Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Raugi (2019)
Title Direct Submission.
Citation Unpublished
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 27
NumPts 19
Host Human


Clinical PR Isolates

H2A026 H2A026-S1 IDV, ATV, LPV 390  I89V K70R Y14H, N40C, N68G 
  H2A026-S2 IDV, ATV, LPV 407  I89V I15V, K70R P9PL, Y14H, N40C, N68G 
  H2A026-S3 IDV, ATV, LPV 508  I89V V10VI, I15IV, K70KR Y14H, N40C, N68G 
H2A057 H2A057-S1 LPV 401  I89V K70R Y14H, N40C, N68G 
H2A059 H2A059-S1 IDV, LPV 232 I50V, I82F S43T V10I, G17D, V33I, I64V, E65KN, K70R, V71I, T91A K7N, N40NS, T56V, K60KR, A92G 
  H2A059-S2 IDV, LPV 340 I50V, I82F S43T V10I, G17D, V33I, I64V, K70R, V71I, T91A K7N, N40S, T56V, K60R, E65I, A92G 
H2A061 H2A061-S1 IDV, LPV, ATV 95 I54M, I82F, I84V  T12L, G17D, V20VI, E37D, I64V, E65K, K70R, V71I, R72K Y14H, T56V, N68G, I75IV 
H2A064 H2A064-S1 IDV, LPV 341 V47A, I82F I89V V10I, G17D, V33I, E63R, E65N, V71I S43V, I46M, K60T, T77V 
  H2A064-S2 IDV, LPV, DRV 378     
H2A074 H2A074-S1 IDV, LPV 231   R72K G17N, N40S, E65R 
H2A077 H2A077-S1 IDV, LPV 340 V47A, I82F I46V, I89V V10I, E21Q, S43I, K45R, K70R, V71I, A92T Y14H, N40S, K60R, N68G 
H2A080 H2A080-S1 LPV, ATV 92 V47A, I84V, L90M S43IT I64V, K70R, V71I, A92T Y14YH, N40G, T56V, K60KR, V62I, T77V 
H2A086 H2A086-S1 IDV, LPV 193   E21EK, K70R, R72K, T91A, A92T N40S 
H2A099 H2A099-S1 DRV, LPV 197 V47A  L5LP, I64V, E65K K7Q, N40S, G49GR, T56V, I75V 
  H2A099-S2 DRV, LPV 481 V47VA  W6WR, T56X, I64IV, E65EK, K70KR K7Q, S31ST, N40S, N68NS, I75IV, M95MI 
  H2A099-S3 DRV, LPV 495 V47A  I64V, E65K K7Q, N40S, T56V, I75V, M95I 
H2A108 H2A108-S1 LPV 443 I50V S43T, I89V V33I, E65K, F85L N40S 
H2A109 H2A109-S1 DRV, RTV, LPV 145 V47A, L90M  Y14Q, V33I, E63K, I64V, A92T T56V, N68G, M76L, T77V 
H2A124 H2A124-S1 LPV  I50V S43T, I46V G17D, V33I, I64V, E65K, K70R, T77I, T91A, A92T N40D 
  H2A124-S2 LPV 90  S43T, I46V G17D, E65K, K70R, T91A, A92T Y14F, N40D 
H2A129 H2A129-S1 LPV   I46V, I89V V20I, K70R, F85FL Y14H, N40S, M76MR, D79E, N88NK, M95MR 
H2A130 H2A130-S1 LPV      
H2A132 H2A132-S1 None   S43T G17D N41D, E65R 
H2A178 H2A178-S1 LPV   I46V K70R, R72K K7Q, N40S, E65R 
  H2A178-S3 LPV   K70R K7Q, N40S, E65R 
H2AZ751 H2AZ751-S1 None   I46V N61D, E63G, E65K, K70R, R72K Y14H, N40S, K57R, N68G, T77V 
STRB23 STRB23-S2 None   S43T I15V, G17D, I36V, E65K, K70R, V71I, T77I N40D