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Fusion Inhibitor Resistance Notes

Last updated on Jun 10, 2008

Fusion Inhibitor Resistance Mutations
LEGEND Mutations in bold red reduce enfuvirtide susceptibility >10-fold in site-directed mutants and most clinical isolates.
ADDITIONAL MUTATIONS N42S is the only common polymorphism between codons 36 to 45. It occurs in ~15% of untreated isolates and does not decrease ENF susceptibility (T Melby ARHR 2006). Most other mutations at these positions are likely to have been selected by ENF, although their effect on ENF susceptibility may not have been reported.
MUTATIONS AT ADDITIONAL POSITIONS Several accessory mutations in the HR2 region corresponding to the peptide sequence of ENF including N126K, N137K, and S138A have been shown to emerge to improve fitness in combination with specific mutations at positions 36 ot 45 (C Su JCV 2006, L Xu AAC 2005, CE Baldwin JV 2004, M Tolstrup AIDS 2007).