Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Perez-Losada (2017)
Title Characterization of HIV diversity, phylodynamics and drug resistance in Washington, DC.
Citation PLoS ONE
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 1660
NumPts 1660
Subtype B, C, CRF02_AG, A, D, F, CRF12_BF, J, CRF01_AE, G


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Page 1   listing Isolate 1 to Isolate 100 from Total 1660 Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
DC891 DC891 Unknown Unknown   K64KR, R83K, K103R  
DC892a DC892a Unknown Unknown K70KE, M184V V108VI, E138A, Y181C, H221Y K20R, V35I, T139TM, I178IM, V179I, T200A, Q207E, R211K, F214L, L228H  
DC893 DC893 Unknown Unknown   V35T, E36A, T39K, K43E, K102R, S162A, K173I, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207G, R211S  
DC894 DC894 Unknown Unknown  K103KN, V106VI V35L, K102KR, D121DY, K122KE, I135IMT, S162C, R211K  
DC895 DC895 Unknown Unknown  V179D V35T, T39R, K43E, K122E, I135T, S162Y  
DC896 DC896 Unknown Unknown   V35I, S68G, T69TA, D86E, K122KE, T139TA, Q174H  
DC897a DC897a Unknown Unknown  K103N K102R, K122E, I135T, I142T, T200A, I202V, Q207K, R211Q W229WC, H235HL 
DC898 DC898 Unknown Unknown   E36D, Q174E, T200A, E204K, Q207E, R211K, F214L  
DC899 DC899 Unknown Unknown   K20R, T27S, V60I, I178IM, T200AV, R211K  
DC8a DC8a Unknown Unknown   P4S, V21I, V60I, K173EQ, Q207E  
DC900 DC900 Unknown Unknown   D123E, I135T, S162C, K173R, E194D, I195L, G196E, Q197K, F214L  
DC902 DC902 Unknown Unknown   K11KR, I142V, G196E, T200TI  
DC903 DC903 Unknown Unknown   A98S, K122KR, I135V, K173DN, T200A, Q207E, R211K  
DC904 DC904 Unknown Unknown   K49R, R83K, E169D, G196E  
DC906 DC906 Unknown Unknown K219KQ  V60I, S68G, K102Q, K122KE, I178M, Q197K, T200A, Q207QH, R211X  
DC907 DC907 Unknown Unknown   V35I, V90VI, A98S, D123E, G196GE, I202IV, E204EK, Q207QK, R211E  
DC908 DC908 Unknown Unknown   S48E, D123E, S162C, I178L, T200X, Q207N, R211K  
DC909 DC909 Unknown Unknown D67DN, K70R, M184V, K219Q K103KN V35M, T39TA, V60VI, K122E, D123G, Q174K, D177E, I178M, T200A, E204ED, Q207A, R211K, F214L  
DC90a DC90a Unknown Unknown T69D, M184V  F214L, L228LHQ  
DC91 DC91 Unknown Unknown K65R, D67N, M184I  V35M, T39A, R83K, T200A, R211K  
DC912 DC912 Unknown Unknown   K20R, K122E, I135V, S162C, T200A  
DC913 DC913 Unknown Unknown T215S  K43Q, K64R, A98S, K122E, A158S, Q207K, R211N  
DC914 DC914 Unknown Unknown   K122E, Q207E  
DC917 DC917 Unknown Unknown   V35I, D123E, T165I, D177E, I178L  
DC918a DC918a Unknown Unknown   K122E, D123S, A158S, S162A, K173T, E203D, R211K  
DC920 DC920 Unknown Unknown   K104R, K122E, G196GE, R211Q  
DC921 DC921 Unknown Unknown   K49R, I135V, K173N, Q174KR, R211S, F214L  
DC923a DC923a Unknown Unknown   K20R, D123E, I135T, T200A, F214L  
DC924 DC924 Unknown Unknown   K122E, I142T, D177E, I178M, R211RK  
DC928 DC928 Unknown Unknown   K20R, K64R, K102KR, K122P, S162C, D177E, I178L, D192N  
DC929a DC929a Unknown Unknown   E36Q, W88C, K122KE, D123DE, S162Y, T200TI, F214L  
DC92a DC92a Unknown Unknown   K20R, S68SG, D121DY, K122X, D123DE, I135IV, D177E, T200X  
DC930 DC930 Unknown Unknown  K103N V90I, A98S, D123N, I142V, R172K, V179I, R211K  
DC931 DC931 Unknown Unknown   V35T, T39A, E53D, I135V, S162A, I178M  
DC932 DC932 Unknown Unknown   E6D, V35L, I135M, S162C, T200R, R211K  
DC933 DC933 Unknown Unknown   I142V, S162Y, I178M, D237DN  
DC934 DC934 Unknown Unknown   D123E, D177E, G196E, Q207E, R211Q F124Y 
DC936 DC936 Unknown Unknown   P4T, K11R, K20R, R83K, K104R, S162A, K173R, R211K  
DC937 DC937 Unknown Unknown   K20R, K64R, V118VI, D123DE, G196E, Q197K, R211K  
DC938 DC938 Unknown Unknown   E6EK, K20R, K122E, D123E, S162C, D177E, I178M, T200A, Q207E, R211K  
DC939 DC939 Unknown Unknown K65KR, M184V E138A V35VI, V60VI, S68SN, R83K, D123E, I178M, R211K  
DC93a DC93a Unknown Unknown  K103N, E138EK K11KR, R83K, K122KE, G196E, T200A, Q207E  
DC940 DC940 Unknown Unknown   K20R, V35I, T39A, S48T, K122E, V179I, G196E, T200A  
DC941 DC941 Unknown Unknown D67G, T69D, K70R, K219Q K103N, Y181C, H221Y K20R, V60I, R83K, D123E, D177E, G196E, I202V, F214L, L228H  
DC942 DC942 Unknown Unknown   I135T, Q197E, R211A  
DC943 DC943 Unknown Unknown M41ML K103N T39N, T69N, A98S, S162C, I178M, G196E, T200A, Q207E, R211K  
DC944 DC944 Unknown Unknown   K20R, E53D, D123E, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, F214FL  
DC945 DC945 Unknown Unknown   K122KE, D123N, I178L, I202IV, E204G, Q207E  
DC946 DC946 Unknown Unknown   I178M, T200A  
DC948 DC948 Unknown Unknown   S48T, K122E, I135T, S162C, Q197H, E203D, Q207E, R211K  
DC949 DC949 Unknown Unknown   I142IV, A158AS, S162SC  
DC94a DC94a Unknown Unknown M41L, M184V, T215CF  T39A, S48T, V60VI, K101Q, K122KE, D123E, I135IT, I142IV, S162C, K166R, D177E, T200I  
DC95 DC95 Unknown Unknown M41L, T215F  A158S, Q207A, R211K  
DC950a DC950a Unknown Unknown   K173E, I178M, R211K  
DC952 DC952 Unknown Unknown   K49R, I50V, E53D, A98S, I178IM, G196E, T200A  
DC953 DC953 Unknown Unknown K65KR, M184V E138A V35VI, V60VI, S68SN, R83K, D123E, I178M, R211K  
DC954 DC954 Unknown Unknown   S162A, G196E, T200A  
DC956 DC956 Unknown Unknown  E138A V35I, V60VI, K64R, I135L, I142M, G196E A158AV 
DC957 DC957 Unknown Unknown   P9T, K20R, K101Q, I178M  
DC958 DC958 Unknown Unknown  K103N V60I, S68N, V90I, S162A, T165I, T200A, Q207E, R211K  
DC959 DC959 Unknown Unknown   K32N, V90VI, K102Q, K103R, I135R, D177DE, I202V, E204EK, R211K, F214L  
DC96 DC96 Unknown Unknown V75T K103N, Y188L, H221Y V35I, K102R, D121H, K122E, I135V, S162C, K173E, Q174R, D177E, I178L, G196E, Q207E, R211K  
DC960a DC960a Unknown Unknown   E6D, V35T, K49R, K102Q, K122E, D123N, E169D, I178M, G196E  
DC961 DC961 Unknown Unknown   V35T, V60I, T139TI, D177E, I178M, R211K  
DC962a DC962a Unknown Unknown M41L  E6D, V35I, T39A, V60I, D121Y, K122E, K166R, D177E, I178M, T200I, R211K  
DC963 DC963 Unknown Unknown   S48E, V60VI, T69TS, A98S, K102Q, R211T  
DC964 DC964 Unknown Unknown   V8I, K122E, D123S, I135T, T200I, Q207A, R211S, K238R P150A 
DC965 DC965 Unknown Unknown   E44D, R83K, I135T, S162A, K173N, V179T  
DC966 DC966 Unknown Unknown M41L, T215C  T39TA, E53D, D123E, S162Y, D177E, T200A, R211H  
DC967a DC967a Unknown Unknown D67N, K219KN K101E, V179VF, Y181C V60I, T107TA, V111I, K122E, I135T, D177E, I178L, L210S, K238R  
DC968a DC968a Unknown Unknown D67N, K70R, M184V, K219Q K238T K20R, V35M, K49R, V60I, T69N, K101A, S162N, I178M, V189VI, E203K, Q207E, D237E  
DC969 DC969 Unknown Unknown M41L, M184V K103S, V106I, G190A V35L, I135V, T139S, S162C, T200A, E204D, Q207E, F214L  
DC97 DC97 Unknown Unknown M41L, M184V, T215Y K103N V35T, T39A, K122E, I142T, E169D, G196E, T200A  
DC970a DC970a Unknown Unknown M184V K103N K20KR, D177E, G196D, R211K  
DC971 DC971 Unknown Unknown K219KQ  V35I, K122E, I178M, T200A  
DC972a DC972a Unknown Unknown  E138A K49KQ, R83K, V90VI, K102KQ, K122E, S134SN, T139X, S162X, K173T, Q174K, N175NY, T200A  
DC973a DC973a Unknown Unknown K70R K103N, Y181C, P225H V35M, I135T, R211K  
DC974 DC974 Unknown Unknown M184V K103KN K122E, K166R, I178IM, T200TA, R211K  
DC975 DC975 Unknown Unknown   T69S, R83K, Q174H, V179I, G196E, R211K  
DC977a DC977a Unknown Unknown   V60I, D121H, K122E, D123S, I135T, D177E, T200E  
DC978a DC978a Unknown Unknown   V35I, R83K, D121H, K122E, I178L  
DC979a DC979a Unknown Unknown M41L, T215D  K20R, V60I, K122E, I135T, S162H, T200A, Q207E  
DC980 DC980 Unknown Unknown M184MV  R83K, K166R, D177DN, G196E  
DC981 DC981 Unknown Unknown M41ML, D67DN Y181YC V35VI, K43KN, E44ED, K122KE, I142X, K173KE, Q174QK, D177E, I178M, V189VI, G196GE, E203EK, Q207QE, T215X, K223KQ, L228LH  
DC982 DC982 Unknown Unknown   V35I, R83K, I202V, L210M, R211K  
DC983a DC983a Unknown Unknown   K11T, K20R, V21I, V35T, T39R, K122E, K173S, D177E, V179I, T200K, I202V, Q207A, R211S  
DC984a DC984a Unknown Unknown  K103N V60VI, K101KR, I135V, Q174HN, G196GE, T200AE, R211RK  
DC985 DC985 Unknown Unknown   V35VI, R83K, V90I, K122E, D123N, I135V, S162H  
DC988 DC988 Unknown Unknown M41L, D67N, L74V, L210W, T215Y, K219N L100I, K103N T39A, V118I, K122E, I135T, I142V, S162C, Q207E, R211K Y115YC 
DC98a DC98a Unknown Unknown   R83K, Q174QK, D177E, I178M, T200TA, R211K  
DC990 DC990 Unknown Unknown  K103KN V60I, Q174R, G196E, Q207E, R211K  
DC991a DC991a Unknown Unknown   K173R, T200A, L210F  
DC992a DC992a Unknown Unknown M41L, M184V, T215Y  V35T, S48T, K122A, D177E, I178L, R211K  
DC993 DC993 Unknown Unknown   K13R, S48T, K122E, S162C, T200X  
DC994 DC994 Unknown Unknown M184V Y188L, P225H A98S, K122P, I142V, N175H, D177E, I178L, D237E  
DC996a DC996a Unknown Unknown K65R, M184V K238KNT I31IL, K49R, S68X, K122KE, A158S, S162AD, K173Q, G196GR, T200TA, Q207D, R211K, F214L  
DC997a DC997a Unknown Unknown M184V K101KE, K103KN, Y181YC K43KN, E44ED, K49R, T69TN, A98S, D123E, I135IM, D177E  
DC998a DC998a Unknown Unknown T215C  V35L, S68G, D123E, I178M, Q197P, T200TA, D237E  
DC999 DC999 Unknown Unknown   S48T, V60VI, K101KQ, K103R, Q197KR, T200E  
DC9a DC9a Unknown Unknown   V35M, E36ED, T39A, E40ED, V60I, I135X, S162C, E169D, T200TA I167N