Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Nguyen (2018)
Title Prevalence and clinical impact of minority resistant variants in patients failing an integrase inhibitor-based regimen by ultra-deep sequencing.
Citation J Antimicrob Chemother
SelectedGene IN
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 122
NumPts 122
Subtype B, CRF02_AG, A, D, F, G, C


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Page 1   listing Isolate 1 to Isolate 100 from Total 122 Clinical IN Isolates

060001EIA 060001EIA RAL  Y143R  K71KQ, I72X, L74M, E96N, L101I, S119G, T122I, T124N, T125A, E138ED, V201I  
060002CAS 060002CAS RAL    L101I, T112V, T124N, T125IV, G134D, I135V, I161L, V201I, T206S, L234I, S255N  
060003MAC 060003MAC RAL   E157Q I72V, L74I, L101I, T112V, I113V, T124A, T125A, G134D, I135V, K136T, K160Q, V201I, L234I, R269K  
060004BAM 060004BAM RAL  N155H D232N L101I, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, E138D, V151I, V201I, T206S, L234I, R269K  
060005SID 060005SID RAL  Y143YC  L74I, S119P, T125A, K136Q, M154I, H171Q, D256E E152EQ 
060006FEH 060006FEH RAL    L101I, T112IV, T124G, T125A, K127KR, G134N, I135V, K136T, G163M, V201I, T206S, L234I  
060007JUT 060007JUT Unknown, RAL    H51D, I73V, L101I, T206S  
060008GEP 060008GEP EVG, RAL 13 N155H T97A L101I, S119R, T125V, G163E, A205S  
060009SUC 060009SUC RAL  N155H  I84V, T112I, T122I, T124N, M154I, V201I, Q216R, K219Q, D256E, Q274K  
060010MAN 060010MAN RAL    I72IV, A91AT, T112V, I113V, S119ST, T124A, T125A, V126M, I135V, V201I, K211KR, L234I, K244R  
060011SEI 060011SEI RAL    I72V, L101I, T112V, S119P, T122I, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, V201I, T206S, L234I  
060012SIT 060012SIT DTG    L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, V201I, T206S, T218IL, K219KQ, L234I, A265V  
060013MAM 060013MAM RAL    I72V, T112I, I113V, T124AV, K156N, V201I, E212A, T218S, I220L  
060014CHH 060014CHH RAL, DTG 156 N155H D232N I72V, L101I, K111T, S119T, V151I, I220V  
060015BUA 060015BUA RAL  N155H  H51D, I84IM, L101I, S119P, T122I, K173R, G193E, V201I  
060016GRL 060016GRL RAL  N155H  L101I, I113V, S119R, T125A, I220L  
060018LEP 060018LEP RAL    H51D, I72V, M154I, V201I  
060020MAD 060020MAD RAL  N155H  L101I, K173R, F181L, K211R, Y227F, S230N  
060021ZIE 060021ZIE RAL  Q148R D232N I72V, K111Q, T112V, I113V, T124A, V201I, L234I  
060022MIR 060022MIR RAL    L74I, V75I, L101I, G106GR, K111T, T124A, T125A, D167E, A179S, V201I, I220L, Y227F  
060023PAY 060023PAY RAL   T97TA I72V, L101I, T112V, S119T, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, V201I, T206S, L234I A76AV 
060024JEM 060024JEM RAL  Y143R  K136Q, V201I, D256E  
060025CRP 060025CRP RAL  N155H  I72V, L101I, S119P, T122I, E170A, T218I, A265V  
060027FES 060027FES RAL  N155H  I72V, K111R, K136R, V151VI, M154I, K173R  
060028WEJ 060028WEJ RAL  N155H  L101I, K111T, T122I, V151I, D167E  
060030OBC 060030OBC RAL    I60M, K71Q, A91T, A98G, L101I, G106A, T112V, S119R, T124A, K136Q, V201I, A205S, T206S, L234V, D256E  
060031ROC 060031ROC RAL  G140S, Q148H  V201I, T206S  
060032LAP 060032LAP RAL    M154I, K173R  
060033RAC 060033RAC RAL, EVG, DTG 60   I72V, L101I, S230N  
060036PAH 060036PAH RAL, DTG 34  T97A I60IV, I72IV, L101I, G106A, K111Q, T112V, T124A, T125AV, V126A, G134N, K136T, V165I, V201I, T206S, I220IT, L234IV  
060037GUT 060037GUT DTG    I72V, S119P, T122I, T124A, V165VI, V201I, K211KR, K219NT, I220L  
060038BAP 060038BAP EVG, DTG 30 E92Q  L74I, Y99YH, S119P, I220L  
060040DEP 060040DEP RAL, DTG 104   L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, K136T, D167E, V201I, T206S, Y227F, L234V, D256E  
060042CHE 060042CHE RAL, DTG 13   L101I, T112A, T124A, T125A, V201I, D232E, L234I, V249I R187S 
060043POS 060043POS RAL, DTG 156 E92Q, S147G, N155H T97A I60M, I73V, L74M, T112V, I113V, T124A, T125A, K136Q, I162V, L234V  
060044LAM 060044LAM RAL, DTG 104 G140S, Q148H T97A M50K, T124A, T125A, F139Y, V201I, I208L  
060046CHL 060046CHL RAL, EVG    S57G, I72V, L101I, G106GA, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134S, I135V, K136T, V201I, T206S, L234I, D256E  
060047WAT 060047WAT EVG    H51D, L101I, T112V, T124TN, T125V, G134D, K136T, V201I, T206S, L234I, D256E, R269K, C280CR  
060048ITM 060048ITM EVG  E138K, S147SG, Q148R  I72V, I84M, K111R, T112V, I113V, T124N, T125A, V201I, T206S, K211Q, L234I H114HY 
060049FUP 060049FUP RAL, EVG 339 T66I G163R S57G, I72V, Q95N, E96D, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, V201I, T206S, L234I, R269K, V281M Q146QK, G247GE 
060050KIC 060050KIC EVG    L63I, L74I, L101I, T112V, I113V, S119P, T124A, T125A, G134N, D167E, V201I, T206S, I208L, T218I  
060051PRA 060051PRA RAL, EVG 30   M50I, H51D, I72V, S119P, T122I  
060052MOY 060052MOY RAL, EVG 104   I72V, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, V201I, Q221QH, L234I, S255G, V281M  
060053MIT 060053MIT EVG    L101I, K111N, V201I, T218S, S230N  
060054MAV 060054MAV EVG    L101I, T124A, I135V, K160T  
060056RIJ 060056RIJ EVG  E92Q, N155H S153SY L101I, T112V, I113V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, V201I, A205AT, T206S, K215N, Q216K, D232E, L234I, D256E V150VG, V151VG 
060059KAB 060059KAB RAL, DTG 104   H51D, I72V, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, V201I, T206S, T218I, L234I, R269K Y271Y* 
060060BOD 060060BOD RAL, EVG 52 T66TI E157Q V75VI, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, K160Q, F181L, G193D, S195T, V201I, I203M, T206S, L234I, I268L, D270H  
060062TEL 060062TEL RAL  N155H  G70R, I72V, P90S, S119P, T122I, T124A, T125A  
060063SAG 060063SAG RAL, DTG 261 T66IV, E138K, G140S, Q148H T97A I72V, L101I, I113L, S119SR, T124A, T125TA, D256E  
060064BEL 060064BEL RAL, EVG 52   S119P, T124A, Q177L, G193D, I203M, I208M, D256E, Q274QR  
060067CHD 060067CHD RAL, DTG 104 E138K, G140S, Q148H T97A I60L, L68V, L101I, T112V, I113L, T124TA, D232E  
060070DOC 060070DOC RAL    A91AT, L101I, S119P, T124TA, I135IV, V165I, V201I, R269K  
060071GES 060071GES RAL    L101I, T125A, K156N, E198D, V201I, T206S, D229E, L234T, D278N  
060072GNM 060072GNM RAL, EVG 104 E92Q  L101I, K111R, T112K, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, V201I, T206S, I208IL, K211T, L234I G193DN 
060074NGM 060074NGM RAL, DTG 104   I113V, T124A, T125A, G134GE, L234I, A265V  
060075MPN 060075MPN RAL, DTG 78   I72V, Q95P, A98S, L101I, A105AV, T112I, S119P, T122I, T124A, T125A, V201I, T206S, L234I, D256E  
060076VAF 060076VAF DTG    A98G, L101I, K111T, S119P, T124N, T125A, V201I, T206S, D207E, M275V  
060078FEP 060078FEP RAL  Q148R  L101I, T124A, T125A, K211Q, S230N, L234V  
060079KIP 060079KIP RAL    L63V, I72V, L74I, E96D, T112V, T124A, G134N, V201I, L234I, S255G, A265V  
060080MOP 060080MOP RAL   T97A L101I, I113V, S119G, T124N, T125A, V165I, V201I  
060081POJ 060081POJ RAL  N155H  I72V, L101I, S119P, T122I, T125A, V201I  
060082LIP 060082LIP EVG  E138EK, Q148R  L101I, G106A, K111T, T122I, V201I  
060085ELM 060085ELM RAL, DTG 261   L101I, V165I, Y227F, D256E, A265V  
060086DER 060086DER DTG    I72V, T112I, I113L, T124N, T206S, I251V, D256E  
060087LEP 060087LEP RAL, DTG 130 G140S, Q148H T97A L101I, T122I, T125A, E138D, R187K, K188R, K240R, D256E  
060088AMC 060088AMC DTG    S57G, I72V, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, V201I, T206S, T218I, I220IV, L234I, R269K  
060089MOJ 060089MOJ RAL  N155H  L101I, T124A, A265V  
060090SOS 060090SOS RAL    L101I, T124A, G134D, K136T, K188KR, V201I, T206S, E212A, T218I, L234I, S255N, D256E, I268L, V281VM  
060091LAJ 060091LAJ RAL    L101I, S119P, T122I, T124A, F139L, V201I, K215N, I220L  
060092AVS 060092AVS RAL, DTG 313   I72V, L101I, S119P, T122I, V165I  
060096OMA 060096OMA EVG  N155H  I84M, L101I, K111Q, T124A, T125A, I135V, K136Q, K156KN, K211R, L234I, I251L, A265V, D278A  
060097REV 060097REV EVG  E92EG, N155H  L101I, K111T, T112TA, S119G, T122I, T124N, E212A, K219N, N222K  
060099CAP 060099CAP RAL, DTG 313   I72V, A91T, S119P, T122I, T125A, F139L, V201I, Q216N, S230N  
060100MVC 060100MVC DTG    I72V, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, D167DE, G189R, V201I, T206S, K211KR, Q216QH, N222NK, L234I, A265AV  
060101BEG 060101BEG RAL, DTG 52 G140S, Q148H, V151A  S119P, T122I, T124A, K219N, N222K  
060103MAV 060103MAV RAL    I72V, T112I, I113V, T124A, T125A, V126F, G134N, I135V, K136Q, D167E, V201I, K211R, Q216H, L234I  
060104COG 060104COG RAL    T124A, T125A, G163Q, K211Q, T218S, S230N D202DV 
060108DID 060108DID EVG, DTG   Q95S, L101I, T112V, S119P, T124A, T125A, G134S, K136T, V201I, T206S, T218I, L234I  
060110DUM 060110DUM DTG    V88VI, L101I, K111KT, I162IV, K219N, I220L, N222K, D232E, N254K  
060111RAV 060111RAV RAL    K156N, R187K, K188R, T218S  
060112KAK 060112KAK RAL  N155H H51DY, Q95QK, T97TA M50MI, L101I, T112V, I113L, S119SR, T124N, T125A, G134N, K136T, V165I, V201I, T206S, L234I, S255N  
060113ALM 060113ALM RAL, DTG 209   I72V, E96D, L101I, G106A, T112V, I113V, T124A, D167E, G193E, I208M, I220L, L234I  
060115ASF 060115ASF RAL    L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134D, I135V, K136T, G163V, V201I, T206S, R224W, L234I  
060116VAA 060116VAA RAL  N155H  I72V, I113V, T124A, T125A, V176I, G193E, V201I, T206S, L234H  
060117COL 060117COL EVG  N155H S230R G193E, V201I  
060118DUF 060118DUF RAL, DTG 313   I72V, K111T, T124A, I135V, I220L  
060119AMA 060119AMA RAL, DTG 156   I72V, L74I, T112I, T124A, T125A, V126M, G134D, K136Q, D167E, V201I, T218S, L234I, D256E  
060120VER 060120VER DTG    I72V, L74I, T112I, T124A, T125A, V126M, G134D, K136Q, D167E, V201I, T218S, L234I, D256E  
060121DEM 060121DEM DTG    I72V, L101IV, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, V201I, T206S, L234I, D256E  
060122KAF 060122KAF DTG    L101I, T124S, T125A, K136Q, D167E, K173KR, V176L, V201I, T218I, L234V K159KT 
060123LAS 060123LAS RAL    I72V, T124A, K156N, K219N, N222K  
060124TIN 060124TIN RAL  E92EQ  S57SG, L63I, L74I, E96D, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, G163AT, V201I, T206S, L234I, S255SG, M275V  
060125TUG 060125TUG EVG    I72V, L101I, T112V, S119P, T124A, K136Q, D167E, V201I, T206S, L234I, D256E, D270H  
060126OLA 060126OLA EVG, DTG   K71R, I72V, T112I, T124N, T125V, G163E  
060127KEC 060127KEC RAL    I72V, L74I, L101I, T112V, S119P, F121FC, T125A, G134N, I135V, K136T, Y143X, H171HR, V201I, T206S, Q221T, L234V, N254S, D256E  
060130KOJ 060130KOJ RAL, DTG 21   L101I, T112V, T124S, T125A, G134N, K136T, G163S, K173R, V201I, T206S, K211Q, T218TI, Q221S, N222NK, L234I, R269K  
060131GOL 060131GOL DTG    I72V, V151I, S230N, D232E  
060132TOM 060132TOM RAL    L74I, A91T, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, K136T, V201I, T206S, L234I, R269K  
060133RAM 060133RAM DTG    I73V, L101I, T112I, T124A, T125A, G134D, K136T, G163T, V201I, T206S, L234I