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Author Bertine (2015)
Title High level of APOBEC3F/3G editing in HIV-2 DNA vif and pol sequences from antiretroviral-naive patients.
Citation AIDS
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 43
NumPts 43
Host Human


Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
001006_CNA 001006_CNART None None I75IL  M11T, K20R, R78RK, K82R, P126Q, V135T, H162Y, I180L, R200K, K223KR, H228QR, I244L, K277KR, R307K V2I, V5I, I10V, R22K, R104K, K176P, D195G, Y227F, L270I, H317C 
004011_CNA 004011_CNART None None N69ND  P1PL, K20KR, K28R, K64KR, K82KR, P126Q, V135T, H162Y, I180L, R200RK, H228Q, I251R, K275R, K277R V5I, I10V, M11AV, R22K, P51S, R104K, V167I, K176PS, D195G, L270I 
005010_CNA 005010_CNART None None   M11T, K20R, K28KR, K35KR, K82R, E122PT, D123DN, P126Q, H162HY, I180L, G211X, H228Q, R307K V2I, V5I, I10V, R22K, R104K, H121D, K176P, V178VI, D195G, Y227F, L270I, H317C 
008007_CNB 008007_CNBRT None None   L21I, T27S, K28KR, K35KR, K43KR, K66R, T107S, E122P, D123N, P126Q, H162Y, E169D, K176S, G211D, L212M, D218E, H228Q, E250K, I251V, Y271F, K277R, L279I, R284K, T290A, R307K, S311E, H317S, E322G, E324P, E334A, E344G, K347R I8V, K9KE, I10V, M11EK, E32L, I90V, K102D, H121D, V135I, T163S, Q166K, T194S, L203S, Y227F, T237K, Q248E, E304Q, Q320K, E321EG, K323IV, D332N, Q333L, E345N, I348MV 
008010_CNA 008010_CNART None None   A3T, V5M, M11T, K13R, K20R, Q46QR, T58S, K64R, K103R, H121Y, P126Q, I180L, R200RK, D218E, H228Q, E250X, I251X, V254VI, K277KR K4R, I10V, R22K, Q23QR, R104K, A138M, K176P, D195G, Y227F, L270I, S311D, H317Y 
008014_CNA 008014_CNART None None I75IK, F77L, M184MV  K4N, M11T, K20KR, K35Q, K43KR, E79K, V111VI, P126Q, V135T, E139Q, I180L, R200K, F214FL, H228QR, I251X, R307K V5I, K9KR, I10V, Q23QR, E49IV, T58TA, I63IN, R78E, V167I, K176P, L270I, H317C 
008017_CNA 008017_CNART None None   K35E, K43R, K64R, D123N, P126Q, H162Y, K173KR, N175NH, R200RK, H228R, I251V, R284K, R307K V2I, P51PS, H121D, E139T, Q166K, K176PQ, I189V, W239W*, L270I 
008025_CNA 008025_CNART None None   E6Q, K43R, K66KR, K68R, D86E, F87FL, V111I, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, R200K, G211GS, H228QR, I251V, K277R, R307K V5I, I10V, M11V, V167I, K176P, V178VI, V201A, G213GR, W266W*, L270I 
009017_CNB 009017_CNBRT None None   M11R, L21I, T27S, K35R, T58S, K66R, D86E, K102S, D123DN, H162Y, E169D, I179T, T194N, G211N, L212M, D218E, H228Q, I251V, G262R, K277R, L279I, R307K, S311E, H317S, E322G, E324P, E334A, E344G V5I, I8V, I10V, E32L, I90V, R104K, H121D, E122S, I145L, T163S, R165G, Q166K, K176N, I189V, L203S, Y227F, T237K, Q248E, R284M, E304Q, Q320K, K323V, D332N, Q333L, E345D 
009031_CNB 009031_CNBRT None None   L21I, T27S, K66R, K102E, T107S, E122P, P126Q, H162Y, E169D, A174AT, K176S, R200K, G211D, D218E, H228Q, I251V, Y271F, K277R, L279I, R307K, S311E, H317S, E322G, E324P I8V, I10V, M11KN, E32L, I90V, H121D, V135I, T163S, Q166KR, T194S, L203S, L212MV, Y227F, T237K, Q248E, R281K, E304Q, Q320K, K323I 
009032_CNB 009032_CNBRT None None   M11R, L21I, T27S, K66R, D86E, K102E, E122P, P126Q, A138T, H162Y, E169D, K173KR, I179T, G211D, L212M, D218E, H228K, K243R, Y271F, K277R, L279I, R284K, R307K, S311E, H317S, E322G, E324P, E334A, Y339YD, E344G, K347R, K350R V5I, I8V, I10V, E32L, I90V, I118V, H121D, T163S, R165G, Q166K, K176DY, I189V, T194S, Y227F, T237K, Q248E, I251S, L303F, E304Q, Q320K, K323I, D332N, E345N 
009041_CNA 009041_CNART None None   E6DN, M11T, D17DN, E36EK, E39K, N69S, R78RK, D86E, K103R, V111I, H162Y, Q166N, K176S, I179T, H228Q, K243R, I244L, I251V, K277R, R284K, R307K, K331R, E334D, I341V, E344G K4KR, V5I, I10V, G18GE, R22RK, E48K, W71WG, V83A, R104K, P126K, L132I, V263I, L270I, M287K, T288A, H317C, V329I, D332N 
009042_CNB 009042_CNBRT None None   T27S, K35R, E48Q, T58S, K66R, D86E, K102S, K103R, T107S, V111I, E122P, D123E, R125K, P126Q, H162Y, R165A, I179T, R200K, G211N, L212M, D218E, H228Q, I251V, Y271F, L279I, T290A V2I, I8V, K9R, I10V, M11K, E32L, I90V, H121D, I145L, K147N, T163S, Q166K, K176N, I189V, T194S, L203S, Y227F, T237K, Q248E, E304Q 
012066_CNA 012066_CNART None None   M11T, K20R, I31IV, K82R, P126Q, H162Y, L196M, R200K, E207EG, H228Q, I244L, I251V, G285GE, R307K, E334D V5I, I10V, R22K, R104K, V135I, Q151QH, K176PS, V178VI, R193RK, D195G, Y227F, V263I, L270I, R281RK, Q294QK, V329I, D332S 
012078_CNB 012078_CNBRT None None   V5L, M11Q, L21I, T27S, K35R, K64KR, K66KR, K102E, E122P, P126Q, V135X, H162Y, E169D, A174T, K176S, G211N, D218E, H228R, K238KR, I251V, Y271F, L279I, R284K, L303M, R307K I8V, I10V, R22RK, E32L, I90V, I118V, H121D, I145IT, T163TS, Q166K, T194S, L203S, L212IM, Y227F, T237K, Q248E, E304Q 
012081_CNA 012081_CNART None None K70KQ  M11T, K43R, D86E, L109I, H121Y, D123DE, P126Q, I145V, K173KR, H228KQR, K249R, I251V, R307K I10V, T84TI, K176P, L270I, M287L 
012100_CNA 012100_CNART None None   M11MT, K64R, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, K173R, I180L, R200K, E219D, H228R, I251V, K277R V5I, I10V, P51S, V167I, K176P, L270I, P272L 
012101_CNA 012101_CNART None None K70KQ  M11A, K43R, K103R, N175H, R200K, H228R, K277R V5I, R104RK, K176P, L270I 
013049_CNB 013049_CNBRT None None   L21I, T27S, K66R, K102E, K103KR, E122P, P126Q, H162Y, E169D, K176S, I179T, G211D, L212M, D218E, H228K, I251N, Y271F, K277R, L279I, R284K K4KR, V5I, I8V, I10V, M11K, R22K, E32L, I90V, I118V, H121D, S134A, A138I, T163S, R165G, Q166K, I189V, T194S, Y227F, T237K, Q248E, L303F, E304Q 
013050_CNA 013050_CNART None None   M11T, K28R, K43R, P126Q, H162Y, K173R, I180L, H228Q, K243R, I251V, P272Q, K277R, R307K V5I, I10V, Q85P, T163M, V167I, K176P, Y227F, H317C, V329I 
016002_CNB 016002_CNBRT None None D67DE  L21I, T27S, K35R, K66KR, D86E, K102E, V111I, E122P, I145V, H162Y, E169D, K176S, R200K, G211N, L212M, D218E, H228R, I251V, Y271F, K277R, L279I, R284RK, R307K, S311E, H317S, E322G, E324P V2M, V5I, I8V, I10V, M11EK, R22K, E32L, I90V, I118IV, H121D, V135VI, K147T, T163S, R165G, Q166K, I189IV, T194S, L203S, T237K, K240KR, Q248E, A268S, R281K, E304Q, Q320KR, K323V, D332N, Q333L 
018003_CNA 018003_CNART None None   P126Q, H162Y, K223KR, I251V, E291D, R307K V5I, E122K, V167I, K176P, A267V, L270I, R281K, M287L 
018019_CNA 018019_CNART None None   M11A, K20R, K82R, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, R200K, D218E, H228Q, I244L, I251V, K277R K4R, V5I, I10V, R22K, R104K, K147T, K176P, D195G, Y227F, L270I 
018023_CNA 018023_CNART None None   M11AT, K28KR, K35KR, P126Q, K176Q, R200RK, G211S, H228Q, Q248H, K249KR, I251V, R307K V5I, R104K, T194TS, L203LM, L270I, K286R, Q294QR 
018024_CNA 018024_CNART None None   E6Q, M11T, K43KR, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, H228Q, I251T, L279I, E297ED, R307K V5I, I10V, K16KR, V167I, L168I, K176P, L270I, M287L 
018034_CNA 018034_CNART None None M184MI  M11T, K20R, E39EK, P126PQ, V135VL, H162HY, I180L, R200RK, D218DG, H228Q, I244IL, L260LI, R284K, G285GR, R307K K4R, V5I, I10V, R22K, P51S, R104K, R105RK, E122EK, K176P, D195G, Y227F, W229W*, W252W*, W266W*, R281K 
018040_CNA 018040_CNART None None   D86E, P126Q, V135T, R200K, W229*, I251V, K323E, E334D V5I, I10V, M11K, P51S, K147R, V167I, K176P, L270I 
026007_CNA 026007_CNART None None D67DG  M11T, K28KR, I31IV, K43R, V111I, P126Q, V135T, H162Y, I180L, H228Q, I251V V2A, V5I, R22K, I90V, R104K, E122EK, V167I, K176P, D195N, V201L, Y227F, L270I, Q294K 
045005_CNB 045005_CNBRT None None F77FL  L21I, T27S, M41MI, K66R, R78X, E79EK, K102E, K103KR, E122P, P126Q, A138T, H162Y, E169D, K176X, I179T, T194N, G211D, L212M, D218E, H228K, Y271F, K277R, L279I, R284K V5I, I8V, I10V, M11K, E32L, I90V, I118IV, H121D, T163S, R165RG, Q166KR, I189V, Y227F, T237K, Q248E, I251S, R281K, L303F, E304Q 
045008_CNA 045008_CNART None None   M11T, K20KR, K28KR, P126Q, K176Q, R200RK, G211S, H228Q, Q248H, K249KR, I251V V5VIM, I10V, R22RK, R104K, T194TS, L203LM, L270I, K286R 
045009_CNA 045009_CNART None None K70KQ  K103R, H121X, P126Q, K176Q, I179T, H228Q, K249KR, R307K, S311G V5I, I10V, P51S, T53S, R105RK, S134A, L270I, L298LI 
045012_CNB 045012_CNBRT None None   L21I, T27S, K28KR, K66R, T107S, E122P, D123N, P126Q, H162Y, E169D, K176S, I179IT, R200RK, G211D, L212M, D218E, H228Q, K249R, I251V, Y271F, K277R, L279I I8V, K9KE, I10V, M11EK, E32L, T53TA, I90V, K102D, H121D, V135VI, T163S, Q166K, I189IV, T194S, L203AS, Y227F, T237K, Q248E, R281RK 
048012_CNA 048012_CNART None None   M11T, P14PS, K28R, K64R, K82R, D123DN, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, H228Q, I244IL, L289LI, E291ED I8V, I10V, R22K, R104K, R105RK, I118V, V135I, K176P, D195G, Y227F, T237TNS, L270I, Q294QK 
049007_CNA 049007_CNART None None F77L  M11T, K20R, D123G, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, R200K, H228Q, I244L V5I, I10V, R22K, E32EK, R78E, I94N, R104K, E122EK, V167I, K176P, D195G, L203M, Y227F, L270I, R281K 
049008_CNB 049008_CNBRT None None   M11Q, L21I, T27S, K28KR, A50AV, T58S, K66R, D86E, K102S, E122P, P126Q, E139EK, H162Y, E169D, I179T, G211N, L212M, D218E, H228Q, I251IV, Y271F, L279I, R307K V2VIM, K4KR, V5I, I8V, I10V, E32L, I90V, R104K, I118IV, H121D, I145FL, T163S, Q166K, K176N, I189V, T194S, D195DN, L203S, Y227F, T237K, Q248E, A267AG, A268AV, E291EG, E304HQ 
049009_CNB 049009_CNBRT None None F77L  M11T, D17DG, K20KR, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, R200K, D218E, H228Q, I244L, I251T, R307K K4R, V5VI, I10V, R22K, Q85P, R104K, V135I, K176P, D195G, Y227F, L270I 
052004_CNA 052004_CNART None None   D86E, P126Q, V135X, H162HY, K176Q, I251V, K259KR V5VI, K9KR, I10IV, M11V, E122EK, V167VI, Y227F, L270I, R281K 
052009_CNA 052009_CNART None None   L21I, T27S, K35R, Y56F, K64R, K66R, K102E, E122P, P126Q, H162Y, E169D, I179A, G211D, L212M, D218E, H228K, I251V, Y271F, L279I, R307K, S311E, H317S, E322G, E324P, E334A, E344G, I348T V5I, I8V, I10V, M11K, K16R, E32L, I90V, I118V, H121D, A138I, T163S, R165G, Q166K, K176N, I189V, T194S, E207Q, Y227F, T237K, Q248E, A268S, E304Q, Q320R, K323V, D332N, Q333L, E345N 
077007_CNA 077007_CNART None None   M11MT, K64R, E122D, P126Q, H162F, K176Q, H228Q, Q248K, I251V, K277R, E334D, I341IV, E344G V2VI, V135I, V167I, L270I, M287L, T288A 
519012_CNB 519012_CNBRT None None   V5L, M11Q, L21I, T27S, K35R, K64R, K66R, D86E, K102E, E122P, D123N, P126Q, H162Y, E169D, I179T, R200RK, G211D, L212M, D218E, K223KR, H228Q, L246I, K249R, I251V, Y271F, K277KR, L279I, R284K, L303M, R307K I8V, I10V, E32L, P51S, M73MT, I90V, R104RK, H121D, T163S, Q166K, L168LP, K176E, I189V, T194S, L203S, Y227F, T237K, Q248E, I274IS, E304Q 
523001_CNA 523001_CNART None None   M11MIT, K28R, P126Q, K176Q, I179T, H228R, I251V, R307K I10V, Q166H, T194I, L270I, R281K, T288A 
542001_CNA 542001_CNART None None   M11T, P14S, K20R, K28R, K35R, T58S, K64R, K68KR, K82R, D86E, D123X, P126QR, V135T, A158T, H162Y, I180L, E207EK, G211D, H228R, I251V, V254VI, H278HN V2I, V5I, I10V, R22K, R104K, V167I, K176P, L270I 
542012_CNA 542012_CNART None None   K64R, D86E, P126Q, A138S, H162Y, K176Q, R200K, G211N, H228Q, I251V, K277R, R307K V5I, I10V, M11L, P51S, R104RK, Q166K, V167I, L196P, Y227F, L270I, R281RK, M287L