Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Faria (2012)
Title Phylogeographical footprint of colonial history in the global dispersal of human immunodeficiency virus type 2 group A.
Citation J Gen Virol
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 84
NumPts 84
Host Human


Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
05-1019652 05-1019652 None None   K28R, K43R, K64R, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, H228R V5I, I10V, V135I, V167I, K176P 
06-1022838 06-1022838 None None   M11T, K20R, K35R, K82R, D123N, P126Q, T163I, I180L, R200K, H228Q V2I, V5I, I10V, R22K, I90V, R104K, H121D, K176P, D195G, Y227F 
06-1048808 06-1048808 None None   K28R, K64R, P126Q, K176Q, I251V V5I, I10V, P51S, V167I, L203M 
06-1048809 06-1048809 None None   K64R, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, K173R, I180L, H228Q, I251V V5I, I10V, M11K, I63V, K176P, Y227F, I257S, Q258K 
07-1005732 07-1005732 None None   M11T, P14S, K28R, T58S, T88R, T107S, V111I, P126Q, V135T, A138S, H162Y, I180L, L241X V5I, I10V, R104K, Y127F, V167I, K176P, D195N 
08-1009179 08-1009179 None None I75M  K64R, P126Q, H162Y, D192N, H228Q K9H, M11K, T60V, I145T, K176P, L212I, E250D, I251L 
08-1013611 08-1013611 None None   K28KR, I31IV, K66R, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, H228Q, I251V V5I, V135I, V167I, I189V 
08-1017348 08-1017348 None None   M11A, P14S, K28R, T58S, T88R, T107S, V111I, P126Q, V135T, A138S, H162Y, I180L V5I, I10V, R104K, Y127F, V167I, K176P, D195N 
09-1012576 09-1012576 None None   D86DE, H162Y, K176Q, I251V V5I, I10V, E122EK, V167I, I189IV 
09-1017295 09-1017295 None None S215SF  M11Q, K28KR, K43KR, K64R, K102KE, K176Q, L208LF, L212X, T216TP, P225PL, H228R V5I, K9KR, V167I, P217PQ, W235WG 
09-1019599 09-1019599 None None   M11T, P14A, K20R, K28R, K35KR, K64R, K82R, P126Q, I145IV, H162X, T163X, M164MI, I180L, R200K, G211GS, H228Q V5I, I10V, R22K, R104K, V167I, K176P, D195G, Y227F 
09-1020943 09-1020943 None None E219D  M11S, D17E, K28KR, K64R, K82R, P126Q, H162Y, K173KR, N175NH, I180L, H228Q V5VI, I10V, R22K, A101V, R104K, K176P, D195G, Y227F 
09-1022492 09-1022492 None None  V108I M11T, K43R, D86E, H121C, P126Q, H162Y, K176S, I180L, R200K, H228Q I10V, V167I 
116505 116505 None None   K28R, K64R, D123DG, P126Q, H162Y, K176X, R200K, L203Q, K223KR, H228HQ, I251V V5I, W24WG, V167VI, V201A, T237S, V263VI, Q269H 
131732 131732 None None   M11A, D86E, P126Q, K173KR, K176Q, R200RQ, I251V, L270X V5I, K9R, I10V, Q269H 
132232 132232 None None   A138T, H162F, K176Q, R200G, I251V V2I, V5I, I10V, T163M, V167I, Q269H 
137566 137566 None None  A101P M11T, K43R, K64R, K103R, P126Q, V135A, H162Y, K176S, H228K, Y271X V5I, V167I, Q269H 
138487 138487 None None  I181V M11T, K43R, D123E, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, F214L, H228Q, I251V, I257IT V5I, I10V, I63V, H121D, E122S, V167I, K176P, Q269H 
138768 138768 None None   M11T, K64KR, P126Q, V135T, H162X, K176S, R200K, G211N, H228Q V5VI, I10V, I63V, T163M, V167I, Q269QH 
139329 139329 None None   K43R, K64R, D123N, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, I251V V5I, N81T, V167I, Q269H 
139637 139637 None None   M11S, K28R, H162Y, K176Q, R200K, H228HR, I251V V5I, I10V, V201VA, E250D 
140874 140874 None None   M11T, T27S, K43KR, K82KR, T107S, H121C, P126Q, H162Y, K176S, G211GD, H228Q, T237N, I251V I10V, V167VI 
141361 141361 None None M184I  M11I, G15E, I31V, T58S, K64R, W71*, K103R, P126Q, W153*, H162Y, K173R, K176S, I179T, H228Q, M230I, W235*, W239*, I244M, P272Q V5I, E42K, R72K, I90V, G93R, G112K, E122K, A129AT, G155R, D186N, G262S, Q269QH 
142831 142831 None None   K64KR, K82R, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, Q166QR, K173Q, R200Q, H228HR I10V, V167VI, V201VA, E250ED, V263VI, Q269H 
143877 143877 None None   M11T, K43R, K64R, D86E, H121Y, P126Q, V135T, I180L, H228Q, I251V K9R, I10V, P51PS, N54NK, I90V, S134A, V167I, K176P, E250D, Q269H 
143991 143991 None None   K64R, D86E, K103KR, H162Y, K176Q, I179T, R200L, L203K, D218DE, H228Q, Q248QR, I251X, P272Q K4KR, V5I, P51S, R104K, V167I, E197G, Y227F, W235Y, E250ED, Q269H 
144035 144035 None None  I181IV K35R, K64R, K176Q, H228HR, I251V V5VI, P51S, S134A, V167I, V263I 
144251 144251 None None   K4N, E39D, T58S, K64R, D86E, D123N, P126Q, H162Y, K173R, F214L, Y227X I10V, D110DE, A114AG, R125RS, A158AV, V167I, H198HY, P236PT 
147873 147873 None None   I31IL, K43KR, A50AV, T58TS, K64R, P126Q, H162Y, K176S, R200RK, G211N, H228R, I251V V2VI, V5I, E48D, E49EV, T84TS, V167I, N255H 
148686 148686 None None F77FL  A3T, E6Q, M11T, K35R, T58S, K64R, K66KR, D86E, K103R, P126Q, R172RK, A174AT, I179T, I180L, L205X, D224N, H228Q V2I, V5I, K9R, I10V, G45D, E49V, N69NT, M73MR, L80L*, R104K, Y144YD, V167I, K176P, G213GR, W239WG 
149807 149807 None None I75M  K64R, K68KR, D123X, P126Q, H162Y, D192N, H228Q K9H, M11K, T60V, L132I, I145IT, K176P, L212I, E250D, I251L, Q269H 
150281 150281 None None   E6D, M11T, K64R, N69X, K82R, D86E, P126Q, I180L, H228K, P272H K4KR, I10V, P51PS, E122EK, S134T, E139G, R165RG, K176P, Q269H, Y271S 
150965 150965 None None   K4KQ, K43KR, P126Q, A158T, H162Y, R172RK, K176S, H228R, I251V, P272Q I10V, G45GS, M73MR, Q269H 
151533 151533 None None   M11A, K20KR, K82KR, V83VG, P126Q, H162Y, T163X, K176Q, I251V, I257L V2I, K4R, V5VI, I10V, V167I, L264P, Q269H 
151833 151833 None None K70Q  M11T, L21LI, K43KR, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, K173R, I180L, H228Q, I251V I10V, V167I, K176P, Q269H, L270S, Y271P 
152792 152792 None None   K64R, K82R, A98AS, K103R, T107S, P126Q, H162F, T163X, K176Q, I179T, H228HQ, Q248H, I251V V5I, I10V, M41W, P51S, V167I, Y271S 
153658 153658 None None   K64R, T107S, L109LI, P126Q, H162Y, K176S, I180L, H228R, Q248QH, K249R, I251V V2VI, V5I, V167I 
153776 153776 None None   V111VI, P126Q, H162Y, R200K, K249KR, I251T V5I, I10V, K176M, A267G, A268T 
154427 154427 None None   M11X, K28KR, K64KR, N69NI, V111VI, P126Q, H162F, K176Q, R200RK, I251V Q166H, V167I 
156209 156209 None None   K13KR, N69E, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, R200RK, I251IT V5I, P51S, R72RG, Q269H 
156260 156260 None None   M11T, K28KR, D86E, P126Q, I180L, I251V V2I, V5I, R165RG, K176P, Q269H 
156294 156294 None None   M11T, K28KR, E79D, H121Y, D123E, P126Q, V135T, A138S, I145V, H162HY, D195T, R200Q, E207G, H228Q, I251V V5I, I10V, G45GS, R104K, V167I, K176P, L203M 
156529 156529 None None   M11X, P14A, K20KR, K35R, K43KR, T107S, D123DN, P126X, V135T, H162HY, K176X, I180IL, R200K, D218DE, Q248H, I251V V2VI, V5I, K9KE, I10V, R22K, S134A, W229W*, M230E, L246LS 
156927 156927 None None N69G  E44EG, K64R, D86E, T107S, V111VI, P126PQ, N175H, I180L, R200RK, Q204QK, D224DG, H228Q, K259N V5I, I10V, R104RK, K176P, D199DY, Y227F 
157554 157554 None None E219D  M11MT, K28R, K43R, K64X, K82R, K103KR, P126PQ, A138X, H162Y, R200K, H228R, I251V V5I, I10V, Y56YN, T58A, R72RG, I90V, V167VI, K176P 
157780 157780 None None   P126Q, A138G, I180L, H228K K9E, I10V, M11K, K82KQ, K176P 
158425 158425 None None   K28R, K43R, K64R, K82R, P126Q, T163I, K176Q, R200K, H228Q, Q248H, I251V V5I, P51S, I90V, V167I, Q269H 
160439 160439 None None E219D  K64R, D86DE, K102KQ, P126PQ, K176Q, I179T, I251V K4R, V5I, I10V, P51S, A101AV, A267V 
160664 160664 None None   E6EK, K82R, A138T, H162Y, K176Q, H228Q, K249KR, I251V M73T, V167I, I189V, Q269H 
160930 160930 None None E219D I181V K35T, K43KR, K64KR, D86E, D123E, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, H228R, I251V V5I, I8IV, I10V, M11K, H121D, V167I, K176P, R200T, V201A, Q269H 
161360 161360 None None  I181V M11T, K43R, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, H228Q, I251V K4KR, I10V, V167I, K176P 
161453 161453 None None N69G A190D V5L, M11E, D86E, H121Y, D123X, R125RK, P126Q, H162HY, T163X, I180L, D218E, H228K, I251V I10V, V167VI, K176P, R193RS, Y227F, Q269H 
161735 161735 None None   M11T, K64KR, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, K176T, I251V V5I, V263I, Q269H 
161738 161738 None None   K64R, P126Q, K176Q, H228HR, I251V, N255X, Q258X V2M, V5I, I8M, I10V, M11V, I90IV, H96HY, I179V, W266G 
161798 161798 None None   M11T, K43R, K64KR, H121C, P126Q, H162W, I179IT, I180L, H228Q V2I, V5I, I8V, I10V, P51S, I90V, K147KR, V167VI, K176P, T216N, G231A, Q242A 
162071 162071 None None D67T  K64R, K66R, E79ED, K82R, D123DE, P126Q, I180L, D224DA, I251V V5I, K176P, V201VA, Q269H 
162136 162136 None None F77FL  E6Q, M11T, K43R, K82R, D86E, H121Y, D123E, P126Q, V135T, I180L, R200K, H228Q, I251V V5I, I10V, G45A, T60TP, I63L, K64E, R104K, V167I, K176P 
162648 162648 None None   M11X, K64R, T88S, P126Q, A138S, H162Y, K176Q, I179IT, R200L, L203K, H228Q, I251V, K259R V5VI, P51S, T60TP, F61L, V167VI, V201A, S215T, Y227F, Q248QP 
163290 163290 None None D67G  P7S, K43R, T58S, P126Q, I145M, I180L, V201M, E207G, H228Q, Q269X V5I, I10V, M11G, Q46QH, E48EK, F61FI, K68KQ, D76DA, A129T, V167I, K176P 
163556 163556 None None   M11I, E39D, V111I, A138S, H162Y, K176Q I8L, I10V, R105K, E122K, A267T 
164339 164339 None None I75M  K28KR, E49X, K64KR, N69S, E122X, P126Q, A138T, H228Q, I251V K9N, M11V, T60V, R125RI, L132I, I145T, K176P, P226PS, Y227F, Q269H 
164788 164788 None None   K64R, D86E, P126Q, V135T, H162Y, E169D, H228X, I251V V5I, I8V, I10V, V167VI, K176P 
165389 165389 None None I75M  K28R, K43KR, D123X, H228Q, I251IV K9N, M11MK, W24WG, E49V, T60V, L132I, I145T, K176P 
165434 165434 None None N69G  K64R, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, H228Q, I251V I10V, M11K, K147KR, V167I, K176P, L203M, Y227F, E250D, Q269H 
34306 34306 None None E219D  K40R, P126Q, H162Y, K173R, E250G, I251V V5I, I8V, M41W, E42K, K64Q, H121D, E122K, V167I, K176P, H228Y, A267V 
34399 34399 None None D67A  M11T, K28KR, D123N, P126Q, V135T, H162F, K176Q, R200K, H228R, I251V V5I, I10V, N69T, H121D, T163TM, V167I, Q258QH 
39601 39601 None None E219D  K4X, N69NI, E122EA, D123DG, A138AT, K173KR, E207EG, I251IV, A268X I10V, R22RK, F61FL, I63IF, K64Q, W71WG, K176P, L234LP, N255NH, V263I, A267Q, Q269L 
39604 39604 None None   P14X, K43R, T107S, R125K, V135T, H162Y, N175H, R200RK, D218DN, H228Q, I251IV V2I, V5I, I10V, P126K, K176P, I179IV, N265NI 
42449 42449 None None   K20KR, K43R, R125RK, P126X, V135T, I145X, H162HY, K173R, G211GS, H228HR, E250EK, I251V, K259KR, P272R V5I, R22K, V167VI, K176P, A267V, Q269QH 
43021 43021 None None   K82R, D86E, D123DG, P126Q, H162Y, A174AT, I180L, K223KR, I251T V2VI, V5I, I10V, E49A, K176P, Q269H 
60042 60042 None None   M11MT, K82R, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, R200K, I251IT I10V, V167VI, I189IV 
67157 67157 None None   K28KR, I31IV, K66R, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, H228Q, I251V V5VI, T60TP, V135I, V167I, I189V, V263I, Q269QH 
68752 68752 None None  I181IV M11T, P126Q, H162HY, K173KR, I180L, R200K, H228K, I251V, N255NK, P272Q I10V, I37IM, N54NK, R72RG, H121D, E122K, V167I, K176P, Y227F, W239WG, Q269H 
83695 83695 None None   M11T, K43R, K66R, D86E, H121Y, D123E, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, H228K, I251V V5I, I10V, T60TP, R72RG, V167I, K176P, V178I, V201A, L205V 
A/BO/BRESC A/BO/BRESC None None   K43R, K64R, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, R200K, H228R Y56F, V167I, K176P 
A/DM/BRESC A/DM/BRESC None None   P126Q, K176Q, K223Q, H228R V5I 
A/KA/BRESC A/KA/BRESC None None E219D  K64R, H162Y, K176Q V167I 
BM10767 BM10767 None None   A62AT, D86E, P126Q, V135T, H162Y, E169D, K223KR, H228Q, I251V V5I, I8V, I10V, P59PH, F61S, V167I, K176P, I189V 
BM11874 BM11874 None None   M11E, E39D, K64KR, D123DN, A138S, I180L, H228K, I251IT V5I, I10V, V167VI, K176P, I189V, Y227F, Q269QH 
BM13272 BM13272 None None   D86E, P126Q, K176Q, R200K, L203X, H228HQ, I251V I10V, M11V, V167I, Q258QH, Q269H 
BM13370 BM13370 None None  I181V M11T, K82R, D86E, D123E, H162HY, I180L, H228Q, I251V, K259KN I10V, P51S, H121W, V167I, K176P, I179V 
BM16229 BM16229 None None  I181V E6EG, K64KR, K176X, R200K, T237N, I251R V2VI, I8M, E48EG, P51S, A138M, L203C 
BM16582 BM16582 None None I75M  K9X, M11X, K28KR, K43KR, V111I, D123G, P126Q, D218E, I251T D17N, T60V, L132I, I145T, K176P 
BM17066 BM17066 None None   D17E, K64R, T107TS, D123X, P126X, H162Y, K176Q, H228R V5I, I10V, P51S, R104RK, V167I, W229WG, W235WG