Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

Annotated Dolutegravir Resistance Zotero Reference Library (DTG-Z)

Updated on February 1, 2018

DTG-Z can be accessed at

To download the complete library including manuscript pdfs and meeting posters, it is necessary to (1) install Zotero on your desktop; (2) request an invitation to access the library. This is required because the library contains full-text PDFs (of those articles that are open access).

As of February 1, 2019, DTG-Z contains 264 publications and meeting presentations obtained following a systematic PubMed search and literature review. The search terms were “(Dolutegravir or GSK1349572) AND (resistance or trial or monotherapy or "dual therapy" or "two-drug regimen")”. The literature review identified papers containing three main types of data: (i) the mutations emerging in vitro and in vivo under DTG selection pressure; (ii) in vitro DTG susceptibility; and (iii) the virological efficacy of DTG. The systematic review has been submitted to the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and available for download:

Each study is linked to either (i) the full-text PDF of freely accessible papers; (ii) the paper’s PubMed entry; or (iii) a meeting poster. Additionally, links to GenBank and/or to HIVDB are provided for the studies for which genotype data is publicly available. Clicking a small arrow to the left of any study will expand the view and list all attached links available for the study.


Each study is also tagged with one or more key words (Tags) and with a list of key integrase mutations (Notes). Tags are listed at the bottom.


To search for studies:

  1. Using Tag Selector located at the bottom of the left column

    The tag selector pane shows all the tags that have been attached to the studies shown in the center column. By selecting one or multiple tags in the tag selector, only those studies tagged with the selected tags will be shown in the center column.

  2. Using Quick Search box at the top right of the center column

    Click the search box and start typing search terms. Quick Search provides three different search modes (click on the arrow to choose one of the three modes). “Everything” in the mode list will matches against all fields including tags, text in notes and in PDFs.

  3. Using Advanced Search, the magnifying glass icon, at the top of the center column

    Click on the magnifying glass icon to open the Advanced Search window. Studies can be filtered by the content of specific fields. Multiple filters can be set up by clicking the plus button. To specify a wild card in a search term, use “%” sign.

    Example: Studies of clinical outcomes on DTG/RPV dual therapy for simplification which were published in 2018



Each tag belongs to a group of tags sharing the same prefix:

    Study type:
    1. Study-Genotype: mutations emerging under DTG selection in vivo
    2. Study-Clinical: virological efficacy of DTG
    3. Study-Susceptibility: in vitro DTG susceptibility
    4. Study-inVitro Passage
    5. Study-Biochem
    6. Study-Mechanism
    7. Study-Mechanism_AnimalModel
    8. Study-Structure

    Drugs studied in in vitro selection, in vitro susceptibility or mechanism of drug resistance:
    1. Drug-DTG
    2. Drug-EVG (elvitegravir)
    3. Drug-RAL (raltegravir)
    4. Drug-CAB (cabotegravir)
    5. Drug-BIC (bictegravir)

    ARVs received from whom genotypes were obtained or clinical outcomes were evaluated:
    1. Rx-DTG
    2. Rx-DTG/3TC
    3. Rx-DTG/RPV
    4. Rx-DTG/ATV
    5. Rx-DTG/DRV/r
    6. Rx-DTG/ABC+3TC
    7. Rx-DTG/TDF+3TC
    8. Rx-DTG/OB(optimized background)
    9. Rx-DTG/NRTIs
    10. Rx-RAL
    11. Rx-Naïve

    Therapy Type:
    1. Therapy-FirstLine
    2. Therapy-SecondLine
    3. Therapy-Mono
    4. Therapy-Dual
    5. Therapy-Salvage
    6. Therapy-Simplification
    7. Therapy-Intensification
    8. Therapy-Switch

    ARV treatment history (baseline):
    1. Hx-ART_Naive
    2. Hx-INSTI_Naive
    3. Hx-INSTI
    4. Hx-RAL
    5. Hx-NRTI_Resistance

    Susceptibility Method:
    1. SuscMethod-PhenoSense
    2. SuscMethod-ViiV
    3. SuscMethod-ANRS
    4. SuscMethod-McGill
    5. SuscMethod-Milan
    6. SuscMethod-Nagoya
    7. SuscMethod-Sienna
    8. SuscMethod-Vancouver
    9. SuscMethod-Misc

    Study Population:
    1. Population-Trial
    2. Population-Cohort
    3. Population-CaseReport
    4. Population-MTCT
    5. Population-LMIC

    HIV other than HIV-1 group M:
    1. Virus-Non_Group_M
    2. Virus-HIV2
    3. Virus-SDM (site-directed mutant)