Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Jallow (2006)
Title Virological and immunological response to Combivir and emergence of drug resistance mutations in a cohort of HIV-2 patients in The Gambia.
Citation AIDS
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 28
NumPts 8
Host Human


Clinical PR Isolates

DTS_1 DTS_1-3 None   S43T G17E, E65K, K70R Y14H, N41D, S96T 
  DTS_1-5 None   S43T G17E, E65K, K70R Y14H, N40D, N41D 
  DTS_1-6 None   S43T G17E, E65K, K70R N40D, N41D 
DTS_2 DTS_2-8 None    I15V, K70R N40S 
  DTS_2-9 None    I15V, K70R N40S 
  DTS_2-10 None    I15V, N41S, K70R N40S 
  DTS_2-11 None    I15V, K70R N40S 
DTS_3 DTS_3-12 None    E65K Y14L, N40S 
  DTS_3-16 None    T12A, E65K Y14L, N40S 
  DTS_3-17 None    E65K Y14L, N40S 
  DTS_3-18 None    Q18R, E65K Y14H, N40S, N41D 
  DTS_3-18B None   I84M E65K Y14L, N40S, Y42D 
DTS_4 DTS_4-19 None    E65K, K70R, T77I Y14H, N41D, K57R 
  DTS_4-20 None    E65K, K70R, T77I Y14H, N40S, N41D, K57R 
DTS_5 DTS_5-21 None   I46T N61ND, K70KR Y14H, N40S, K60KR, N68G 
  DTS_5-22A None   I46T N61X, E63EG, K70KR Y14H, N40S, K60KR, N68G 
  DTS_5-23 None   I46T  Y14H, N40S, K60R, N68G 
  DTS_5-24 None   I46T N61D, E65EK, K70R Y14H, N40S, E63EK, N68G 
DTS_6 DTS_6-26 None    G17D, K70R Y14F, N40S, E65R 
  DTS_6-28 None    G17D, K70R V10VG, Y14F, N40S, V62VG, E65R, R87RG 
  DTS_6-29 None    G17D, K70R Y14F, N40S, E65R 
  DTS_6-29A None    G17D, K70R Y14F, N40S, E65R 
DTS_7 DTS_7-30 None    S43N, E65K N40S, I75L 
  DTS_7-34A None   V33VI G17GD, E65K N40S, I75L 
DTS_8 DTS_8-35 None    E65K, K70R, T91A Y14H, N40S, N41D 
  DTS_8-39 None    E65K, K70R, T91A Y14H, N40S, N41D 
  DTS_8-39A None    E37ED, N40X, E65K, K70R, T91A Y14H, N41D 
  DTS_8-39B None    E37D, N40X, E65K, K70R, T91A Y14H, N41D