Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Taylor (2014)
Title Human immunodeficiency virus type 2 infections in Austria.
Citation Wien Klin Wochenschr
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 7
NumPts 7
Host Human


Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
MVP0905509 MVP0905509 Unknown Unknown K65R, Q151M  K4Q, M11T, K20R, K35R, N69S, K82R, V111I, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, R200K, Y227I, H228K I10V, R22K, R104K, S134A, T163M, V167I, K176P, D195G, S215T 
MVP0907619 MVP0907619 None None   M11A, K20R, K35R, K82R, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, R200K, H228Q V2I, I10V, R22K, E32K, R104K, S134A, T163M, V167I, K176P, D195G, Y227F 
MVP0938995 MVP0938995 None None   M11A, K66R, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, R200K, H228Q V5I, I10V, R104K, L168R, F171C, I189V 
MVP0940567 MVP0940567 None None   M11T, K43R, K66R, D86E, V111I, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, H228Q, I251V V5I, R22K, S134A 
MVP1009994 MVP1009994 None None   M11T, K43R, K82R, K103R, P126Q, I180L, R200K, H228Q V5I, K9E, I10V, R22K, R104K, E122K, K176P, D195G, Y227F 
MVP1033878 MVP1033878 None None   M11T, K28R, K82R, H121Y, P126Q, H162Y, I180L I10V, R104K, V135I, V167I, K176P, D195N 
MVP1128530 MVP1128530 None None   V5L, M11Q, L21I, T27S, K35R, K66R, K102E, E122P, P126Q I8V, I10V, E32L, I90V, H121D