Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Doyle (2015)
Title Integrase inhibitor (INI) genotypic resistance in treatment-naive and raltegravir-experienced patients infected with diverse HIV-1 clades.
Citation J Antimicrob Chemother
SelectedGene IN
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 789
NumPts 789
Subtype B, C, CRF02_AG, A, G, F, CRF01_AE, D, CRF12_BF, CRF06_cpx, CRF11_cpx, CRF05_DF, CRF09_cpx, CRF17_BF, CRF52_01B, CRF13_cpx, CRF24_BG, CRF08_BC, CRF47_BF


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Page 1   listing Isolate 1 to Isolate 100 from Total 789 Clinical IN Isolates

PT90737 PT90737Naive None    I72V, T112I, T122I, T124TN, H171Q, A265V R262RG 
PT90795 PT90795Naive None    E11D, D41N, P90S, L101I, K156N, I208L, D256E  
PT90797 PT90797Naive None    R20K, S24SN, L45LV, S81SR, V201I A129AP 
PT90801 PT90801Naive None    E11D, V32I, V37I, L101I, I191IM, V201I, D232E, D256E G149GR, L213LV 
PT90803 PT90803Naive None    E11D, R20K, L101I, S119P, T122I, T124A, S195T, I203M, Y227F, S255N, D256E  
PT90810 PT90810Naive None    V31I, L68V, K111T, S119T, T125A, V126L, I135V, I203M G245GA 
PT90817 PT90817Naive None    S17N, E96D, L101I, S119P, T122I, T124A, K156N, V201I, T206S, I208L, Y227F, D253Y, D256E  
PT90822 PT90822Naive None    D6DN, S17N, I60V, L68T, I72IT, T124N, T125A, V176L, E212A  
PT90831 PT90831Naive None    E10D, V32I, S39C, L101I, T218S, S230N, D253E  
PT90839 PT90839Naive None    D6DN, S17N, V31I, I72V, K103KR, T112I, T124N, T125V, K156N, V201I, T206S  
PT90841 PT90841Naive None    K7R, L101I, T112I, S230N  
PT90844 PT90844Naive None    L2S, S17N, V32I, D41N, L68I, I72V, I84L, L101I, K111R, S119T, T124A, K136Q, V165I, V201I, A205S, K211R, T218I, L234V, D256E, D278DN  
PT90846 PT90846Naive None    V31I, L101LI, K188KR, V201I, T206S, A265V, R269K  
PT90861 PT90861Naive None    L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, K136T, D167E, V201I, K211T, I217V, L234I, N254K  
PT90862 PT90862Naive None    L101I, S119G, T122I, G193D, I203M, D256E  
PT90864 PT90864Naive None    I72V, S123C, T124N, T125TA, V126L, M154I, S230N  
PT90865 PT90865Naive None    S17N, V32I, T124N, T125A, I135IV, L234H, D253E T112TP 
PT90867 PT90867Naive None    V31I, I113V, K188R, G193GE, V201VI D6DY 
PT90873 PT90873Naive None    S39N, I72V, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136QR, D167E, K173KR, V201I, L234I  
PT90874 PT90874Naive None    M50L, I72V, T112X, T124A, T125TA, G193E, V201I, L234I  
PT90880 PT90880Naive None    I72V, L101I, T112IV, T124N, T125V, K136Q, G163T, V165VI, V201I, Y227F, L234V, S255D, D256E  
PT90883 PT90883Naive None   T97TA, G163K V31I, M50T, I72V, E96ED, Y99FL, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, K173KR, V201I, T206S, L234I  
PT90886 PT90886Naive None    L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, K136T, V151I, D167E, V201I, I208L, T218I, L234I, D256E  
PT90895 PT90895Naive None    I72V, Y99F, L101I, T112I, T124S, G134N, K136T, V201I, T206S, K219Q, L234I, S255N, D256E  
PT90901 PT90901Naive None    S17N, M50L, I72V, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, F181L, V201I, L234I, D256E  
PT90903 PT90903Naive None   G163R I72V, I84L, S119T, T122S, T124A, T125A, K136Q, G193E, V201I, T218I, L234V, D256E P30PL 
PT90907 PT90907Naive None    I72V, T112A, S119G, T122I, T125A, V201I, K215N, R231K, L234H  
PT90911 PT90911Naive None    V37VA, S57X, I72IV, A98G, L101I, T112I, T124NS, T125A, K136Q, D167DE, V201I, A205AS, T206TS, T218TI, L234V, D256E  
PT90912 PT90912Naive None    K14R, V31I, L63V, L74I, T112V, T124S, T125A, G134N, K136T, V201I, K211R, Y227F, L234I, S255N, D256E  
PT90913 PT90913Naive None    V32I, I72V, L101I, G163Q, V165I, V201I, D207N, K211Q, D256E  
PT90914 PT90914Naive None    K14R, S24N, V31I, L45Q, L63I, L74I, V77VA, L101I, T112V, T124TA, T125A, G134N, K136T, V201I, T206S, T218I, L234IV, D256E  
PT90917 PT90917Naive None    L101I, S119T, T124Q, G193E, S255N  
PT90918 PT90918Naive None    V31I, M50I, I60M, I72V, Y99F, L101I, T112I, S119SG, T122I, T124S, G134N, K136T, V201I, T206S, K219Q, L234I, S255N, D256E  
PT90925 PT90925Naive None    S17N, R20K, L28I, L45V, I72V, I84L, L101I, T112I, S119P, T122I, T124A, T125V, K136Q, K156R, D167E, V201I, A205S, K211R, T218L, L234V, D256E  
PT90929 PT90929Naive None    K14R, N18NS, M22MR, L101I, T112V, T124N, T125A, G134N, K136T, V201I, T206S, L234I, D256E, D270E S255IN 
PT90930 PT90930Naive None    K14R, A21T, V31I, S39N, L101IM, T112IV, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136R, D167E, V201I, L234I  
PT90931 PT90931Naive None    V31I, M50I, S57G, L101I, T112I, T124H, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, V201I, T206S, L234I  
PT90932 PT90932Naive None    E11D, V31I, V32I, M50MI, L101I, K111Q, T124N, G163E, T218S, V259I  
PT90937 PT90937Naive None    D6E, S17N, V31I, I60IV, F100Y, L101I, T112V, T124N, T125A, D167DE, K188KR, Y194YC, V201I, K215N, T218TI, N222K, L234I  
PT90939 PT90939Naive None    V31I, L101I, S119G, T122I, T125A, G193DE, V201I, I203IM, D232DE, L234FI, D256E  
PT90944 PT90944Naive None    K14R, A21AT, V32I, I72V, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136R, D167E, V201I, K211R, L234I  
PT90946 PT90946Naive None   D232DN E10D, V31I, I72V, T124N, T125A, V126L, V151I, K211R  
PT90947 PT90947Naive None    K14R, S17N, S24H, V32I, I72V, L101I, T112V, S119P, T122I, T124A, T125S, G134GD, K136KQ, V201I, K215R, N222K, L234I, D256E  
PT90955 PT90955Naive None    K14R, V31I, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, I200IL, V201I, T206S, L234I, R269K  
PT90963 PT90963Naive None    E11D, V31VI, L101I, T112TI, T122I, T124N, G193E, V201I, T218S  
PT90968 PT90968Naive None    E11D, V31I, V32I, V37I, D41N, I72V, L74I, T112V, I113V, S119P, T124S, T125A, G134D, K136Q, D167E, V201I, K211KR, T218I, L234I, S255N A276AG 
PT90969 PT90969Naive None    S39C, M50I, L63LV, L101I, T112V, S119SG, T122I, T124S, T125A, K136Q, G193E, V201I, I208M, L234I  
PT90970 PT90970Naive None    I5IV, S17SN, V54I, S57X, I72V, K111H, V201I, T210I, K211KR, T218TS, D232X, L234LH, D256E  
PT90971 PT90971Naive None    I72V, L101I, G106S, T112I, I113V, T124A, T125TA, G134N, K136Q, D167E, K173R, V201I, L234I  
PT90972 PT90972Naive None    K14R, V32I, A91E, L101I, T112A, S119R, T124N, S195C  
PT90973 PT90973Naive None    R20K, S39C, M50I, K103KR, T124N, T125V, I141IV, K173KR, L234I, D253E  
PT90975 PT90975Naive None    S17N, R20RK, I72V, E96ED, L101I, K111KR, T112X, T124N, G193E, V201I, T218S, S230N, D256DE  
PT90980 PT90980Naive None    V31I, V32I, V37I, I72V, V77VA, P90PS, L101I, T124N, K156N, K215N, Q221S, N222K, D256E  
PT90984 PT90984Naive None   E157Q E11D, E13ED, L101I, T112TI, T124A, K160Q, F181L, G193E, V201I, T218S, I220L  
PT90998 PT90998Naive None    D3E, E11D, R20K, V31I, I72V, L74I, T112V, I113V, S119P, T124S, T125A, G134N, K136H, D167E, V201I, K215N, T218I, L234I, S255N Q9QE 
PT91013 PT91013Naive None    D25E, V31I, F100Y, L101I, T112V, T125A, D167DG, K173R, V201I, K215N, T218L, I220M, L234I  
PT91032 PT91032Naive None    E11D, K14KR, A23V, S24G, L28I, T112I, V201I  
PT91047 PT91047Naive None    R20RG, S24G, D25E, I72V, T112V, T124A, V126M, K160Q, V201I, K211R  
PT91053 PT91053Naive None    L101I, T124N, T125A, I135V, G163E, L234H, K240R  
PT91054 PT91054Naive None    K14R, A21T, V31I, S39N, I72V, L101LV, T112V, T124N, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136R, V165VI, D167E, V201I, T206TS, L234I, D253DE, D256E  
PT91056 PT91056Naive None    E11D, S24N, D25DE, V31I, L101I, T112IV, T124N, T125A, G134S, M154MI, G163E, V201I, K215N, T218L, L234I  
PT91066 PT91066Naive None    K14R, R20RG, A21T, V31I, S39SN, I72V, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136R, D167E, V201I, T206S, L234I  
PT91070 PT91070Naive None    K14R, L28I, V31VI, V32I, I60M, I72V, T112IV, I113IV, T124A, T125A, V126F, G134N, K136Q, D167E, I182IV, V201I, K211R, T218I, L234I, R262RK  
PT91073 PT91073Naive None    E10D, E11D, L101LI, S119P, T122I, T124A, G193E, S195T, A196P, V201I, R231RK, D253H  
PT91078 PT91078Naive None    E11D, K14R, A21T, V31I, M50V, I60M, I72V, T112X, I113IV, T124A, T125A, V126F, G134N, I135V, K136Q, D167E, K188R, V201I  
PT91082 PT91082Naive None    D6E, E11D, V31I, V37I, A91E, L101I, S119R, T122I, T124N, T125TM, K156N, V201I, N254K  
PT91085 PT91085Naive None    K14R, V31I, M50ML, L101I, T112IV, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, V201I, T206S, L234I, R269K, S283G  
PT91087 PT91087Naive None    S24G, L68V, I72V, I113V, T124N, T125A, G163E, V201I, K211KR  
PT91090 PT91090Naive None    S17N, G59E, I72V, E87ED, L101I, V151I, K188KR, V201I, D232DE  
PT91091 PT91091Naive None    K7R, L28I, S39C, M50I, T93S, T125V, V126M, K211R, D232E, L234H, A265V  
PT91092 PT91092Naive None    S24SN, G70GE, I72V, L74I, L101LI, K111KR, T112X, S119X, T124TA, I135IV, K136KN, I141IV, K173KR, K211KR, L234LI  
PT91110 PT91110Naive None    G106A, T112TI, I113IV, S119T, V201I, A205S, T206S, T218S, S230N, D253E, D256E, D270DN T124AP 
PT91114 PT91114Naive None    S24N, H51HQ, L101I, I113V, T125A, M154I, V165I, V201I, I204IL, I208IL, Q216QP, I220IF Y227YS 
PT91116 PT91116Naive None    S17N, G106A, T112TI, S119T, T124A, V201I, A205S, T206S, T218I, S230N, L234I, D256E  
PT91117 PT91117Naive None    E11D, V31I, K111T, S119T, T124NS, T125A, I135V, D253E  
PT91129 PT91129Naive None    E10D, E11D, R20K, V31I, V32I, L74I, Y99F, L101I, T112R, T124A, T125A, G134D, Q137H, G163E, V201I, I203M, T206S, L234I, S255N  
PT91133 PT91133Naive None    E11D, E13D, D25E, S39C, L45Q, L74I, V88VI, S119P, T122I, T124TA, S195T, V201I  
PT91137 PT91137Naive None    D3E, E11D, R20K, V31I, I72V, L74I, K111N, T112V, I113V, S119P, T124S, T125A, G134N, K136Q, D167E, V201I, L234I, S255N  
PT91139 PT91139Naive None    E11D, D25E, V31I, G70D, L101I, S119R, G193D, V201I, L234I  
PT91153 PT91153Naive None   T97A K7R, E11D, V31I, L101I, T124A, G163GA, I182V, G193E, I220M, L234I  
PT91154 PT91154Naive None    E10D, L101I, K111KR, T112I, S119P, T122TI, G163E, V201I, Y227F, D253H, D256E  
PT91155 PT91155Naive None    E11D, A21T, I203M, D232E, D256E  
PT91157 PT91157Naive None    E11D, E13ED, S24N, L28I, I72V, L101I, K111R, S119G, T122I, T125A, L172V, K215N, N222K Q221AS 
PT91158 PT91158Naive None    N27D, L45V, M50I, K71KN, S119G, T122I, T124N, T125A, V201I, T206S, I220IV, I251IV, S255T  
PT91159 PT91159Naive None    I72V, L74I, S119P, T124A, I135V, K136N, F181L, T218TI, Q221QR, N222NH G4G* 
PT91160 PT91160Naive None    D6E, E10D, L101I, I135V, K156KN, T218TS  
PT91161 PT91161Naive None    V31I, S119P, K173R, V201I, T206S, I220V, D232E  
PT91162 PT91162Naive None    E10D, M50I, I113V, T124N, T125A, I135V, V176L, V201I, I208L  
PT91163 PT91163Naive None    R20K, V31I, I72V, L74I, K111N, T112V, S119P, T124S, T125A, G134N, K136Q, D167E, G193E, V201I, L234IV  
PT91164 PT91164Naive None    S17SN, S39C, M50T, I72V, L101I, S119G, T122I, T124A, T125V, K156N, K173R, L234I, N254NS  
PT91165 PT91165Naive None    S17N, K34R, M50L, I72V, I84M, T112V, I113V, T124A, T125A, V201I, L234I, D256E R20RS 
PT91166 PT91166Naive None    E10D, E11D, V31I, L101I, K111T, S119G, T122I, V201I, T206S, I208L, T218S, D256E  
PT91169 PT91169Naive None    E11D, D25E, V31I, I72V, G106A, V165I, V176L, V201I, S230N, D256E V37VL 
PT91171 PT91171Naive None    K14R, A21T, M50T, L101I, T124A, T125A, G134D, K136Q, E138D, D167E, K173KR, I208L, K211R, E212A, L234I, N254K I72IMV 
PT91173 PT91173Naive None    E10D, E11D, V31I, V32I, M50MT, L101I, T124TN, T125TM, V201I, I220V L45AV 
PT91174 PT91174Naive None    K7R, E11D, S24N, M50I, L101I, S119T, T206S, A265AT  
PT91175 PT91175Naive None    K14R, S17N, L28I, S39C, Q53H, L68LI, I72V, L101I, I113V, T124N, T125TA  
PT91176 PT91176Naive None    E11D, E13ED, R20X, V31VI, V37VI, I72IV, L74I, T112V, I113V, S119P, T124S, T125A, G134DN, K136Q, D167E, S195ST, V201I, K211KR, T218I, L234I, S255N  
PT91177 PT91177Naive None    E11D, L28I, L45Q, L101I, K111T, S119ST, T122TI, D256E  
PT91178 PT91178Naive None    R20K, A80S, L101I, S119T, Q216H