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Author Bertine (2015)
Title High level of APOBEC3F/3G editing in HIV-2 DNA vif and pol sequences from antiretroviral-naive patients.
Citation AIDS
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 38
NumPts 38
Host Human


Clinical PR Isolates

001006_CNA 001006_CNAPR None   S43IT G17D, V20VI, I36V, E65K, K70R, V71VI N40D, K60KR 
004011_CNA 004011_CNAPR None    I15IV, S43N, N61ND E16G, N40S, N41ND, E65KR 
005010_CNA 005010_CNAPR None   S43T G17D, V20VI, I36V, N61D, E65K, K70R, V71I  
008007_CNB 008007_CNBPR None   S43T K7R, T12K, P19PS, N61D, K70R, T91S, A92T Y14YC, N40S, L67V, N68G, S96T, L99F 
008010_CNA 008010_CNAPR None   S43T, I46V G17E, E65K N40D, K70KIM, P81PL, A92AV 
008014_CNA 008014_CNAPR None    G17D, N61ND N40NS, N41D, E65IKR, P81PL, A92AV 
008017_CNA 008017_CNAPR None   I89V P1L, N61D, K70R Y14H 
008025_CNA 008025_CNAPR None   I89IV I36V, S43SN, E65K, K70T Y14YH, D25DG, N40S, V62VI 
009017_CNB 009017_CNBPR None   S43T K7R, T12K, Y14N, P19S, K70R, V71I, T91N N40S, L67V, N68G, A92S, S96T, L99F 
009031_CNB 009031_CNBPR None   S43IT K7R, T12K, N61D, K70R, T91N, A92T Y14C, N40S, L67V, N68G, S96T, L99F 
009032_CNB 009032_CNBPR None  I46IV S43T K7R, T12K, P19PS, V71T, T91N, A92T N40S, L67V, N68G, S96T, L99F 
009042_CNB 009042_CNBPR None  I54IM S43T K7R, T12K, Y14N, P19S, K70R, V71I, T91N, A92T N40S, L67V, N68G, S96T, L99F 
012066_CNA 012066_CNAPR None   S43IT, I46V G17D, K70KR N40D, E65KR 
012078_CNB 012078_CNBPR None   S43T K7R, T12Q, Y14R, N61ND, K70KR, T91N, A92T F3I, N40S, V62I, V66VI, L67V, N68GR, S96T, L99F 
012081_CNA 012081_CNAPR None    V71I, M95V N40S, E65KR 
012100_CNA 012100_CNAPR None    G17GD, E65K, R72RK N40S, N41D 
012101_CNA 012101_CNAPR None    I15V F3I, N40S 
013050_CNA 013050_CNAPR None    E65K, T91A, A92T Y14H, N41D, M95MR 
016002_CNB 016002_CNBPR None   S43T K7R, T12KR, N61D, K70R, T91N N40S, N41D, K60KR, V62I, L67V, N68G, A92ST, S96T, L99F 
018003_CNA 018003_CNAPR None   I89V K70R F3I, Y14H, N40S, N68G 
018019_CNA 018019_CNAPR None    G17D, I36V, S43I, E65K, K70R F3I, N40D, V62I 
018023_CNA 018023_CNAPR None    K7R, S43N, K70R N40NS, N41D, N68GS 
018034_CNA 018034_CNAPR None   S43T, I46V K7R, G17D, E37EK, G49GE, E65EK, K70KR, T91A, A92T N40D, I75IV 
018040_CNA 018040_CNAPR None    E21D, K70R, T91A, A92T Y14H, N40S, N68G 
026007_CNA 026007_CNAPR None    G17GD, S43N, E65K N40S, N41D 
045005_CNB 045005_CNBPR None   S43T K7R, V10VI, T12K, P19S, E37EK, N61D, K70R, T91N N40S, L67V, N68G, A92S, S96T, L99F 
045009_CNA 045009_CNAPR None   I89V K70R Y14H, N40S, K57R, N68G 
045012_CNB 045012_CNBPR None   S43T K7R, T12K, P19PS, N41NS, N61D, K70R, T91NS, A92T Y14C, N40S, L67V, N68G, S96T, L99F 
048012_CNA 048012_CNAPR None    G17E, E65K, K70R, T77I N40D, N41D 
049007_CNA 049007_CNAPR None   S43T, I46V G17D, E65K, K70R Y14H, N40D 
049008_CNB 049008_CNBPR None   S43T P1L, K7R, T12K, Y14N, K70T, V71VI, T91N P19LS, N40S, L67V, N68G, A92S, S96T, L99F 
049009_CNB 049009_CNBPR None   S43IT G17D, E65K, K70R Y14YH, G27GE, N40D, G51GR, K60KR, V62VI 
052004_CNA 052004_CNAPR None  I46IT I89V K69KR, K70R, D79DN Y14H, N40C, N41D, N68G, A92AV 
052009_CNA 052009_CNAPR None   S43T K7R, T12K, Y14N, T91N, A92T N40S, L67V, N68G, S96T, L99F 
077007_CNA 077007_CNAPR None    V10VI, E63EKQ, K70KR F3I, Y14H, N40S, N68G 
519012_CNB 519012_CNBPR None   S43T K7R, T12Q, V20I, N61D, E65K, K70R, T91N Y14H, N40S, V62I, L67V, N68G, S96T, L99F 
523001_CNA 523001_CNAPR None   I89V K70R Y14H, N40S, N41D, E65KR 
542012_CNA 542012_CNAPR None    V20I, S43N Y14H, N40S, N68G