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Author Moranguinho (2019)
Title Genotypic resistance profiles of HIV-2 infected patients in Cape Verde failing first-line antiretroviral therapy.
Citation Unpublished
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 23
NumPts 23
Host Human


Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
2014_CV_HAN_P10 2014_CV_HAN_P10 NRTI None M184V  K4Q, E207G, H228R I10V, P51S, K176P 
2014_CV_HAN_P11 2014_CV_HAN_P11 NRTI None   K103R, P126Q, I179T, H228R, K249R K176M, L203C, I251K 
2014_CV_HAN_P12 2014_CV_HAN_P12 NRTI None   T58S, K64R, D86E, H162Y, R200K, V201I I10V, K176M 
2014_CV_HAN_P13 2014_CV_HAN_P13 NRTI None M184MV  K20R, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, I251V V5I, I10V, M11V 
2014_CV_HAN_P14 2014_CV_HAN_P14 NRTI None M184V  P14S, D123E, P126Q, H162Y, R200K, I244L I10V, K176P 
2014_CV_HAN_P15 2014_CV_HAN_P15 NRTI None   K35KE, H121Y, D123G, P126Q, H162Y, R200K, H228R K4KE, V5I, I10V, M11V, K16KE, K20K*, P51S, T60TR, Q91QR, K176P, V201A, V263I 
2014_CV_HAN_P18 2014_CV_HAN_P18 NRTI None   K35KR, T107S, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, H228Q, I251V S134A, V167I, K176P 
2014_CV_HAN_P19 2014_CV_HAN_P19 NRTI None   D86E, P126Q, H162Y, R200K V5I, I10V, P51S, M230MK, I257F 
2014_CV_HAN_P2 2014_CV_HAN_P2 NRTI None   P126Q, V135T, H162Y, I180L, I251V V5VI, I10V, R22K, S134A, V167I, K176P 
2014_CV_HAN_P3 2014_CV_HAN_P3 NRTI None Q151M, M184V  P1L, K43E, K64R, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, F214L, D218E, H228R, I251V I10V, V167I, K176P 
2014_CV_HAN_P4 2014_CV_HAN_P4 NRTI None   M11T, K35R, D86E, H121Y, D123E, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, E219D, H228Q, I251V V5VI, I8V, I10V, P51S, V83A, I90V, S134A, Q166QK, V167I, K176P 
2014_CV_HAN_P5 2014_CV_HAN_P5 NRTI None   K64R, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, H228R, K249R V5I, I10V, M11V, K176P 
2014_CV_HAN_P6 2014_CV_HAN_P6 NRTI None   R200K, H228R V5I, K176M 
2014_CV_HAN_P7 2014_CV_HAN_P7 NRTI None   P126Q, H162Y, I244L, I251V V5I, I10V, K176M, E197EG, K206KR 
2014_CV_HAN_P8 2014_CV_HAN_P8 NRTI None K70N, M184V  M11T, V111I, P126Q, H162Y, R200K, V201M V5I, I10V, K176M, V178A, L203W, L212Q, E250D 
2014_CV_HAN_P9 2014_CV_HAN_P9 NRTI None M184V  P126Q, R200K, E219D, I251V I10V, K176M, V263I 
2014_CV_SV_P20 2014_CV_SV_P20 NRTI None K65R, Q151M, M184V  M11A, K35R, K64R, D86E, V111I, P126Q, A138T, L203V, F214L, I251V P1A, I10V, N69T, V167I, K176P 
2014_CV_SV_P21 2014_CV_SV_P21 NRTI None A62V, K65R, M184V  K64R, T107S, V111VI, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, F214L, H228R, I244L, I251V I10V, M11V, V167I, L203M 
2014_CV_SV_P22 2014_CV_SV_P22 NRTI None A62V, K65R, K70R, Q151M, M184V  T107S, V111I, I145V, M164I, K176Q, Q248N, I251V V5I, I8M, I10V, M11V, P51L, I90V, V167I, I189V, L203M 
2014_CV_SV_P23 2014_CV_SV_P23 NRTI None K65R, K70R, Q151M, M184V  M11T, K35R, V111I, H121C, P126Q, H162Y, K176S, F214L, H228Q, I251V V2VI, V5I, I10V, V167I 
2015_CV_HAN_P1 2015_CV_HAN_P1 NRTI None   K28R, K43KR, A138T, I145M, R200K, T237TN I8M, I10V, E122K, R125M, K176M, E250D 
2015_CV_HAN_P16 2015_CV_HAN_P16 NRTI None   D86E, K176S, R200K, I251T K9R, I90V, A138M 
2015_CV_HAN_P17 2015_CV_HAN_P17 NRTI None   M11T, K28R, K103R, T107TP, V111I, L132V, A138S, H162Y, K176Q, I179T, H228Q V2I, I10V, R22K, I75V, P126K, Q166H, V167I