Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Deshpande (2011)
Title Drug Resistance Mutations in HIV Type 1 isolates from naive patients eligible for first line antiretroviral therapy in JJ Hospital, Mumbai, India.
Citation ARHR
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 50
NumPts 50
Subtype C, A


Clinical PR Isolates

Pat001 in1022 None    M36I, L63PS, H69K, L89M, I93L  
Pat003 in1024 None    T12TA, I13IV, K14KR, I15IV, L19T, K20R, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69Q, K70KR, I93L  
Pat004 in1025 None    T12S, G16E, L19V, M36L, N37S, L63T, H69K, V82I, L89M, I93L  
Pat005 in1031 None    T12S, L19I, M36I, R41K, L63H, H69K, K70KR, V82I, L89M, I93L  
Pat006 in1032 None    T12S, I13V, G16E, L19I, P39S, R41K, G49E, L63P, H69K, V77I, L89M  
Pat007 in1033 None  M46MI  T12S, I15V, L19T, M36I, N37H, R41K, Q61QE, L63T, H69K, V82I, I93L  
Pat008 in1050 None    I15V, L19IT, M36I, R41K, Q61QE, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
Pat009 in1054 None    T12S, K14R, I15V, L19I, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69K, I93L  
Pat011 in1064 None    T12S, K14KR, I15V, L19I, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69K, V75VI, L89M, I93L  
Pat012 in1065 None    I15V, L19I, K20KI, E35D, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69K, I93L  
Pat013 in1066 None    I15V, L19T, M36L, N37S, R41K, L63P, H69K, V82I, L89M, I93L  
Pat014 in1071 None    T12S, K14R, I15V, G16E, L19I, M36V, R41K, Q61H, L63T, I64IL, H69K, L89M, I93L  
Pat015 in1077 None    T12S, K14KR, I15V, L19I, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69K, I72IV, L89I, I93L  
Pat016 in1078 None    T12P, K14R, I15V, L19T, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69K  
Pat017 in1091 None    T12S, I15V, L19I, M36I, R41K, L63S, I64L, H69K, I93L  
Pat018 in1092 None    T12S, I15V, L19T, E35D, M36I, P39PS, R41K, K45R, L63P, H69K, I93L  
Pat019 in1096 None    T12S, K14KR, L19I, M36I, N37NS, R41K, L63P, H69K, I93L  
Pat020 in1097 None  M46I  T12P, I15V, L19I, M36I, P39Q, R41K, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
Pat022 in1099 None    T12S, I15V, L19I, M36IV, R41K, L63A, H69K, V82I  
Pat023 in1100 None    T12S, L19I, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69Q, A71T, I72IM, I93L  
Pat024 in1102 None    T12P, I15V, L19I, M36I, N37D, L63P, H69K, I72L, I93L  
Pat025 in1103 None    T12TS, L19I, M36I, R41K, K45KR, Q61QH, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
Pat026 in1104 None    T12TS, K14R, L19I, R41K, L63P, H69K, P79S, L89M, I93L  
Pat027 in1105 None    T12S, L19I, M36I, R41K, K43R, I62V, L63P, H69K, T74A, L89M, I93L  
Pat028 in1108 None    T12S, I15V, L19I, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69K, V82I, I93L  
Pat029 in1109 None    T12P, I15V, G16E, L19I, K20R, M36I, R41K, R57RK, L63H, H69K, V82I, L89M, I93L  
Pat030 in1111 None    T12S, I15V, L19IV, E35D, M36I, N37D, L63P, H69K, V82VI, L89M, I93L  
Pat031 in1112 None    G16E, L19I, E35D, H69K, L89M, I93L  
Pat032 in1113 None    L19I, K20KR, L33V, M36MI, N37ST, P39PS, R41K, L63P, I64IV, H69K, I93L  
Pat034 in1116 None    I15V, L19I, M36I, N37D, R41K, D60E, L63P, H69K, I72E, V82I, I93L  
Pat035 in1117 None    T12S, K14KR, I15V, L19IT, E35D, M36I, R41K, L63AV, H69K, I93L  
Pat036 in1118 None    I15V, L19I, E35D, M36I, N37D, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
Pat037 in1121 None    L19I, E35K, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
Pat038 in1122 None    T12S, I15V, G16E, L19I, M36L, N37C, L63AT, H69K, L89M, I93L  
Pat039 in1123 None    I13V, K20KR, E35N, M36I, N37D, R41K, R57K, H69K, L89M  
Pat040 in1124 None    T12S, K14R, I15V, L19T, M36V, R41K, Q61QH, H69K, V82I, L89M, I93L  
Pat041 in1125 None   Q58E T12S, I15V, G16GE, Q18QH, L19I, K20R, E35D, M36I, R57RK, D60DE, Q61QH, L63S, H69K, L89M, I93L  
Pat042 in1129 None    T12S, I13IV, I15V, L19IT, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
Pat043 in1131 None    T12S, L19I, M36I, R41K, K43R, L63H, H69K, L89M, I93L W42WR 
Pat044 in1132 None    T12S, K14R, L19I, K20R, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
Pat045 in1133 None    T12S, K14R, L19I, K20R, M36I, R41K, K43R, L63P, H69K, I93L  
Pat046 in1135 None    T12S, I15V, L19V, M36I, R41K, D60E, L63P, H69K, L89M, I93L  
Pat047 in1137 None    I15V, L19T, M36I, P39Q, R41RK, L63P, H69K, I93L  
Pat048 in1139 None    T12S, K14R, L19I, E35D, R41K, L63P, H69K, K70R, L89M, I93L  
Pat049 in1140 None    T12PS, I15V, G16E, L19I, M36I, L63A, H69K, L89M, I93L  
Pat050 in1141 None    T12S, I15V, L19T, E35D, M36I, R41K, L63P, I64V, H69K, I93L  
Pat051 in1142 None    V11VI, T12S, I13IV, I15V, G16GE, L19IT, M36I, R41K, K45R, L63ST, H69K, L89I, I93L K70K* 
Pat064 in1075 None    T12TS, I15V, L19I, M36I, R41K, K43R, L63P, H69K, K70KR, I93L  
Pat067 in1084 None    T12P, K14R, I15V, L19T, M36I, R41K, L63P, H69K, K70R, L89M, I93L  
Pat086 in1120 None    T12S, I15V, L19M, M36I, R41K, D60E, Q61E, L63P, H69K, I93L