Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author de Mulder (2012)
Title High drug resistance prevalence among vertically HIV-infected patients transferred from pediatric care to adult units in Spain.
Citation PLoS ONE
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 53
NumPts 53
Subtype B, A


Clinical PR Isolates

ABR09271284 ABR09271284 PI    I15V, L19I, E35D, N37NS, R57RK, L63P, A71AV, I72IL, V77I, I93IL  
ACG07110593 ACG07110593 PI    I13IV, E35D, M36MI, R41RK, L63P  
ADC07150289 ADC07150289 PI  D30N, L90M N88D L10I, K45R, L63P, V77I, I93L  
ADG07210890 ADG07210890 Unknown    V77I  
ADG12130393 ADG12130393 PI    E35D, N37S, L63P  
AGG09310385 AGG09310385 PI  D30N  E35D, M36V, N37D, K45T, R57K, D60E, L63P, I64V, I72T, I93L  
AGM10010190 AGM10010190 Unknown  D30N L10F, N88D I13V, N37D, K43R, R57K, D60E, Q61E, L63P, A71V, V77I, I85V, L89M, I93L  
ASS07240291 ASS07240291 PI  M46I, I54V, V82A K20MT, L24I, L33F L10V, I13V, K55KR, L63P, A71T, I72V, V77I, T91S  
BAV22090591 BAV22090591 PI  L90M  L10I, I13V, N37S, L63LP, H69Q, A71AV, I72V, V77I, I93ILM  
BPC25241190 BPC25241190 Unknown    I13V, K14R, I15V, N37D, G48GR V32VE, G51GV 
BVC07250988 BVC07250988 PI    K14R, I15V, N37Q, I62V, L63P, I72M, V77I  
CCR09280888 CCR09280888 PI   L33LF T12P, K14R, I15V, E35D, N37A, L63P, H69Q  
CGH12180784 CGH12180784 PI    L63P, V77I, P79D  
CSB08190186 CSB08190186 PI  D30N L10F, N88D I13V, E35G, M36I, L63P, I93L  
DAO12040591 DAO12040591 PI    M36MI, R41K, L63P  
DCT07290587 DCT07290587 PI  I54V, V82A, L90LM  L10I, I15V, K20R, M36I, N37NS, I62V, L63P, A71V, I85V, I93L  
ECR07160492 ECR07160492 PI    I13V, N37S, I64V  
FAC12310588 FAC12310588 PI  M46I, L90M K43T, G73S L10X, T12TA, R41K, D60N, L63P, I64V, V75I, L89X, I93L  
FRC07150790 FRC07150790 PI    L19Q, L63P  
GFC07250788 GFC07250788 PI  M46L, V82A L24I L10I, T12P, K14R, Q61E, I62V, L63P, I64L, G68D, A71IV, I72T, V77I, I93L  
GMB08080991 GMB08080991 PI    T12S, N37S, R41K, L63P, I64V  
GSN12121283 GSN12121283 PI  V32I, M46I, I47V, I54V, V82A, L90M K43T, F53L, G73S L10I, I15V, K20R, E35D, M36I, N37S, R41K, K55R, L63P, A71V  
ICS08160797 ICS08160797 Unknown    E35D, N37S, R41K, L63P, C67Y, H69K, V77I  
JBJ12200289 JBJ12200289 PI  I84V, L90M G73S I13V, K20I, E35D, M36I, I62V, L63P, A71V  
JBL07280186 JBL07280186 PI  I54IV, I84V  L10I, K20M, E35ED, M36MI, N37ND, R41RK, L63P, H69HR  
JCC07131189 JCC07131189 PI    L63P  
JCF07110992 JCF07110992 PI  G48A, I54V, V82S L10F, L24I, K43T I15V, K20R, E35D, M36I, R57RK, I62IV, L63P, H69K, A71V, T74S  
JFC12150989 JFC12150989 PI  M46I, I47V, I54A, V82T, L90M L33F, K43T, F53L I13V, G16A, E34Q, N37H, D60E, L63P, A71V, V77I, L89M, I93L  
JGG08280292 JGG08280292 PI    E34D, L63P, I93L  
JGR12180884 JGR12180884 Unknown    N37S, L63P  
JMR07190391 JMR07190391 PI    K14R, L63P, V77I  
JOC12151289 JOC12151289 PI  I54V, V82A, L90M G73S I15V, K20V, E35D, M36I, N37S, K45R, I62V, L63P, A71V, I72L  
LAM07080284 LAM07080284 PI  V32VI, I47IV, I54IM, L90LM L10F, L33LF, G73GC, L89LV I13V, I15IV, N37T, L63PT, A71AT, V77VIM, I93IL  
LCR07210689 LCR07210689 None    M36I, I62V, L63P, K70T, A71T  
LMB07040492 LMB07040492 PI    T12P, K14R, N37C, I64V, V77I  
LMG09280891 LMG09280891 PI    I13IV, L63P  
MBL08190189 MBL08190189 Unknown    I15V, L19I, N37S  
MND07291288 MND07291288 Unknown    I15V, L19T, M36I, L63P  
MPP09251087 MPP09251087 PI  M46I, L90M G73S L10I, I62V, L63P, C67F, H69R, A71T, I72A, V77I  
MSC12081198 MSC12081198 Unknown    G16E, E35D, M36I, I62V, L63A  
MSM12070987 MSM12070987 PI  L90M  K20I, M36V, I62V, L63P, I64V, T74S, I85V  
NYM22260394 NYM22260394 Unknown  I84IV, L90LM G73GC L10LI, T12TS, K14KR, L19LI, K20KM, E35DG, M36MI, R41K, Q61QE, L63HP, I64IV, I66IL, A71AT, I72X, V77VI, I93IL  
PSZ07230392 PSZ07230392 Unknown  D30N N88D K14R, K20I, R41K, L63P, A71V  
RCM07110890 RCM07110890 None    L63P, V77I, I93L  
RGS12210286 RGS12210286 Unknown  L90M  L63P, V77I  
ROC07220389 ROC07220389 Unknown   L24LF N37S  
SBC08241291 SBC08241291 PI  I54A, V82A, L90M L24F, L33F, Q58E L10I, I13V, E34Q, N37H, R41K, D60E, I62V, L63P, A71V, I72V, V77I, I93L  
SHA08220692 SHA08220692 None    I13V, G16E, E35D, M36I, R41K, R57K, L63V, H69K, L89M, T91V  
SMP08010786 SMP08010786 PI    T12A, I13V, N37H, R41K, L63LP, I64V, A71AV, V77I  
SRQ07210688 SRQ07210688 PI    Q2QH, L19T, V77I  
SSL07220291 SSL07220291 PI  V32I, M46I, I54V, V82A, I84V, L90M L33F, K43T, T74P L10I, V11I, I13V, K14KR, I15V, Q18H, L19I, K20R, E35D, M36I, K55N, I62V, L63P, I64V, K70KR, A71V, I72IV, T91TS, Q92R  
STR22310195 STR22310195 PI   K20T, Q58E L10I, I13V, I15V, L63P, I64V, V77I, I93L, T96TA, L97LF  
VSL09021092 VSL09021092 None    I15V, E35D, N37D, R57K, L63P, E65D