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Author Gottlieb (2008)
Title HIV type 2 protease, reverse transcriptase, and envelope viral variation in the PBMC and genital tract of ARV-naive women in Senegal.
Citation ARHR
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 8
NumPts 4
Host Human


Clinical PR Isolates

MIN1974 MIN1974_CVL-DNA None     E16G, N40S, N41D 
None    N55NT, I64IV, E65EK, K70X W6W*, Y14H, V22VA, G39GR, N40S, N68NK, G78GD, R87RG, A92AV 
None    K70R, D79X Y14H, N40S 
None    L23X, L24X, N61ND, E65EK, K70X Y14YH, N40S, V66VAI 
clone: 1_1 
None    K70R Y14H, N40S 
  clone: 2_1 None    K70R Y14H, N40S, D79V 
clone: 31_1 
None    E65K, K70T Y14H, N40S 
  clone: 32_1 None    L24X, K70R Y14H, L23L*S, N40S 
  clone: 33_1 None    E65K, K70T Y14H, N40S, V66I 
  clone: 34_1 None    N61D, K70R N40S, V66A 
  clone: 35_1 None    E65K, K70T Y14H, N40S 
clone: 3875 
None    K70R Y14H, N40S, A92V 
  clone: 3876 None    N55T, K70R Y14H, N40S, G78D 
  clone: 3877 None    E65K, K70T Y14H, V22A, N40S, N68K 
  clone: 3896 None    K70R Y14H, N40S 
  clone: 3897 None    I64V, E65K, K70T Y14H, N40S 
  clone: 3898 None    K70R Y14H, N40S 
  clone: 3899 None    W6*, E65K, K70T Y14H, N40S 
  clone: 3900 None    K70R Y14H, N40S 
  clone: 3908 None    E65K, K70T Y14H, G39R, N40S 
  clone: 3909 None    K70R Y14H, N40S 
  clone: 3923 None    K70R Y14H, N40S, R87G 
  clone: 3924 None     Y14H, N40S 
clone: 3_1 
None    K70R Y14H, N40S 
clone: 40_1 
None    K70R Y14H, N40S 
clone: 4_1 
None    K70R Y14H, N40S 
  clone: 5_1 None    K70R Y14H, N40S 
MIN4199 MIN4199_PBMC
None  I32IV  S43SR, E65Q, K70KR Y14YH, N40S, N41ND, T56TI, M95MK 
  clone: 23_1 None    S43R, E65Q N40S, N41D 
  clone: 26_1 None    E65Q N40S, M95K 
  clone: 3630 None    E65Q, K70R N40S, N41D 
  clone: 3631 None    E65Q, K70R N40S, N41D 
  clone: 3632 None    E65Q, K70R N40S, N41D, T56I 
  clone: 3633 None    E65Q, K70R Y14H, I32V, N40S, N41D 
None    R8RG, Q18QR, A34AT, N41X, I64IV, K69KR, F85FL, T91A T26TI, N40NS, T80TA, A92N 
None  I46IT A73AV N40X, N41X, I64IV, K70KR, R72RK, T77TI, T91A A92N 
None  I82IT  V33VI, N41K, K60X, I64IV, T91A V10VA, N40S, I75IV, D79DG, A92N 
  clone: 3585 None    N41K, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3586 None    N41K, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3587 None  I82T  N41K, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3588 None    N41K, I64V, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3589 None    N41K, K60X, T91A N40S, A92N 
clone: 3590 
None    N41K, T91A N40S, A92N 
clone: 3592 
None    V33I, N41K, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3593 None    N41K, I64V, T91A V10A, N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3594 None    N41K, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3595 None    N41K, T91A N40S, D79G, A92N 
  clone: 3596 None    N41K, T91A N40S, A92N 
clone: 3597 
None    N41K, I64V, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3598 None    N41K, T91A N40S, I46T, A92N 
  clone: 3617 None   A73V K70R, R72K, T91A A92N 
  clone: 3618 None    T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3619 None    T91A A92N 
  clone: 3620 None    N41K, T91A N40S, A92N 
clone: 3621 
None    N41K, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3622 None    N41K, T91A N40S, I75V, A92N 
clone: 3629 
None    K70R, T77I, T91A A92N 
clone: 3874 
None    T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3878 None    Q18R, N41K, T91A N40S, T80A, A92N 
  clone: 3879 None    F85L, T91A A92N 
  clone: 3880 None    R8G, N41K, I64V, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3881 None    N41K, I64V, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3882 None    N41K, I64V, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3883 None    N41K, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3884 None    T91A N40S, N41R, A92N 
  clone: 3885 None    N41K, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3886 None    N41K, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3951 None    N41K, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3960 None    K69R, T91A N40S, A92N 
  clone: 3961 None    A34T, N41K, I64V, T91A T26I, N40S, A92N