Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Ambike (2019)
Title Partial pol sequences from drug naive HIV-2 infected individuals from Maharashtra, India.
Citation ARHR
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 32
NumPts 32
Host Human


Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
NARI_DR_HIV_2_11 NARI_DR_HIV_2_11 None None   K35KT, K64R, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, H228R, I251T V5I, I10IV, V167I, E250D, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_12 NARI_DR_HIV_2_12 None None Q151M, M184V  M11T, K35R, K43KR, E44ED, V111I, P126Q, I145IV, H162Y, K176Q, F214L, D218E, E219D, D224DN, H228Q, Q248H, I251V I10V, V167I, L212I, G213GR, Y227F, V263I, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_13 NARI_DR_HIV_2_13 None None   K64KR, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, E219D, Q248H, I251V V5I, Q46QH, L47LI, V167I, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_14 NARI_DR_HIV_2_14 None None   T107TS, V111VI, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, H228Q, I251V V5I, V167VI, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_15 NARI_DR_HIV_2_15 None None   K43KR, K64R, D86DE, P126Q, H162HY, K176Q, H228R, I251V V5VI, M11KR, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_16 NARI_DR_HIV_2_16 None None   K43R, K64R, R125RK, H162Y, K176Q, E219D, H228R, I251V V5I, I10V, H121D, P126K, A138I, Q166K, V167I, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_17 NARI_DR_HIV_2_17 None None   K64R, P126Q, V135T, A138S, E219D, H228R, I251IV I10V, V167I, K176PQ, G213GR, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_19 NARI_DR_HIV_2_19 None None   K35KR, K43R, P126Q, I145V, K176Q, T237TA, I244L, I251V V5I, I8IM, I159IT, V167I, V263I, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_20 NARI_DR_HIV_2_20 None None A62V  P14S, K43R, V111I, P126Q, L132V, H162F, T163I, K176Q, I251V I10V, M11V, S134A, V167VI, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_21 NARI_DR_HIV_2_21 None None   T27TS, K28KR, K43KR, K64R, D123DE, P126Q, Y127YF, K176Q, G211N, I251V V5VI, P51PS, V167I, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_22 NARI_DR_HIV_2_22 None None E219DN  K35KR, Y56F, K64KR, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, I251V V5I, I10V, V178VA, I189V, L203LF, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_23 NARI_DR_HIV_2_23 None None   K43R, K64R, E79ED, D123E, P126Q, V135T, H162Y, K176Q, I251V V5I, R104K, V167I, V263I, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_24 NARI_DR_HIV_2_24 None None   T27S, I31L, K43KR, K176Q, G211S, H228R, I251V V5I, V167I, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_25 NARI_DR_HIV_2_25 None None   K43R, K64R, P126Q, H162Y, T163TA, K176Q, H228R V5I, K40N, P51S, V167I, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_26 NARI_DR_HIV_2_26 None None   K28KR, H162Y, H228K, I251V V5I, V167I, K176E, V263I, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_27 NARI_DR_HIV_2_27 None None   K4KQ, K43R, H162Y, P170PL, K176Q, R200K, E219D, I251V V5I, I8M, V167I, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_28 NARI_DR_HIV_2_28 None None   K35KR, D86E, D123E, P126Q, K176Q K4R, V5I, I10V, R22K, T58A, V167I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_29 NARI_DR_HIV_2_29 None None   K64R, N69S, D86E, D113X, P126Q, V135T, H162Y, K176Q, R200L, Q204R, W239*, Q245H, L246*, I251V V5I, I10V, M11MIV, S117SCY, V167VI, L203R, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_3 NARI_DR_HIV_2_3 None None   A138S, H162Y, H228Q, I251V K4R, V5I, K176PQ, I189IV, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_30 NARI_DR_HIV_2_30 None None K65R, M184V  K35R, K40KR, K64R, N69S, V111I, P126Q, I145V, H162Y, K176Q, F214L, H228Q I10V, V167I, V263VI, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_31 NARI_DR_HIV_2_31 None None   K43R, K64R, D123DE, P126Q, V135T, H162Y, K176Q, G211N, E219D, H228Q, I251V K4R, V5I, V167I, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_32 NARI_DR_HIV_2_32 None None   K43R, K64R, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, K249KR V5I, H121D, E122K, V167I, I251KR, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_33 NARI_DR_HIV_2_33 None None E219ED  K28R, K64R, K68KT, P126Q, H162Y, A174AS, K176Q, Q248QR, I251R V5I, K40KN, E42E*, T60TA, K65K*, E122EK, V167I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_34 NARI_DR_HIV_2_34 None None E219ED  K43R, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, R200K, G211N, H228N, I251V V5I, I10V, H121D, E122K, V167I, V178A, T194S, L196P, V201L, E250D, V263VI, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_35 NARI_DR_HIV_2_35 None None   D123E, V135T, K176Q, G211N, K243R, I251V, T253S K4R, V5I, K9E, I10V, M11V, P51S, P126K, E250D, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_36 NARI_DR_HIV_2_36 None None   K43R, D86E, D123DE, H162Y, P170PL, K176Q, R200RI, E219D, H228Q, I251V V5I, I10V, V83A, P126K, S134A, V167I, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_37 NARI_DR_HIV_2_37 None None   K64R, P126Q, H162F, K176Q V5I, V167I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_4 NARI_DR_HIV_2_4 None None   K43KR, H162Y, T163I, K176Q, R200RK, G211GS V5I, I10V, P126KQ, V167I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_5 NARI_DR_HIV_2_5 None None   K4S, A138S, H162FY, K176Q, G211N, F214FL I8V, I10V, P126KQ, T163IM, V167I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_7 NARI_DR_HIV_2_7 None None   P126Q, Y127F, H162F, K176Q, I251V V5VI, I10V, V167I, L270I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_8 NARI_DR_HIV_2_8 None None M184MI  K43R, K64R, K82R, D86E, K103KR, P126Q, Y127F, I145IV, H162F, K176Q, I251V V5I, I10V, R104RK, V167I 
NARI_DR_HIV_2_9 NARI_DR_HIV_2_9 None None   H162Y, K176Q, G211N, H228Q V5I, R105R*, E122K, D123V, T131TN, L149LF, V167I, E197D, L203LP, Y227F, L241F