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Author Pieniazek (2004)
Title HIV-2 protease sequences of subtypes A and B harbor multiple mutations associated with protease inhibitor resistance in HIV-1.
Citation AIDS
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 27
NumPts 27
Host Human


Clinical PR Isolates

PD_Pat1 PDIC171 None     Y14H, N40S, N68G, S96L 
PD_Pat10 PDIC357 None    G17D, N40E, I64V, E65K S96L 
PD_Pat11 PDIC284 None    E21D, N61D, E65K, K70R N40S, S96L 
PD_Pat12 PDIC2049 None    S43I, N61D, E65K N40D, V62I 
PD_Pat13 PDIC285 None    I15V, K70R, R72K Y14L, N40S, N68G, S96L 
PD_Pat14 PDIC2244 None  D30N S43T K7R, T12Q, E21K, E37K, E58K, E65K, R72K, I89F Y14C, N40S, G52K, L67V, N68G 
PD_Pat15 PDIC287 None    K70R S96L 
PD_Pat16 PDICL689 None    E65K, K70R L23Y, S43V, N88Y 
PD_Pat17 PDIC2257 None   I46V G17D, V33I, E65K, K70R, I89F N40D, S43V, I84F 
PD_Pat18 PDIC2632 None    S43I, N61D, E65K N40D, V62I 
PD_Pat19 PDPT1 None    I36V, K70R Y14H, N40S, N68G 
PD_Pat2 PDIC342 None    Y14N, E65K, K70R N40S, N41D, K60Q, T77V, D79E, S96L 
PD_Pat20 PDPT2 None     G17N, N40S, E65V 
PD_Pat21 PDIC4515 None   S43T K7R, T12Q, E63Q, K70R, T91N V22E, N40S, V62I, L67V, N68G 
PD_Pat22 PDPT3 None   I46V G17D, N61D, N68D, V71I N40S, S43K, E65R 
PD_Pat23 PDPT4 None    N61D, E65Q N40S 
PD_Pat24 PDPT7 None    S43R, E65K Y14H, G17S, N40G, N41D 
PD_Pat25 PDPT8 None    G17R, N61G, K70R, T77I N40S, E65R 
PD_Pat26 PDIC315 None    K70R Y14H, N40S, Y42F, E58G, N68G, S96L 
PD_Pat27 PDPT11 None    V11I, E63K, E65K A13G, Y14H, G27E, G35E, G39K, N40S, G51R, G52R 
PD_Pat3 PDIC164 None    K70R Y14H, N40S, N68G, S96L 
PD_Pat4 PDIC318 None   I89V E65Q, K70R, R72K N40S, N41D, N68G, S96L 
PD_Pat5 PDIC350 None   I89V K70R, R72K Y14H, N40S, I46T, N68G, S96L 
PD_Pat6 PDIC337 None    T12M, G17D, E65K, V71I N40S, N41D, S96L 
PD_Pat7 PDIC175 None   I46V  Y14H, N40S, N68G, S96L 
PD_Pat8 PDIC762993 None    S43I, E65K Y14H, N40D 
PD_Pat9 PDIC355 None    K70R Y14H, N40C, K60T, N68G, S96L