Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Matsuda (2017)
Title High Prevalence of Drug Resistance Mutations Among Patients Failing First-Line Antiretroviral Therapy and Predictors of Virological Response 24 Weeks After Switch to Second-Line Therapy in S
Citation ARHR
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 320
NumPts 320
Subtype B, F, C, B + F, CRF05_DF, CRF12_BF, CRF02_AG


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Page 1   listing Isolate 1 to Isolate 100 from Total 320 Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
7115 7115 Unknown Unknown M41ML, M184V, L210LW, T215Y K103N, P225H E36A, A98AS, K101Q, V111I, K122E, I135IT, E169D, G196E, T200E  
93815 93815 Unknown Unknown K65R Y181C, G190S V35T, E36A, T39D, K101X, K173A, T200A, Q207E  
BRSP1007-15 BRSP1007-15 Unknown Unknown  K103N K20R, V35T, T39L, I135T, E138A, T139A, S162C  
BRSP1048-15 BRSP1048-15 Unknown Unknown   K49R, I135T  
BRSP1088-15 BRSP1088-15 Unknown Unknown A62AV, K65R, K70T V106M, V108VI E6EK, K11KR, K22KR, S68SG, W88C, V90VI, V118I, K122E, I135T  
BRSP115-14 BRSP115-14 Unknown Unknown  K103N V60I, S68G, V90I, A98S, K101Q, K122E, D123S, I135T  
BRSP13-13 BRSP13-13 Unknown Unknown  K103N T39E, A158S  
BRSP1320-14 BRSP1320-14 Unknown Unknown  K103N K20R, V90VI, D123S, S162A  
BRSP1332-15 BRSP1332-15 Unknown Unknown A62AV, K65R L100I, K103N K20R, K32KR, K122E, D123N, I135T, E138G  
BRSP1357-14 BRSP1357-14 Unknown Unknown   P4T, K49R, K122E  
BRSP136-14 BRSP136-14 Unknown Unknown  K103N K101X, D123E, I135X  
BRSP1391-14 BRSP1391-14 Unknown Unknown K65R L100I, K103N E28A, V35T, T39L, S68G, K102R, V106I, K122E, D123E, I135T, E138EQ, S162SC  
BRSP1402-15 BRSP1402-15 Unknown Unknown K65R K103N V60VI, K64KR, S68G, V106VI, K122E, I135T, E138A, I142V, S162C  
BRSP1433-14 BRSP1433-14 Unknown Unknown  K103N, V108I, E138EK V21I, V35X, E53D, V60I, I135V, A158AT  
BRSP1448-15 BRSP1448-15 Unknown Unknown   S48T, K49R, V60I, K101R, I135T  
BRSP1478-14 BRSP1478-14 Unknown Unknown K65KR, L74LI K103N E6EA, V35T, T39A, K122E, D123N, I135T, T139TA  
BRSP1483-14 BRSP1483-14 Unknown Unknown L74LF  V111I, D121DH, K122E, K166R N57K 
BRSP1527-14 BRSP1527-14 Unknown Unknown K65R K103N V35T, T39E, S48T, V60I, D121Y, K122E, I135V, S162A  
BRSP153-14 BRSP153-14 Unknown Unknown K70E L100I K103R, D121Y, K122E, I135T  
BRSP1567-15 BRSP1567-15 Unknown Unknown  K101H V35M, K49R, R83K  
BRSP157-14 BRSP157-14 Unknown Unknown K65R, Y115F L100I, K103N K49R, V60VI, F87FL, K122E, I135T  
BRSP1579-15 BRSP1579-15 Unknown Unknown  K103N V21I, V60I, W88WS, K102Q, K122E E89A 
BRSP1605-15 BRSP1605-15 Unknown Unknown L74V, Y115F L100I, K103N K122P  
BRSP1630-15 BRSP1630-15 Unknown Unknown   V35T, T39E, K103X, K122E, I135V, S162C  
BRSP1640-15 BRSP1640-15 Unknown Unknown  A98G, K101E, K103N K32Q, T58S, I135K, S162A  
BRSP1641-15 BRSP1641-15 Unknown Unknown K65R V106M K20KR, K22KR, V35T, E36A, T39D, S68G, W88C, K122E  
BRSP1651-15 BRSP1651-15 Unknown Unknown  K101P P4S, E6D, E28EA, V35T, D123E, I135T  
BRSP1652-14 BRSP1652-14 Unknown Unknown   V60I, K102Q, K122E, I142V  
BRSP1721-15 BRSP1721-15 Unknown Unknown K65KR, D67DN, K70KE, Y115YF K103N V35K, T39A, S68SG  
BRSP1730-15 BRSP1730-15 Unknown Unknown  K101E, K103N E28K, I135V, S162SC  
BRSP1740-15 BRSP1740-15 Unknown Unknown L74LV K101KE, K103KN V8I, K20R, V35T, E36A, T39D, E138A, I142IV, A158AS, S162C  
BRSP1784-15 BRSP1784-15 Unknown Unknown V75M K103N P4S, K102R, I135T, S162C  
BRSP179-13 BRSP179-13 Unknown Unknown A62V A98G, K103N K122P, D123E, I135T  
BRSP179-15 BRSP179-15 Unknown Unknown D67N, K70E K103N, V106M K20R, V111VI, I135T  
BRSP1791-15 BRSP1791-15 Unknown Unknown   K20R, V35T, T39A, E40D, D123E, I142V  
BRSP1803-15 BRSP1803-15 Unknown Unknown  K103N S105A, K122E, D123S, I135T, S162C  
BRSP1804-15 BRSP1804-15 Unknown Unknown A62V K103S K20R, E28EG, K122KE, I135T, S163T  
BRSP1806-15 BRSP1806-15 Unknown Unknown   V35K, K49R, D123E, S162C  
BRSP1807-15 BRSP1807-15 Unknown Unknown A62V V106M K20R, V35T, K104T, D121H, K122E, I135V  
BRSP1818-15 BRSP1818-15 Unknown Unknown  K103N K20R, K64R, K122E, D123X, I135T Y127YH 
BRSP1821-15 BRSP1821-15 Unknown Unknown K65KR, D67DG, K70KE L100I, K103N K20KR, K122E, I135T  
BRSP187-15 BRSP187-15 Unknown Unknown M41L, V75M K103N I31L, V35T, T39E, E44ED, V60I, T69TN, K122E, T139R  
BRSP189-15 BRSP189-15 Unknown Unknown M41ML, A62AV V106A K20R, V35T, D123E  
BRSP191-14 BRSP191-14 Unknown Unknown M41L, V75I V106M D121H, K122E, I132L, I135T, I142V  
BRSP1959-15 BRSP1959-15 Unknown Unknown  K103N V35M, K122E, D123N, I135M, I142IV  
BRSP196-14 BRSP196-14 Unknown Unknown  K103N E40D, K49R, V60I, D123E, I135L, E138A, S162C  
BRSP1966-15 BRSP1966-15 Unknown Unknown  K101E V35I, I135R  
BRSP197-13 BRSP197-13 Unknown Unknown D67G, K70R L100I, K103N T69TN, K122E, I135T, S162C  
BRSP1970-15 BRSP1970-15 Unknown Unknown V75M  K32KR, K103R, D123E, I135T, I142V  
BRSP1974-15 BRSP1974-15 Unknown Unknown   K122E, D123S  
BRSP1988-15 BRSP1988-15 Unknown Unknown L74V, Y115F L100I, K103N T27S, V35I, V90I, K104A, D123E, I135T  
BRSP1991-15 BRSP1991-15 Unknown Unknown K65R, Y115F  D123E, E138A, I142M  
BRSP2-14 BRSP2-14 Unknown Unknown   A98S, K102R, D123E, I135V  
BRSP211-13 BRSP211-13 Unknown Unknown  A98AG, K103N K49R, V60I, D123E, I135L, S162C  
BRSP219-14 BRSP219-14 Unknown Unknown  K101H S48T, D121H, K122E, D123E, I135T  
BRSP25-13 BRSP25-13 Unknown Unknown  K103N A98S, D123E  
BRSP259-14 BRSP259-14 Unknown Unknown D67N, K70R  S48T, K49R, K102KR, K122E, I135T  
BRSP26-13 BRSP26-13 Unknown Unknown   K49R, D123E, I135M  
BRSP260-15 BRSP260-15 Unknown Unknown   E6D, K20R, V35X, V60I, K102Q, K122E, I132L, I135T, I142IV, S162Y Q161Q* 
BRSP268-14 BRSP268-14 Unknown Unknown A62V, K65R L100I, K103N K49R  
BRSP276-13 BRSP276-13 Unknown Unknown D67N, K70R K103N K102N, K104R, K122E, D123E, I135L, S162C  
BRSP279-15 BRSP279-15 Unknown Unknown  K101E K11KE, S68G, K122E, I135T, E138A  
BRSP289-14 BRSP289-14 Unknown Unknown  K103N I135T  
BRSP339-15 BRSP339-15 Unknown Unknown   E6K, K101R, K122E, D123N, I135T  
BRSP36-13 BRSP36-13 Unknown Unknown K65R L100I, K103N K102KR, D123E, I135T  
BRSP366-15 BRSP366-15 Unknown Unknown   E28K, V35T, T39L, K101Q, K104R, I135V, S162C  
BRSP381-13 BRSP381-13 Unknown Unknown A62AV, K65R L100I, K103N S48T, K122E  
BRSP395-13 BRSP395-13 Unknown Unknown K70KR K103N K49R, K122E  
BRSP397-13 BRSP397-13 Unknown Unknown A62V, K65R K101E K46Q, S68G, V106VI, K122E  
BRSP398-13 BRSP398-13 Unknown Unknown  K103N, V108I K101Q, K104R, D121X, K122E, I135T, S162A  
BRSP417-13 BRSP417-13 Unknown Unknown D67N, K70R K103N T39K, K43E, V60I, K122E, I135V, S162A  
BRSP422-14 BRSP422-14 Unknown Unknown F77L  V8I, V10X, K22R, V35T, I50L, K70*, N81X, K82X, D86X, L120X, K122E, P133X, S134X, I135T, I142V, G152X, W153X, K166X, I167X, R172G, I180V, E194EK, Q197E, I202V, E204X, R211K, T215X, K220X V21N, K49K_N, P52P_FY, R83Q, Q151R, W229W* 
BRSP444-15 BRSP444-15 Unknown Unknown   E6K, K122E  
BRSP465-15 BRSP465-15 Unknown Unknown  K103N D121DY, K122E, D123DN, I135T, S162SC  
BRSP471-15 BRSP471-15 Unknown Unknown   V21I, K104R, V106I  
BRSP476-15 BRSP476-15 Unknown Unknown K65KR K101E, V106M P4Q, V35T, T39TA, K49R, K64KR, D123E, I135V, S162C  
BRSP477-13 BRSP477-13 Unknown Unknown D67DN, K70R K103N K46Q, A98AS, K122E, D123N, I135T  
BRSP490-15 BRSP490-15 Unknown Unknown  K103N V35T, T39G, S48T, I135M  
BRSP496-13 BRSP496-13 Unknown Unknown D67DN, K70KR K103N, V108VI A98S, K122KE, I135T, S162C  
BRSP504-14 BRSP504-14 Unknown Unknown  K103N E6EK, K11R Y56YC 
BRSP516-15 BRSP516-15 Unknown Unknown  K103N, V108I K20KR, E36EK, K122E, I135T, I142IV  
BRSP537-15 BRSP537-15 Unknown Unknown   V35T, T39E, S48T, V60I, K101R, K122E, I135T, I142T, A158S  
BRSP55-13 BRSP55-13 Unknown Unknown K70R K103N K49R, I50V, T69N, D123E, S162C  
BRSP59-14 BRSP59-14 Unknown Unknown M41L K103N E44D, I135T, I142T, I167V  
BRSP590-14 BRSP590-14 Unknown Unknown   V60I, K122E, I135T, E138A, I142V, S162A  
BRSP602A-14 BRSP602A-14 Unknown Unknown M41L, A62V, T69S_SS, L210W, T215H  V21VI, V35I, K49KR, I135T, T139R, T165I, G196D, I202V, R211K Y127F 
BRSP608-14 BRSP608-14 Unknown Unknown  K101P, K103N S162Y  
BRSP644-15 BRSP644-15 Unknown Unknown   K64R, D123E, I135T, S162C  
BRSP647-15 BRSP647-15 Unknown Unknown A62V, K65R K101E V35T, E36A, T39D, K43R, S48T, K122E, D123DN, I135T, E138A, S162C  
BRSP67-14 BRSP67-14 Unknown Unknown  K103N E44ED, K102H, V111I, E138Q  
BRSP69-14 BRSP69-14 Unknown Unknown K70Q K103N S48T, V60I, K102KR, D121H, K122E, I142V  
BRSP711-15 BRSP711-15 Unknown Unknown  K103N I135L, I142X, S162C  
BRSP720-15 BRSP720-15 Unknown Unknown  K103N V8I, V35M, E36A, T39E, S48T, K104N  
BRSP728-15 BRSP728-15 Unknown Unknown  V106M, V108I V8I, K20R, V35T, T39A, E40D, K43R, S48T, L109I, D121H, K122E, S162SN  
BRSP76-14 BRSP76-14 Unknown Unknown   D121H, K122E, I135T  
BRSP775-15 BRSP775-15 Unknown Unknown  K103N, V108I K20R, V35K, K49R, K102G, D123E  
BRSP864-15 BRSP864-15 Unknown Unknown  A98G, K103N P14A, K20KR, V35VI, V60I, I135IL, I142V  
BRSP887-14 BRSP887-14 Unknown Unknown  K103N E6D, I31L, V35T, K49R, K102KQ, D123E, I135T, S162Y  
BRSP895-15 BRSP895-15 Unknown Unknown  K103N V60I, K122E, I135T, T139K, I142V  
BRSP94-13 BRSP94-13 Unknown Unknown  K101E K49R, I135T, S162N