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Author Winters (1998)
Title Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 protease genotypes and in vitro protease inhibitor susceptibilities of isolates from individuals who were switched to other protease inhibitors after long-term saquinavir treatment.
Citation J Virol
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 3
NumPts 3
Subtype B


Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
CA4089 CA10381 AZT, DDC, 3TC None M41L, M184V, L210W, T215Y  K122E, V245K  
CA642 CA24541 AZT, DDI, 3TC, D4T, Unknown NVP, Unknown M41L, D67N, T69D, K70R, L74I, M184V, T215F, K219Q  K43E, V75X, K122E, D123E, I142IV, S162A, D177E, G196E, H208Y, R211K, D218E, A272P, K277R, E297R  
CA796 CA4230 AZT, DDI, 3TC, D4T None M41L, D67N, T69D, K70R, V75M, M184V, T215F, K219W  V35T, V60I, K104KN, K122E, V179I, H208Y, D218E, L228H, E248Q