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Author Thomson (2002)
Title Diversity of mosaic structures and common ancestry of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 BF intersubtype recombinant viruses from Argentina revealed by analysis of near full-length genome sequences.
Citation J Gen Virol
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 8
NumPts 8
Subtype CRF12_BF, B


Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
A025 A025 None None   V35I, V60I, K122E, I135M, A272P, K281R, L283I, E297K, L310I, M357T, V365I, K366R, A376T, T386I, A400T, V435I, D460N, R461K, L469I, T470D, H483L, S519N, A554T D76Y 
A027 A027 None None   V35T, V60I, I135V, I178M, T200I, A272P, K281R, E291ED, E297K, V365I, K366R, A376T, Q394L, E399D, A400T, K431T, V435A, A446S, L452K, V466A, D471E, T477A, H483Q, L491S, S519N, A534S, V559I  
A047 A047 None None   V35T, K122E, I135V, I142V, A272P, E297K, R356K, K366R, A376T, K390R, Q394L, E399D, A400T, E430K, K431T, E432D, V435A, L452Q, R461K, V466A, D471E, Q480H, H483Q, L491S, L503I, S519N, A534S, R557K, V559I E396N 
A050 A050 None None   V35I, K102R, I142V, D177E, A272P, K281R, E297K, V317A, A376T, Q394L, E399D, A400T, K431T, V435A, A446S, L452K, V466A, D471E, T477A, Q480H, H483Q, L491S, K512Q, S519T, A534S, V559I  
A063 A063 None None   V35T, T39A, D123E, I135T, F214L, A272P, E297K, V317A, I329L, R358K, A376T, K390R, A400T, R461K, S468P, L491S, T497A  
A32878 A32878 None None   V35T, R211G, V245M, A272P, K277R, I293V, M357T, A376T, T386I, T403I, L452K, S468P  
A32879 A32879 None None   V35T, T39L, Q207E, A272P, T286P, E297K, I326V, A376T, K390R, E399D, A400T, K431T, V435E, A446S, L452K, V466A, D471E, Q480H, H483Q, L491S, S519N, Q524P, A534S, V559I K281G 
A32989 A32989 None None   V35T, I135V, V245M, E248D, L260I, A272P, K281R, E297K, D324G, M357T, T377I, Q394L, A400T, K431T, V435A, A446S, L452K, V466A, T470P, D471E, T477A, Q480H, H483Q, L491S, S519N, A534S V90G