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Author Rodes (2006)
Title Human immunodeficiency virus 2 pol protein (pol) gene, partial cds.
Citation unpublished
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 44
NumPts 44
Host Human


Clinical PR Isolates

GB-P1 GB-P1 None   I46V, I89V D17E D40S, K65E, N68G 
GB-P11 GB-P11 None    T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, N41D, K65E, N68G 
GB-P13 GB-P13 None    T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, K60R, K65E, N68G 
GB-P14 GB-P14 None   I46V, I89V T43S Y14HL, D17G, D40S, K65E 
GB-P16 GB-P16 None   I89V E37G, T43S, I64V D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G, D79E 
GB-P17 GB-P17 None    E37D, T43S, N61D, T91A Y14H, D17G, D40S, N41D, K65KR 
GB-P18 GB-P18 None    E37D, T43S, N61D, T91A Y14H, D17G, D40S, N41D, K65R 
GB-P19 GB-P19 None  I46IV V11I S4P, K7E, T43S, A92T D17G, D40S, V66A, N68G, S96ST 
GB-P2 GB-P2 None    T43S Y14H, D17T, D40S, K65E, N68G, R70K, S96T 
GB-P22 GB-P22 None   I46V E21D, T43S, T91A, A92T Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G 
GB-P23 GB-P23 None    T43N K7Q, D17G, D40S, N41D, E63K, K65E, R70K 
GB-P24 GB-P24 None   I89IV T43S, N61D, L93LF Y14YH, D17G, D40S 
GB-P25 GB-P25 None   I89V T43S Y14L, D40S, K65E, N68G 
GB-P27 GB-P27 None    T43N, K60N Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G 
GB-P29 GB-P29 None    I15V, T43S, T91A, L93M K7Q, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G, A92V 
GB-P3 GB-P3 None   I46V, I89V D17E, V20I D40S, K65E, N68G 
GB-P30 GB-P30 None    I15V, T43S, N61D, T91A, A92T, L93M K7Q, Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G 
GB-P34 GB-P34 None   I46V  D17C, D40S, K65E, N68G, R70K 
GB-P35 GB-P35 None   I46V E21D, T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G 
GB-P5 GB-P5 None    W6R, I15V, T43S K7Q, D17G, D40C, K65E, N68G 
GB-P7 GB-P7 None   I46T T43S, K69KR, R72K Y14H, D17G, D40S, N41D, K57R, K65E, N68G 
GB-P76 GB-P76 None   I89V P19Q, E21D, I36V, T43S D17G, D40N, N41D 
GB-P9 GB-P9 None   I46V, I89V D17E, V20I D40S, K65E, N68G 
SP2-p10 SP2-p10 None   I89V T43S Y14H, D40NS, K65E, N68G, S96T 
SP2-p11 SP2-p11 None   I89V T43S D17G, D40S, N41D, K65E, N68G 
SP2-p12 SP2-p12 None   E58EG  D17G, D40C, T43D, K65E, N68G, R70K 
SP2-p13 SP2-p13 None    T43S, K60E D17G, D40S, R70K 
SP2-p14 SP2-p14 None     D17G, D40C, T43D, K65E, N68G, R70RK 
SP2-p15 SP2-p15 None   E58EG T43I, N61D, V71I D40S, K60R 
SP2-p16 SP2-p16 None     D40S, N41ND, N68GS, R70K 
SP2-p17 SP2-p17 None   I89V T43S, R70T D17G, D40S, N41D, K57R, N68G 
SP2-p18 SP2-p18 None    V10VI, R72RK D40N, K57R, S96T 
SP2-p19 SP2-p19 None    E21EQ, T43S, T91A Y14H, D40N, K65E, N68G, A92S, L99F 
SP2-p20 SP2-p20 None    T43S, N61ND Y14H, D17G, D40S, E58G, K65E, N68G, R70K, I75IV 
SP2-p21 SP2-p21 None    T43S, K60N D17G, D40S, K65E 
SP2-p22 SP2-p22 None     Y14H, D17G, D40S, K57R, E63K, K65E, N68G 
SP2-p23 SP2-p23 None    T43S, K60E D17G, D40S, R70K 
SP2-p24 SP2-p24 None    E16A, T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, N41D 
SP2-p25 SP2-p25 None    V10I, I36V, T43N, R72K D40S, K65R, R70K, I75V 
SP2-p26 SP2-p26 None    E21EK, T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E, D79DE 
SP2-p5 SP2-p5 None   I89V T43S W6W*, Y14H, D17G, G39GR, D40N, V62I, K65E, N68G, R70K 
SP2-p7 SP2-p7 None    K7R, T12R, T91N, A92T Y14C, D17G, D40S, N41D, K65E, L67V, N68G, R70K, S96T, L99F 
SP2-p8 SP2-p8 None   I46T K7KR, T43S, T77TI, A92T Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G 
SP2-p9 SP2-p9 None    T43S Y14H, D17G, R70K