203D, Q207DE, R211K, V245Q, K281R, T286A