Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Brennan (2007)
Title HIV-1 strains identified in Brazilian blood donors: Significant prevalence of B/F1 recombinants.
Citation ARHR
SelectedGene IN
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 82
NumPts 82
Subtype B, F, C


Clinical IN Isolates

01BAB032 01BAB032 None   G163K E10D, M50I, I72V, A91G, L101I, T112A, I113V, S119T, T124A, T125A, K136Q, G193E, I208L, L234V, D253E, D256E, D279G  
01BAB034 01BAB034 None    E11D, K14R, S17T, M50I, I72V, T124A, M154I, V165I, V201I, T206S, Y227F, L234V, D256E, S283G  
01BAB036 01BAB036 None    E11D, A21T, I72V, I73V, T125A, I204V, I208L, I268L, S283G  
01BAB053 01BAB053 None    I72V, T124N, A265V, S283G  
01BAB054 01BAB054 None    E10D, E13D, L74I, K111R, T124A, K156H, I208L, S283G  
01BAB055 01BAB055 None    I72V, S119T, T124A, S153A, M154I, V165I, G193R, V201I, A265V  
01BAB056 01BAB056 None    S17C, M50I, I72V, V201I, T218I, A265V  
01BAB057 01BAB057 None    T124N, I208L, S283G  
01BAB058 01BAB058 None    E11D, M50I, L101I, K111T, I113V, S119P, T124N, V201I, T206S, I220F  
01BAB060 01BAB060 None    E10D, V32I, I72V, L101I, T112I, S119T, T124A, T125A, K136Q, G163T, N222K, L234V, N254S, V259I, I268L, S283G  
01BAB061 01BAB061 None    K7R, E11D, S24N, V31I, I72V, T122I, T124A, T206S, S283G  
01BAB062 01BAB062 None    E11D, V31I, L101I, V151I, D167E, S195C, T206S, Q216H, A265V  
01BAB063 01BAB063 None    I72IV, T124A, M154I, V165I, R187K, V201VI  
01BAB066 01BAB066 None    I72V, I113V, T125A, V151I, I268L, S283G  
01BAB067 01BAB067 None    D6N, K7E, K14KR, K34R, L101I, K211R, S230N  
01BAB068 01BAB068 None    K7R, I84V, M154MI, V165I, V201I, T218I  
01BAB075 01BAB075 None    E10D, E11D, V31VI, I72V, K111T, T124N, V201I, T206S, S230N, L234I, D256E, S283G  
01BAB076 01BAB076 None    E10D, I72V, I113V, V201I, E212Q, T218TI, K219KQ, S255G  
01BAB080 01BAB080 None    V31I, C56S, I72V, L101I, D167E, V201I, L234I, A265V  
01BAB085 01BAB085 None    E10EA, E11ED, A21S, V31I, S119T, V151I, T206S, T218I, A265V  
01BAB086 01BAB086 None    S17N, I72V, T124A, V165I, V201I, I208L, L234V, D256E, A265V, S283G  
01BAB093 01BAB093 None    V31I, L101I, D167E, V201I, T206S, I217V, Y227F, S230N, A265V  
01BAB094 01BAB094 None   T97A D6N, K7E, S39C, M50I, L74I, A91E, L101I, S119R, T125A  
01BAB095 01BAB095 None    M50I, I72V, L101I, L172I, K188R, V201I, I208L, A265V, S283G  
01BAB096 01BAB096 None    S17N, L74I, L101I, K111R, S119P, T125A, V126A, M154I, G163E, V165I, V201I, A205S, T206S, K211R, T218I, L234V, D256E, I268L, D279G, S283G  
01BAB097 01BAB097 None    S17C, M50T, I72V, T122TI, T124A, T125A, I203M, I208L  
01BAB098 01BAB098 None   T97A D6E, E10D, L45V, M50I, I72V, I84L, A91T, L101I, S119R, T124A, T125A, V201I, T218S  
01BAB099 01BAB099 None    S17N, I72V, T124N, T125A, K156N, K173R, D256E, A265V  
01BAB101 01BAB101 None    S17N, I113V, T124A, T125A, H171HY, V201I, L234V, D256E, S283G  
01BAB102 01BAB102 None    E11D, S17T, V32I, S39C, I60IV, A98G, L101I, T124A, V165I, V201I, L234V, D256E, S283G  
01BAB103 01BAB103 None    E11D, A21T, I72V, I204V, I208L, A265AV, S283G  
01BAB104 01BAB104 None    D6E, E10D, V31I, S39N, A91T, L101I, T112A, T124N, I208L, S230N, A265V, S283G  
01BAB106 01BAB106 None    S17N, L28I, V77A, I113IV, T124A, T125A, D167E, I203M, I208L, T218S, K219N, N222K, Q252K, S283G  
01BAB107 01BAB107 None    D6N, K14R, S17N, V31I, T125A, K156N, T206S  
01BAB108 01BAB108 None    E10D, M50T, I72V, L101I, K156N  
01CEB043 01CEB043 None    E11D, S24G, D25E, V31I, L45V, M50I, I72V, L101I, I135V, V151I, K188R, V201I  
01CEB044 01CEB044 None    M50L, I72V, L101I, K111T, S119T, Q221S  
01CEB045 01CEB045 None    D6N, K7E, S17N, V31I, I72V, V77A, L101I, T125A, V151I, T206S  
01CEB047 01CEB047 None    D6N, K7E, R20K, M50I, I72V, T124N, T125A, V176L, V201I, K211R, S230N  
01CEB048 01CEB048 None   S230R D6N, K7Q, V31I, I72V, S119P, T125A, K136T, R231G, D232E  
01CEB049 01CEB049 None    D6N, K7E, I72V, T124N, T125A, V176L, V201I, S230N, M275V, D279G  
01CEB050 01CEB050 None    E11D, S24N, F26Y, V31I, V32I, L45V, G47X, M50IT, L101I, K103X, T112A, I113V, S119P, T122I, T124N, T125A, T218I  
01CEB052 01CEB052 None    E10D, I72V, L74V, S119G, T124N, T125A, V126L, K156N, S195C  
01CEB069 01CEB069 None    E11D, S17T, I113V, T125A, V201I  
01CEB071 01CEB071 None    D6T, K7E, E10D, I72V, T122TI, V201I, T206S, D288G  
01CEB072 01CEB072 None    L28I, I72V, V151I, K215N, S283G  
01CEB073 01CEB073 None    K7KR, S39C, L45I, I72V, L101I, I135V, K160N, V201I, A265AV  
01CEB074 01CEB074 None    S17N, S24D, L28I, S39C, I72V, I113V, T124A  
01CEB078 01CEB078 None    S24G, L28I, L101I, T122I, T124N, G163E  
01CEB079 01CEB079 None    E11D, M50I, I72V, I84L, L101LI, M154I, V165I, V201I, A205S, L234V  
01CEB081 01CEB081 None    E10D, A21S, V32I, D41N, M50I, G70D, L101I, T112V, S119R, T124N, T125A, K136Q, V201I, N222H, L234I  
01CEB082 01CEB082 None    E11ED, V77A, T125A, V151I, V201I, L234V, D253E, D256E  
01CEB083 01CEB083 None    D6N, K7E, E11D, R20K, V31I, I72V, L101I, S119P, V201I, D256E, A265V  
01CEB087 01CEB087 None    E10D, L28I, L45S, T124N, T125A, V151I, L234IV  
01CEB088 01CEB088 None    D6N, K7E, I72V, K103R, T122I, T124N, T125A, V201I, S230N, A265V  
01CEB089 01CEB089 None    V31I, I72V, I113V, S119P, T124N, D256E  
01CEB090 01CEB090 None   G163R S17N, V32I, L45I, I84L, L101I, K111R, S119T, T122S, T124A, T125A, K136Q, V165I, V201I, K211R, T218I, L234V, D256E, S283G  
01CEB091 01CEB091 None    E11D, S24N, F26Y, S39C, L101LI, S119P, T122I, T125A, N254Q  
01CEB092 01CEB092 None   T97A S17N, L28I, P30A, I72V, L74LIM, V77VA, I84L, L101I, S119T, T124A, T125A, K136Q, V165I, V201I, L234V, D256E, S283G  
01GOB029 01GOB029 None    S17N, N27G, L28I, P30A, M50I, I72V, T124A, V201I, K211Q, I220L, A265V  
01GOB030 01GOB030 None    L101I, S119T, K156N, V201I, K211R, E212I, T218S, K219N, D256E  
01GOB034 01GOB034 None    D6T, E10D, E13D, L101I, T124N, E198D, T206S, D256E  
01GOB038 01GOB038 None    D6E, E10D, E11D, K14R, V31I, V32I, L45Q, I72V, P90T, L101I, T124A, V201I, S230N  
01GOB039 01GOB039 None    S17N, S24N, M50T, S57G, I72V, L74I, I84L, L101I, K111R, S119P, M154I, V165I, V201I, A205S, K211R, T218I, L234V, D256E, S283G  
01GOB041 01GOB041 None    D25E, M50I, I60M, L101I, T112V, T122I, T124N, K136Q, G163E, G193E, V201I, T218I, L234I, I251L, A265V, R269K, D278A  
01GOB042 01GOB042 None    S17N, S24G, K173R, Q216H, D256E, A265V I60K 
153117-4 153117-4 None    E11D, A23V, V31I, I72V, V151I, F181L, V201I, T206S, D256E, S283G  
181615 181615 None    S17N, L28I, L45I, L101I, S119P, T122I, T124N, K160T, G163Q, V201I, Q216N, Q221K, D256E  
182189 182189 None    S17N, I72V, I84L, S119T, T124G, T125A, K136Q, G163S, V201I, L234V, D256E, S283G  
37811 37811 None    S17C, I72V, I84L, L101I, S119T, T124A, T125A, K136Q, E138D, V201I, A205S, K211R, T218I, L234V, D256E, S283G  
38154 38154 None    K103R, I113V, T124N, T125A, V126M, I135V, A265V  
39212 39212 None    E11D, L101I, E157D, L234I  
39340 39340 None    M50T, K71R, I72V, V165I, V201I, K215R, D256E  
39462 39462 None    S17N, S24G, L28I, M50I, I73V, T93N, L101I, T112I, T124N, T125A  
425622 425622 None    E11D, S39C, L45V, I72V, L101I, T124A, A179S, G193E, V201I, I220L, D232E, N254K  
437895 437895 None    D3E, V31I, I72V, V151I, G163Q, K211Q, A265V, R269K, D278G  
439200 439200 None    D6E, E10D, M50L, C56S, I72V, L74I, A91S, S119P, V201I, T218I, L234I, D288N  
440163 440163 None    V31I, L101I, T124A, G163Q, T206S, I208L, T218I, Q221H, N222K, S255G, S283D  
443592 443592 None   E157Q M50I, L101I, K160T, F181L, V201I, I208L, N222H, A265V, S283G  
465249 465249 None    M50I, G59R, Q95N, L101I, T112V, S119P, T124A, T125A, I208L, I220L, Q221S, S283G  
465302 465302 None    E11D, S17T, I72V, S119P, K136Q, I191L, I220M, I251V  
O13650060 O13650060 None    E11D, S24N, F26Y, M50L, I72V, I113V, S119P, D232E, D253H