Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Requena (2017)
Title Drug resistance mutations in HIV-2 patients failing raltegravir and influence on dolutegravir response.
Citation J Antimicrob Chemother
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 11
NumPts 11
Host Human


Clinical PR Isolates

2017Pat6_F2 2017Pat6_F2_TS1-PR DRV, RTV  I54M, I82F, L90M S43T E65KQ, K70R, V71I V33L, N40S, T56V, I75V 
2017Pat7_F4 2017Pat7_F4_TS1-PR RTV, TPV  I54L, I82L S43T K7R, T12R, E21ED, F53Y, K70R, V71I, R72K, T91N Y14L, N40S, L67V, N68G, D79E, A92S, S96T, L99F 
2017Pat8_N2 2017Pat8_N2_TS1-PR DRV, RTV  I54M, I82F, L90M  K7R, V10I, A34T, N40E, E63D, E65K, K70R, V71I, A92T T56V, I84L 
F10 F10_TS1-PR DRV  I50V, I54L S43T K7R, T12K, I15V, K70R, V71I, T91S, A92T N40S, L67V, N68G, S96T, L99F 
F11 F11_TS1-PR DRV, RTV  I54M, I84IV S43T K7R, T12K, I15V, E21D, I64IV, V71VI, R72K, T91N Y14L, V62I, L67V, N68G, A92S, S96T, L99F 
F12 F12_TS1-PR None  I54M, I82F I89V K7R, V10VI, Y14R, I64V, K70R, V71I, T91A N40S, K60R 
F3 F3_TS1-PR RTV, ATV  I84V, L90M S43T N40E, K70R, V71I N41G, K60R, V62A, E65I, T74DG, D79P, L99LQ 
F6 F6_TS1-PR None   I46V, I89IV K70R, R72K, T91A, A92T Y14H, N40S, N68G, K69KE, S96S* 
F7 F7_TS1-PR DRV, RTV  I50V I89V K60N, E63K, I64V, E65EK, K70R, F85L N40S, N68G 
F8 F8_TS1-PR None  I82IL, I84IV A73AG, N88ND K70R, T74TA, N83NS, N98NS Y14H, N68G, I75IM, T80TP, R87RG 
F9 F9_TS1-PR DRV, RTV  I50V S43T G17D, I64V, K70RT, R72RT, T74TS N40D, E65R, I75V, G78GE, P81PR