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Author de Pina-Araujo (2014)
Title Profile of the HIV epidemic in Cape Verde: molecular epidemiology and drug resistance mutations among HIV-1 and HIV-2 infected patients from distinct islands of the archipelago.
Citation PLoS ONE
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 30
NumPts 30
Host Human


Clinical PR Isolates

CV.10.125 CV.10.125 None    A92T D17G, D40S, K65E 
CV.10.162 CV.10.162 RTV, LPV   I89V T43S, N98NK Y14H, D17G, D40S, N41DY, K65E, N68G, R70RK, A92AV, G94GS 
CV.10.165 CV.10.165 None   I46V T43S, N61ND Y14H, D17G, D40S, K60KR, K65E 
CV.10.167 CV.10.167 RTV, LPV    T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68NDGS, L90LPS 
CV.10.168 CV.10.168 RTV, LPV    T43S, N83NS D17G, D40S, K65E 
CV.10.173 CV.10.173 LPV   I89V T43S, E63Q D17G, D40S, K65E, R70K 
CV.10.182 CV.10.182 None    T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G 
CV.10.188 CV.10.188 RTV, LPV   I89V T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, N41Y, K65E, N68G, S96T 
CV.10.190 CV.10.190 RTV, LPV   E58EG T43S Y14H, D17G, D40NS, K65E 
CV.10.199 CV.10.199 RTV, LPV    F3L, T43S, V71I Y14YH, D17G, D40S, L93I 
CV.10.200 CV.10.200 None    T43S Y14HR, D17G, G27GE, G39GR, D40NS, G51GR, K65E, R70K 
CV.10.201 CV.10.201 Unknown   I46T T43S, D79N Y14YH, D17G, D40CS, K65E, R70K 
CV.10.211 CV.10.211 None  I32IT T43TN  Y14H, D17G, D40N, K65E 
CV.10.219 CV.10.219 Unknown    T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E 
CV.10.282 CV.10.282 LPV  V47A, I82F V33I, I89V T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, I46M, K65E, N68G, R70K 
CV.10.305 CV.10.305 None   I89V S31SP, T43S, R72K Y14H, D17G, D40S, N41D, K65E, N68G 
CV.10.306 CV.10.306 RTV, LPV    T43S, T91A A13AT, D17G, D40S, N41D, K65R, A92D 
CV.10.318 CV.10.318 RTV, LPV    T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G 
CV.11.108 CV.11.108 LPV   I89V P19S, T43S, K69R Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G, G78GE 
CV.11.109 CV.11.109 LPV   T74TP T43S, F85FL D17G, D40S, K65E, N68NS, R70RK, R87RK 
CV.11.113 CV.11.113 None   I89V P19S, T43S, K69KR Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G, R70RK 
CV.11.231 CV.11.231 Unknown    T43S D17G, D40S, K65E, N68NS 
CV.11.234 CV.11.234 Unknown    P19PS, T43S D17DG, D40S, N41D, K65KR, N68S, R70K 
CV.11.236 CV.11.236 None   I46T T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E 
CV.11.253 CV.11.253 None    T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G 
CV.11.268 CV.11.268 None   I89V T43S, K69R, R70T Y14H, D17G, D40S, K57R, K65E, N68G 
CV.11.277 CV.11.277 Unknown    T43S, K60N D17G, D40S, K65E 
CV.11.301 CV.11.301 LPV   I89V T43S, A92T Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G 
CV.11.322 CV.11.322 None  I46IV  T43S, T91A D17G, D40S, N41D, K65R, A92D 
CV.11.332 CV.11.332 RTV, LPV  V47A, I50V V33I, I89V T12M, T43S, I64V, V71I Y14K, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G