Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Protease Sequences
AY030412, AY047374, AF047311, AF047301, AY305965, AF544412, AY030438, AF544407, AY030488, AF544424, AF544414, AY047392, AY030510, AF047320, AY047417, AY047415, AY305992, AY030527, AF544406, AY030542, AY047404, AY047382, AY047400, AF544438, AY030562, AY030598, AY030600, AY030604, AF544418, AF544411, AY030608, AY030612, AY030613, AY030621, AY047402, AY047408, AY030637, AY030642, AY047411, AY030649, AY047413, AY030668, AY047410, AF544443, AY030680, AF544487, AY030694, AF544442, AY030697, AY030720, AY030744, AY030764, AY030762, AF544434, AF544433, AF544450, AF544428, AY047422, AF544472, AY030796, AY030806, AY030807, AF544466, AY030814, AF544481, AY030831, AF544468, AY030852, AY047431, AF544521, AF544526, AF544524, AF096882, AY305977, AF544465, AY030872, AY030959, AY030957, AY047441, AY030976, AY030984, AY031070, AF544451, AY047405, AY031022, AY031011, AF544449, AF544534, AY031029, AY031063, AF544504, AY030937, AY047442, AY047425, AY030970, AF544490, AF544498, AY031015, AY031044, AY031077, AY031018, AF544547, AY031085, AY047437, AF544483, AY047380, AY031144, AY047398, AF544519, AF544467, AY031214, AY047465, AY047447, AY031256, AY031268, AF544477, AY031316, AY305991, AY031328, AF544476, AY031349, AY047429, AY031368, AY047446, AY047419, AF544454, AY305964, AF544527, AY305979, AF544470, AF544455, AF544502, AY031500, AY305974, AF544437, AF544460, AF544542, AY031610, AF544413, AF544446, AY047439, AY031715, AF544425, AF544569, AF544558, AY047458, AY047407, AY031789, AY047388, AY047470, AY305986, AF544441, AY047377, AY047438, AF544420, AF544489, AY031908, AF544499, AF544426, AF102279, AF102284, AF102292, AF102295, AF102301, AF102306, AF102313, AF102318, AF102322, AF102327, AF544511, AF544532, AF544555, AF544584, AF544415, AF544471, AB020923, AF544444, AF544525, AF544537, AY047463, AF544546, AY032133, AY032140, AF544475, AF544488, AY047428, AF544541, AF544522, AF544538, AF544528, AY032222, AY032223, AY047445, AY305981, AF227688, AF227690, AF227692, AF227694, AF227696, AF227698, AF227700, AF227702, AF227704, AF227706, AF154956, AF154963, AF154962, AF154958, AF544561, AY032307, AF544431, AY047464, AF544463, AY047443, AY047444, AY032372, AF544549, AF544523, AF544427, AF544596, AF544422, AF544447, AF544577, AF544516, AY032460, AY047455, AF544503, AF544550, AY305982, AF544597, AY047456, AY305983, AF544545, AF544416, AF544461, AF544514, AF544517, AY305973, AF544491, AF544506, AY305963, AF544492, AF544458, AF544408, AY047450, AF544432, AY047467, AF544603, AF544581, AF544604, AJ404414, AF294531, AF294533, AF294554, AF294536, AF294558, AF294559, AF294561, AF294564, AF294540, AF294518, AF294545, AF294549, AF294521, AF294551, AF294524, AF294527, AF544512, AF544605, AF544543, AY305990, AF544574, AY047440, AF544536, AF544495, AF544573, AY305988, AF544565, AF544563, AY047433, AY305999, AF544571, AY047435, AF544576, AF544464, AF544612, AJ405947, AJ405948, AJ405960, AJ405950, AJ405951, AJ405952, AJ405953, AJ405954, AJ405956, AJ405957, AJ405958, AJ405959, AJ405963, AJ405966, AJ405961, AJ405962, AJ405964, AJ405968, AJ405967, AY306000, AF544615, AF544560, AY305987, AF544582, AF544616, AF544598, AF544493, AF544564, AF544599, AY305968, AF288791, AF288793, AF288795, AF288797, AF288799, AF288801, AF288803, AJ401927, AJ401974, AJ401968, AJ401965, AF316836, AF316832, AF316833, AF316831, AF316837, AF316843, AF316839, AF316838, AF316840, AF316844, AF544617, AF544620, AF544566, AF544556, AF544590, AF544610, AF544591, AF544480, AY305995, AY305997, AY305970, AY305975, AY305989, AY305971, AY305998, AY305976, AY305972, AY305978, AY305980, AY305984, AY305985, AY305993, AY305996, AY305966, AY305969, AY305994, AY032022, AY032242, AY047469, AY305967, AF493411, AF493412, AF493413, AF493394, AF493395, AF493396, AF493397, AF493414, AF493398, AF493415, AF493399, AF493400, AF493401, AF493402, AF493403, AF493377, AF493378, AF493379, AF493386, AF493380, AF493346, AF493381, AF493387, AF493382, AF493388, AF493383, AF493389, AF493384, AF493404, AF493390, AF493385, AF493405, AF493391, AF493406, AF493392, AF493407, AF493393, AF493408, AF493354, AF493409, AF493410

RT Sequences
AY030412, AY305947, AF047281, AF047291, AF047299, AF513998, AY030419, AF514003, AY030424, AY030442, AY030438, AF088105, AY030478, AF513994, AJ002375, AY030488, AF088123, AY030503, AY030505, AF514037, AY305907, AY305949, AF513992, AY030528, AY030536, AY030542, AY030547, AF514019, AY030554, AY030556, AY030571, AY030575, AF514055, AY030595, AF088121, AY030604, AF513999, AY030611, AY030613, AY030616, AY030617, AF514051, AY030640, AY030641, AY030680, AY030718, AY030744, AY030761, AY030775, AY030762, AF514025, AF514040, AF514016, AF514066, AF514069, AY030794, AF514059, AJ010410, AJ003209, AY030831, AY030835, AY030836, AY305908, AY305962, AF514130, AF514135, AF096884, AF096882, AF096893, AF096894, AF514125, AY305903, AY030938, AF514103, AF514095, AY030956, AY030851, AY305954, AY030976, AY030984, AY031002, AY031011, AF514068, AF514094, AF514070, AY031018, AY031022, AY031029, AY031044, AF514078, AF514012, AY031064, AF514041, AY031076, AY031077, AY031085, AY031100, AY031134, AY031144, AF514165, AF514060, AF514021, AY031265, AY031268, AF514072, AY305926, AY031292, AF514202, AY305901, AY031310, AF514164, AY031328, AF514076, AY031368, AF514136, AF514154, AY305958, AF514063, AY031500, AF514046, AY031515, AF514173, AF514169, AY305950, AF514001, AF514128, AF514038, AY305902, AY305945, AF514099, AF514013, AF514209, AF514197, AF514022, AF514006, AY305934, AF514182, AF513996, AF514104, AF514082, AY305941, AY031908, AY305948, AY031929, AF514096, AY031934, AF514014, AF102333, AF102338, AF102349, AF102352, AF102357, AF102360, AF102368, AF514220, AF514148, AF514004, AF514064, AY305905, AF514212, AY032067, AF514036, AF514167, AF514043, AY305960, AF514186, AY032140, AY032145, AY032164, AF514071, AF514183, AF514081, AF514166, AF514133, AY305959, AF514226, AF514139, AY305909, AF514149, AY032230, AF514161, AY305933, AF158761, AF158769, AF227708, AF227712, AF227714, AF227716, AF227718, AF227720, AF227722, AF227724, AF227726, AF514142, AF514020, AF514152, AF514131, AF514207, AF514134, AF514153, AF514015, AF514241, AY032418, AF514011, AF514217, AF227710, AF514101, AY305915, AF514110, AF514243, AY305932, AF514222, AY305910, AF514083, AF514109, AY032543, AF514223, AY305919, AY305920, AF514175, AF514005, AY032571, AF514119, AF514249, AF514127, AY305927, AF514124, AF514084, AY305946, AF514189, AF513995, AY305955, AF514157, AY305951, AY305956, AF514221, AF180672, AF180674, AF180675, AF180676, AF180678, AF180680, AF186768, AJ404357, AJ404358, AJ404345, AF294558, AY305918, AF514170, AF514215, AF514102, AF514160, AF514065, AF514214, AY305961, AF514205, AF514203, AY305906, AF514086, AY305917, AF514265, AJ405947, AJ405948, AJ405960, AJ405950, AJ405951, AJ405952, AJ405953, AJ405956, AJ405957, AJ405958, AJ405959, AJ405963, AJ405965, AJ405962, AJ405964, AJ405968, AJ405967, AF514268, AF514144, AY305939, AF514123, AY305943, AF514244, AF514085, AY305940, AF514204, AF514240, AF514237, AJ401830, AJ401823, AJ401811, AJ401793, AJ401798, AJ401829, AF316842, AF316843, AF316838, AF316841, AF316844, AF444171, AF444174, AF444178, AF444182, AF444185, AF444192, AF514206, AF514233, AF514234, AF514132, AF514027, AY305957, AY305921, AY305923, AY305931, AY305911, AY305938, AF514057, AY305944, AY305935, AY305904, AY305913, AY305916, AY305925, AY305929, AY305912, AY305924, AY305914, AY305922, AY305930, AY305942, AY305928, AY305936, AY305937, AY305952, AF514122, AY305953, AY032242, AJ425915, AF493411, AF493412, AF493413, AF493394, AF493395, AF493396, AF493397, AF493414, AF493398, AF493415, AF493400, AF493401, AF493402, AF493403, AF493377, AF493378, AF493379, AF493386, AF493380, AF493346, AF493381, AF493387, AF493382, AF493388, AF493383, AF493389, AF493384, AF493390, AF493385, AF493405, AF493391, AF493406, AF493392, AF493407, AF493393, AF493408, AF493354, AF493409, AF493410, AF357799, AF357800, AF357803, AF357805, AF357806, AF357749, AF357750, AF357809, AF357754, AF357755, AF357757, AF357758, AF357760, AF357815, AF357763, AF357764, AF357818, AF357819, AF357774, AF357824, AF357783, AF357788, AF357831, AF357833, AF487131, AF487135, AF487139

Note: 77 protease sequences and 82 RT sequences are amino acid sequences only and are not found in GenBank.