Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Karade (2016)
Title Limited HIV pretreatment drug resistance among adults attending free antiretroviral therapy clinic of Pune, India.
Citation ARHR
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 52
NumPts 52
Subtype C, A


Clinical PR Isolates

N05-8270 N05-8270 None    I15V, L19T, M36I, N37T, R41K, L63P, H69K, K70R, I93L  
N06-7803 N06-7803 None    T12S, L19I, E35D, R41K, K45R, L63H, H69KQ, L89M, I93L  
N09-5330-17 N09-5330-17 None    T12S, I15V, L19I, M36V, R41K, L63P, H69K, I93L  
N10-4659 N10-4659 None    T12S, L19I, M36I, R41K, K45KR, D60E, Q61E, L63PT, H69K, L89M, I93L  
N11-14073 N11-14073 None    T12A, I15V, L19T, M36V, N37D, R41K, D60E, Q61N, L63P, H69K, L89LM, I93L  
N11-35817 N11-35817 None    T12S, I15V, G16E, L19T, M36I, R41K, L63S, H69K, V82I, L89M, I93L  
N11-35934 N11-35934 None    T12S, I13V, I15V, L19T, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
N11-7932-21 N11-7932-21 None    T12S, I15V, L19T, E35D, M36I, R41K, R57K, D60E, Q61D, L63S, H69K, L89M, I93L  
N14-0116 N14-0116 None   L33F I13V, L19I, N37C, R41K, L63PS, H69K, L89M, I93L  
N14-0129 N14-0129 None    T12S, L19I, M36L, N37S, R41RK, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
N14-0133 N14-0133 None    T12TS, I15V, L19T, M36IV, R41K, Q61QE, L63P, H69K, L89LM, I93L  
N14-0135 N14-0135 None    Q18E, L19T, L63Q, H69K, I93L  
N14-0145 N14-0145 None    I13V, K14KR, I15V, L19I, E35D, N37NS, R41K, L63PS, I64M, H69K, L89M, I93L  
N14-0154 N14-0154 None    T12S, K14KR, I15V, L19T, E35D, M36MI, N37T, P39PS, R41K, K45KR, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
N14-0174 N14-0174 None    T12S, I13V, L19I, K20R, M36I, P39Q, R41K, I62V, L63P, H69K, V82I, L89I  
N14-0184 N14-0184 None    I15V, L19I, E35D, N37NS, R41K, L63P, H69K, V82I, L89M, I93L  
N14-0192 N14-0192 None    I15V, L19IV, M36V, R41K, H69K, L89M, I93L  
N14-0254 N14-0254 None    T12P, L19I, M36MI, R41K, L63P, H69K, I72M, V82I, L89M, I93L  
N14-0259 N14-0259 None    T12S, K14KR, I15V, L19T, M36IV, R41K, L63PQ, H69K, L89LM, I93L  
N14-0265 N14-0265 None    L5LF, T12P, I15V, G16E, L19I, M36L, N37NS, L63S, H69K, I93L  
N14-0280 N14-0280 None    T12S, I15V, L19I, E35D, M36I, R41K, K45KR, R57K, L63P, H69K, I72IV, T74S, L89M, I93L  
N14-0290 N14-0290 None    T12S, K14KR, I15V, L19I, M36I, R41K, L63P, I64L, H69K, L89M, I93L  
N14-0355 N14-0355 None    T12S, I15V, L19I, E35D, M36I, R41K, H69K, T74TS, V82VI, L89M, I93L  
N14-0497 N14-0497 None    K14KR, I15V, L19I, M36L, P39S, R41K, I62V, L63P, H69K, V82I, L89M, I93L  
N14-0507 N14-0507 None    T12TS, I15V, L19T, E35ED, M36IL, N37NS, R41RK, Q61QE, L63P, H69K, I72IV, I93L  
N14-0517 N14-0517 None    T12P, K14R, L19I, M36L, N37E, K43R, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
N14-1051 N14-1051 None    T12S, I15V, L19T, M36I, R41K, D60E, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
N14-1052 N14-1052 None    T12S, L19I, R41K, D60E, L63P, H69K, K70R, V77I, P79S, L89M  
N14-1070 N14-1070 None    T12S, I13IV, I15IV, L19IV, M36LV, R41RK, L63P, H69K  
N14-1106 N14-1106 None    T12P, K14KR, I15IV, G16E, E35D, M36I, R41K, K45R, D60E, L63S, H69K, I72V, L89M, I93L  
N14-1377 N14-1377 None    T12PS, I15V, L19IV, E35ED, M36I, R41RK, Q61QE, L63P, I64IL, H69K, V82I, L89M, I93L  
N14-1636 N14-1636 None    T12S, L19I, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
N14-5147 N14-5147 None    T12S, L19I, M36I, R41K, L63PS, H69K, V82I, L89M, I93L  
N14-518 N14-518 None    T12S, L19I, M36I, R41K, L63P, I64L, H69K, K70KR, L89LM, I93IL  
N14-575 N14-575 None    T12S, I15V, G16E, L19IV, M36I, R41K, Q61QE, L63X, H69K, V82I, L89M, I93L  
N14-579 N14-579 None    T12S, I15V, L19I, K20R, E35D, M36I, N37D, R57RK, H69K, I93L  
N14-589 N14-589 None    T12S, I15V, L19V, N37A, R41K, L63P, H69K, V77I, L89M, I93L  
N14-5992 N14-5992 None    T12S, K14R, L19I, M36V, R41K, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
N14-916 N14-916 None    I13V, E35DN, M36I, N37DE, R41K, R57K, H69K, L89M  
N14-935 N14-935 None    T12S, K14KR, I15V, L19I, E35D, M36I, R41K, L63LP, H69K, K70KE, V82VI, L89M, I93L  
N14-936 N14-936 None    T12S, K14R, I15V, L19I, E35D, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69K, K70E, V82I, L89M, I93L  
N14-941 N14-941 None    T12S, L19I, E35D, M36I, R41K, R57K, D60E, L63P, H69K, V82I, L89M, I93L  
N97-00139 N97-00139 None    T12S, K14KR, I15IV, L19I, K20R, M36V, R41K, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93IL  
NMC-2716 NMC-2716 None    I15V, L19I, M36L, N37S, P39PS, R41K, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
NMC-3088 NMC-3088 None    T12P, I15V, L19IT, E35D, M36I, N37NS, R41K, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
NMC-3109 NMC-3109 None    I15V, L19I, M36IV, N37NS, P39S, R41K, L63P, H69K, L89F, I93L  
NMC-3116 NMC-3116 None    T12P, I15V, L19T, M36I, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
NMC-3964 NMC-3964 None    T12S, I15V, L19I, E35D, M36I, R41K, D60E, Q61E, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
NMC-4418 NMC-4418 None    T12PS, K14R, I15V, L19I, M36I, R41K, Q61QH, L63P, H69K, V82I, L89IM, I93L  
NMC-4427 NMC-4427 None    T12S, K14R, I15V, L19T, M36V, N37S, R41K, L63P, H69K, V82I, L89M, I93L  
NMC-4637 NMC-4637 None    T12PS, I15IV, G17GD, L19I, E35ED, N37NS, K45KR, Q61H, L63P, H69K, V82VI, L89M, I93L G16GV 
NRF-30250 NRF-30250 None    T12S, K14R, I15V, L19T, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69K, V82I, L89M, I93L