Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Luk (2015)
Title Utility of Metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing for Characterization of HIV and Human Pegivirus Diversity.
Citation PLoS ONE
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 25
NumPts 25
Subtype CRF11_cpx, A, G, CRF13_cpx, CRF37_cpx, CRF45_cpx, H, CRF02_AG, D, CRF01_AE, CRF18_cpx, A + J


Clinical PR Isolates

1130-39 1130-39 None    L10I, V11T, I13V, I15V, L19I, K20I, E35D, M36I, R41K, H69K, K70R, L89M  
1156-26 1156-26 None    I13V, K14R, G16E, E35D, M36I, L63T, H69K, L89M  
119-28 119-28 None    L10I, I13V, I15V, G16A, M36I, N37S, R57K, D60E, Q61E, L63V, C67E, H69K, L89M  
1230-24 1230-24 None    T12K, I15V, G16A, L19M, K20R, M36I, N37D, R57K, D60E, Q61E, L63P, C67E, H69K, V77I, L89I  
1252-11 1252-11 None    G16A, N37D, D60E, Q61E, L63T, C67E, H69K, V77I  
228-10 228-10 None    I13V, K14R, G17E, K20I, E34K, M36I, N37E, R57K, Q61N, I62M, L63N, C67E, H69K, V77I, L89M  
260-50 260-50 None    G16A, Q18H, M36I, N37D, K43R, Q61E, L63V, C67E, H69K, V77I, L89M  
263-26 263-26 None    L10V, I13V, I15V, G16A, M36I, N37D, D60E, Q61G, L63T, C67E, H69K, V77I, L89M  
280-10 280-10 None    L10M, T12S, I13V, I15V, L19I, M36I, R41K, L63V, C67Y, H69K, L89M  
46-10 46-10 None    I13V, E35D, M36I, P39T, R41K, R57K, D60E, L63A, H69K, L89M  
469-66 469-66 None    I13V, G16E, K20I, M36I, R41K, H69K, L89M  
567-16 567-16 None    T12K, I13V, K14R, G16E, K20I, E35D, M36I, R41K, L63I, I64M, H69K, L89M  
663-13 663-13 None    L10V, I13V, K14R, K20I, M36I, R41K, I64M, H69K, L89M  
740-14 740-14 None   Q58E I15V, E35D, M36I, R41K, D60E, L63P, C67S, H69K, V82I, L89M  
789-10 789-10 None    T12S, I13V, K14R, I15V, G17E, K20I, E35D, M36I, R41K, K45R, D60E, L63P, C67E, H69K, V75I, V82I, L89M  
833-62 833-62 None    I13V, K14R, G17E, K20I, E34K, M36I, Q61N, I62M, L63S, I64M, C67E, H69K, V77I, L89M  
867-10 867-10 None    T12A, I13V, G16E, K20R, E35D, M36I, R41K, D60E, I62V, L63E, E65D, H69K, L89M  
876-14 876-14 None    I15V, E35D, M36I, R41K, R57K, L63P, C67Y  
886-24 886-24 None    I13V, G16E, E35D, M36I, N37E, R41K, R57K, D60E, H69K, L89M  
920-49 920-49 None    L10I, I13V, I15V, K20I, E35Q, M36I, R41K, L63P, C67E, H69K, V82I, L89M  
A1575 A1575 None    L10I, I15V, G16A, E21K, M36I, N37D, Q61E, L63V, I64L, C67E, H69K, V77I, L89M, I93L A22P 
A1774 A1774 None    G16A, K20R, M36I, N37D, D60E, Q61E, L63V, C67E, H69K, V77I, L89I, I93L  
B4043-15 B4043-15 None    L10I, I13V, K14R, I15V, G16E, K20I, M36I, R41K, I62V, C67Y, H69K, L89M E35T 
CHU2727 CHU2727 None    L10I, I13V, G16E, E35D, M36I, R41K, L63V, H69K, L89M  
CHU3903 CHU3903 None    L10V, T12S, I15V, L19I, K20R, M36I, N37A, I62V, H69Q, L89M, I93L