Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Diniz (2016)
Title Analysis of the in vitro susceptibility of primary isolates of HIV-2 from Portugal to dolutegravir.
Citation Ciencia
SelectedGene IN
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 16
NumPts 16
Host Human


Clinical IN Isolates

00PTHDECT 00PTHDECT None    K4R, S23V, S39T, I72V, N170K, I172V, T205S, D222K, E246D, L250I, R269K V19M, R34K, S93T, I133V, I180V, S197A, L200S, I201T, N202M, M203T, I204H, T206P, K221Q, T255A, I259V, I267L 
01PTHDESC 01PTHDESC None    S39T, S163D, I172V, E246D, L250I N30K, I133V, I180V, S197A, D222N, S279P 
03PTHCC1 03PTHCC1 None    K4R, S39T, N160S, S163D, I172V, T206A, A215T, K219R, E246D, L250I, I267V, I268V, R269K V19I, I28L, N30K, A41T, I133V, I180V, S197A, D222N, I259V 
03PTHCC12 03PTHCC12 None    K4R, S39T, S163D, T171X, I172V, I175V, T206A, E246D, L250I, R262K K20Q, I28L, N30K, E167D, I180V, S197A, F212Y, D222N, G239W, E240G, I259V, I260V, E274A, S279P 
03PTHCC19 03PTHCC19 None    K4R, S39T, S163D, I172M, L220F, E246D, L250I, R269K, G278S F26V, G27W, N30K, V37G, S93T, I133V, L158P, N160K, Q161P, I180V, S197A, D222N, I259V, I260V, S277N, S279T 
03PTHCC20 03PTHCC20 None    K4R, S39T, I72V, I172V, E246D, L250I, R269K, D270H V19M, S23A, I28L, R34K, A41P, S93T, I133V, I180V, S197A, T255A, I260V, H280P 
03PTHCC6 03PTHCC6 None    E11G, Q35K, K71R, E152K, M154V, I172V, L220F, E246D, L250I N30K, L31Y, R34T, V37G, S39P, Q42H, C43G, Q44N, W108L, P109Q, I110L, L113F, H114N, I133V, V151S, A153K, H156D, E167D, I180V, S197A, D222N, R284Q, E285G 
03PTHDECT 03PTHDECT None    S23V, N30H, S39T, I72V, S93A, I172M, A215T, D222K, E246D, L250I, R269K V19M, R34K, A41P, S106G, I133V, I180V, S197A, K221Q, I259V 
03PTHSM2 03PTHSM2 None    Y15F, N30Q, I72V, I172V, T206A, L220F, R269K I28L, R34K, A41T, T60I, S93T, W132G, I133L, G134V, E167D, I180V, S197A, D222N, I260V, S279P 
04PTHSM10 04PTHSM10 None    K4R, N30Q, I72V, I172V, T206A, E246D, L250I, M275V, G278S, R284G, D286N V19M, S23A, I28L, R34K, S93T, I133V, I180V, S197A, D222N, I260V, S279P 
10PTHSJIG 10PTHSJIG RAL  E92Q, S138T T97A N18T, S39T, I50T, H156R, I172M, I175V, E246D, L250I V19I, S93T, I133V, I180V, S197A, D222N, M275L, S279P 
10PTHSMAK 10PTHSMAK None  S138T  I72V, I172V, L241P, E246D, L250I V19I, S23C, N30K, S93T, I133V, E167D, I180V, D222N, T255A 
10PTHSMAUC 10PTHSMAUC None    S39T, I172V, E246D, L250I N30K, I180V, K221Q, D222N 
10PTHSMNC 10PTHSMNC None    S39T, I72V, F100L, A119P, I172V, I175V, L220F I28F, L102V, I133V, I180V, D222N, M275L, G283S 
15PTHCEC 15PTHCEC RAL  Q148K  E48G, T60V, I84V, E92A, S106R, M154V, R164K, I172V, I175V, Q214H, Q233S, E246D, L250I V19I, L31S, S39P, A41T, Q42P, A86G, S93T, L104M, A105P, S147V, A153V, E167D, I180V, K221Q, D222N, D232R, L234W, T255A, I259V, I260V, M275L 
15PTHSJIG 15PTHSJIG RAL  S138T  E10G, S39T, I72V, I84V, I172M, I175V, E246D, L250I V19I, S23C, W61G, F83L, S93T, I133V, I180V, S197A, D222N, M275L, S279P