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Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Youngpairoj (2014)
Title Reference panel of cloned HIV-2 plasmid DNA for nucleic acid assay development, evaluation, and quality monitoring.
Citation J Clin Virol
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 11
NumPts 11
Host Human


Clinical PR Isolates

310072 310072 None    K7R, T12R, N61D, T91S, A92T Y14C, D17G, D40S, K65E, L67V, N68G, S96T, L99F 
310319 310319 None    K7R, T12K, Y14N, I64V, T91N D17G, D40N, K65E, L67V, N68G, A92S, S96T, L99F 
60415K 60415K None    T43S, K60N Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E, N68G 
7312A 7312A None    K7R, T12Q, T91N, A92T D17G, D40S, V62I, K65E, L67V, N68G, R70K, S96T, L99F 
77618 77618 None   I46V  D17G, G35E 
7924A 7924A None    T43S D17T, D40S, K65E, N68G, R70K 
A1958 A1958 None    T43S, T91A, A92T Y14H, D17G, D40S, N41D, E63K, K65R, R70K 
A2270 A2270 None    I15V, E21D Y14H, D17G, D40C, K65E, N68G 
GB122 GB122 None   I89V T43S, N61D, K69R Y14H, D17G, D40C, N41D, K65E, N68G 
GB87 GB87 None    T43N, V71I Y14H, D17G, D40S, N41D, E63K, K65E, T77V 
SLRHC SLRHC None    T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, N41D, K65R