TCE Repository

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TCE Repository archives ≥ 1,500 treatment-change episodes (TCEs) obtained from four clinic populations. Each TCE in the Repository is represented using an XML Schema that we developed. The TCE XML Schema represents the core clinical data associated with a change in ARV therapy (baseline) including (1) previously administered ARV regimens; (2) baseline plasma HIV-1 RNA levels, CD4 counts, and genotypic resistance test results; (3) newly administered salvage therapy; and (4) plasma HIV-1 RNA levels obtained during salvage therapy.


Search TCE Repository
The TCE Finder enables users to identify TCEs meeting specific criteria. TCE Finder accepts input parameters pertaining to the ARVs used prior to the change in therapy and/or to the ARVs used for salvage therapy.

A summary of the TCEs matching users' search parameters will be generated in a table which contains the following fields: ARVs received prior to change in therapy (baseline), genotype resistance test results at baseline, plasma HIV-1 RNA levels obtained following the baseline and a thumbnail image of each TCE that links to the graphical depiction of the TCE created by the TCE Viewer.

Browse Individual TCE
Click here to explore graphical depiction of each TCE in the Repository.
Download TCEs
The TCE Repository can be downloaded in its entirety to assist researchers investigating the factors influencing the response to salvage ARV therapy.
Generate Graphical Summary
Create your own TCE XML document or download TCEs from the Repository and load it to TCE Viewer. The TCE Viewer accepts an xml file, validates the file against the TCE Schema, and generates a graphical summary containing three sections: (i) the ARV regimens, plasma HIV-1 RNA levels, and CD4 counts preceding and following the treatment change; (ii) the data from one or more genotypic resistance tests; and (iii) a compressed summary of the virological and immunological responses to past ARV regimens.