Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Bercoff (2010)
Title Polymorphisms of HIV-2 integrase and selection of resistance to raltegravir.
Citation Retrovirology
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 47
NumPts 47
Host Human


Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
19970068 97068 None None   M11T, K43R, K82R, A138AS, I180L, H228Q, I251V, E297D, R307K, E334D, E344G V5I, I10V, I145IT, V167I, K176P, L270I, I365V, G384GE, I397T 
19980385 98385 None None N69G, E219D  M11Q, E36K, K43R, K64R, K82R, D86E, H121Y, D123E, P126Q, K173R, N175H, I180L, H228Q, K249KR, I251V, E297D, R307K, E334D, E344G V5I, I10V, E29EK, K176P, V201A, Y227F, E233K, L270I, L298I, H317Y, V357M, K358R, I365V, G384E 
19990547 96288 None None   M11T, T58S, K64R, D86E, K103R, P126Q, I180L, H228Q I10V, H121D, S134A, A138I, V167I, K176P 
20010473 2001473 None None I75M  K64R, K82R, H162Y, H228Q, K249KR, I251X, R307K, E334D, I341IV, E344G I8IM, K9N, E42V, T60V, E122K, L132I, I145T, K176P, I189V, L212I, S215T, L270I, V293I, V329I, I365V 
20010866 2001866 NRTI None   M11E, D123K, P126Q, H162Y, K176X, I251V, Y271H, K277R, E334D, I341IV, E344G V5I, I10V, R104RK, R281RK, D332N, I365V 
20040941 2004941 None None   M11E, D123N, P126Q, H162Y, H228R, I251V, Y271H, K277R, E334D, E344G V5I, I10V, K176M, V201A, R281RK, D332N, I365V 
20050011 2003026 None None   P126Q, H162Y, R200K, K277R, E334D, I341V, E344G, K347R V5I, K176M, I365V 
20050388 20050388 None None   E6Q, K43R, K64R, K66R, D86E, D123E, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, R200K, H228K, K277R, R307K, E334D, E344G, N359H V5I, I10V, V167I, K176P, E250D, L270I, K286R, M287K, N306D, H317Y 
20050508 20050508 None None   K28R, K43R, K64R, V111I, P126Q, H162Y, A174T, K176S, R200K, H228R, I251V, K277R, R307K, E334D, I341V, E344G V5I, I63V, S134A, L270I, I365V 
20050775 20050775 None None  I181V M11T, K28KR, V111VI, H121Y, D123G, I145V, H162Y, I180L, H228Q, T237A, I251V, K277R, R307K, E334D, E344G, V357I V5I, I8IV, I10V, P51S, I63V, T88K, V167I, K176P, L270I, H317C 
20070313 20070313 None None  A101P M11T, H121C, P126Q, H162W, I180L, H228Q, T237N, I251V, K277R, R307K, E322G, E334D, V357I I8V, I10V, P51S, V167I, K176P, E250D, L270I, K286KR, Q330L, I365V 
20080321 20080321 ABC, TDF, AZT, 3TC None   M11T, K43R, K82R, A138S, I180L, R200K, H228Q, I251V, E297D, R307K, E334D, I341V, E344G I10V, V167I, K176P, Q248E, L270I, I365V, I397T 
20080511 20080511 ABC, AZT, 3TC None  A101P M11T, H121X, P126Q, H162W, I180L, H228Q, T237N, I251V, K277R, R307K, E322G, E334D, V357I, N404D, V423I, P435L, R448K, K465R, K468T, V493A, S506V, S508G I8V, I10V, P51S, V167I, K176P, E250D, L270I, K286R, Q330L, I365V, I397T, G431K, D432E, K463R, L486I, T487A, K516R 
20080618 20080618 TDF, 3TC None K70N, M184V  P1L, M11E, V111I, D123E, P126Q, H162Y, F214L, I251V, Y271H, K277R, E334D, E344G, I434L, A437V, A483M, V493A I10V, V167I, K176P, R281K, D332N, I365V, K463R, I496V 
20080869 20080869 ABC, AZT, FTC, 3TC None K70N, M184V  P126Q, H162Y, R200K, K277R, E334D, I341IV, E344EG, K347KR, N404D I10IV, V83VA, K176M, E345ED, I365V, I397T 
20081032 20081032 ABC, AZT, 3TC None K65R, Y115F, Q151M, M184V  M11T, T58S, K64R, N69S, D86E, V111I, D123DN, P126Q, F214L, H228Q I10V, V83I, I90V, H121D, S134A, A138I, V167I, K176P 
20081313 20081313 None None   M11T, K43R, K64R, D86E, H121Y, D123G, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, R200K, G211N, H228R, R307K, E334D, I341V, E344G, V357I, N359H I8V, I10V, V167I, K176P, I189V, L270I, I348V 
20090342 20090342 None None   K28KR, K64R, D86E, P126Q, K173R, I180L, D192N, R200K, H228R, K249R, I251V, R307K, E334D, E344G, E394EK, E396D, V417X, A437T, K465R, K468V, V493A, S506V, S508G, K527R, E529ED V5I, K68Q, V167I, K176P, D199E, L270I, R281K, I365V, I397T, A426AV, D432DE, K463R, S515N, K516KR 
ITG12880 195603 None None I75M  K9X, K35KT, K64R, T107S, V111I, P126Q, M164I, K176X, E250N, I251V, K277R, E334D, E344G E42V, T60V, L132I, I145T, V167VI, V178T, L212I, S215T, L270I, I365V 
ITG17659 195911 ABC, D4T, 3TC None M184V  M11T, K20R, K82R, P126Q, A158T, H162F, I180L, R200K, H228Q, I244L, Q333E, E334D, I375V V5I, I10V, R22K, P51S, R104K, V167I, K176P, D195G, Y227F, L270I, S311G, V329I, D332S, T360A, I365V 
ITG24071 ITG_24071 D4T, 3TC None   M11X, I31V, K43R, T58S, K64R, D86E, V111I, P126Q, Q166R, I180L, H228Q, Q330H, E334D, E344G V2VI, V5I, I8IV, P51S, I90V, R104K, V135I, V167I, K176P, D195N, Y227F, V263VG, L270I, V293I, H317C, I365V 
ITG2545 196207 None None   M11T, D17E, K28R, K43R, V111I, D123E, P126Q, V135T, H162Y, I180L, H228Q, I251V, K277R, R307K, Q330H, E334D, I341IV, E344G, K347R, E396D V5I, I10V, P51S, V83A, I90V, Q166QK, V167I, K176P, V202I, Y227F, L270I, M287ML, E305EK, H317C, I365V, G384GE, I397T 
ITG28175 ITG_28175 ABC, D4T None I75M, Y115F, Q151M, M184V  K35T, K82R, T107S, V111I, P126Q, K176Q, E250N, I251X, K277R, E334D, E344G I10V, E42V, T60V, L132I, I145T, M164V, V167I, V178T, L212I, S215T, L270I, I365V 
V060880 V06-0880 None None   M11T, K20KR, K64R, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, R200K, H228R, I251V, R307K, E334D, I341V, E344G, V357I, N359H, R385RQ, N404D, V417I, V458I, K465R, K468V, V493A, S506V, S508G I10V, P51S, Y56F, V135VI, V167I, L270I, R281K, I397T, G431K, I496V, S515N, K516R 
V061132 194310 None None   L21I, T27S, K28R, K66R, K102E, K103R, T107S, L109I, E122P, D123E, P126Q, H162Y, E169D, K176S, I179T, G211N, L212M, D218E, H228Q, I251V I8AV, I10V, M11K, E32L, N57NS, I90V, H121D, V135I, E139ED, T163S, Q166K, T194S, V201A, L203S, Y227F, T237K, Q248E 
V061139 V06-1139 None None   M11T, K20R, K28KR, I31IV, K35KR, T58S, K82R, D123N, R125K, R200K, I244L, E334D, V357I, F440Y, K468I, V493A, S506V, S508G, I517V, E524D I10V, K13M, R22K, R104K, H121D, P126K, A138M, K176P, D195G, Y227F, L270I, M287L, H317C, E324D, V329I, D332N, Q333L, I365V, A369T, I397T, D413E, A426T, G436D, T487A 
V063475 V06-3475 ABC, TDF, 3TC None K65R, Q151M, S215ST  M11T, T27S, K28KR, K35R, D86E, V111I, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, R200K, D218DE, H228Q, I251V V2I, I10V, N69T, I90V, V135I, V167I, K176P, E207EQ, Y227F 
V063553 V06-3553 TDF, 3TC None   M11T, K20R, T27TS, K28R, K64R, P126Q, H162Y, K173KR, I180L, M184X, D195X, R200K, H228Q, I244IL, I251R V5I, I10V, R22K, M41MI, E49EG, I63L, M73MI, R104K, R105RK, G141GR, K176P, Y227F, E233EK 
V071200 V07-1200 None None   M11T, K20R, T58S, K64R, K82R, D86E, K103R, D123DN, P126Q, A158T, H162Y, I180L, H228Q, I244L, E334D, F440Y V2I, V5I, I10V, R104K, K176P, D195G, Y227F, L270I, H317Y, V329I, D332S, Q333T, T360A, N363NK, I365V, I397T, D413E, A426T 
V071737 V07-1737 Unknown Unknown K70S, M184V, S215Y I181V M11S, K35R, K40R, V111I, P126Q, H162Y, T163A, I180L, R200K, H228Q, K249E, I274V, K277R, R284K, R307RK, E334D V5I, I10V, R22K, R104K, A138M, K176P, I187L, D195G, Y227F, L270I, Q312QL, V329I, D332N, Q333L, E345D 
V074155 V07-4155 Unknown Unknown Q151M  M11T, K28R, K43R, K82KR, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, R200K, F214L, D218E, H228Q, I251V, K277R, R307K, E334X V5I, I10V, K40KE, R104RK, V167I, K176P, D195DN, Y227F, L270I, H317C 
V080553 V08-0553 None None   K43R, K64R, K82R, V111I, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, G211S, I251V, K277R, E334D, V357I V5I, R22K, Y56F, L270I, E345D, T360A, I365V 
V082661 196310A None None  V108I, I181V L21I, T27S, K66R, K102E, K103R, E122P, P126Q, H162Y, E169D, I179T, E197EK, G211D, D218E, H228K K4R, V5I, I8V, I10V, M11K, E32L, I90V, I118V, H121D, V135I, R165G, Q166K, K176D, I189V, T194S, L212I, Y227F, T237K, Q248E, I251S 
V086011 V08-6011 D4T, 3TC None M184V  M11T, K20R, K66KR, K82R, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, R200RK, E207X, H228Q, I251V, K277R, R307RK, E334D, V357I V5I, I10V, R22K, R104K, H121D, E122EK, K176P, D195G, V201A, L203M, Y227F, L270I, V329I, D332S, I365V 
V086050 V08-6050 ABC, AZT, 3TC None   M11T, D17E, K64R, K82R, D123N, P126Q, I180L, R200K, H228Q, R307K, E334D, V357I V5I, I10V, R22K, I63V, R104K, T163M, V167I, K176P, V178I, D195G, V201A, Y227F, H317C, V329I, D332G, I365V 
V086051 V08-6051 AZT, 3TC None I75IM, M184V V108I, I181V L21I, T27S, K35KR, T60TI, K66R, F87L, K102E, E122P, P126Q, H162Y, R165A, E169D, I179T, T194D I8V, I10V, M11K, E32L, L47LI, I90IV, K103KM, I118V, H121D, T163S, Q166KR, K176N, I189V, R193M 
V086052 V08-6052 None None  Y227L M11T, K20R, T58S, H121C, P126Q, I145M, H162Y, I180L, H228R, E233D, I244L, A327V, E334D, V357I I8T, I10V, R22K, R104K, A129T, V167I, K176P, D195G, L270I, V293I, H317C, V329I, D332S, E345D, I348V, T360A, I365V 
V086119 V08-6119 None None   M11T, K28KR, K82R, D86DE, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, D195X, R200K, H228Q, I251V, E291EK, E297ED, R307RK, Q312QR, E334D, V357I I10V, L21Q, R22RK, R104K, H121D, E122EK, K176P, Y227F, L270I, E292EK, E305EK, D332S, E345D, I365V 
V086120 V08-6120 Unknown Unknown M184V I181V M11T, K35R, K82R, H121Y, P126Q, H162HY, K176S, I179L, L196LM, H228Q, I244L, I251V, E334D, V357I, N359H V5I, I10V, R22K, R104K, A138V, V167I, D195G, Y227F, V263I, L270I, E322ED, V329I, D332S, E345ED 
V086121 V08-6121 None None  Y227L K35R, K102E, E122P, P126Q, H162Y, E169D, K176S, R200K, G211D, L212M, D218E, H228R, I251IV, Y271F, L279I, T290S, R307K, S311E, H317S, E322G, K323E, E324P, E334A, E344G, I348T V2M, V5I, I8V, I10V, M11K, E32L, I90V, I118V, H121D, T163S, R165G, Q166K, V167I, I189V, T194S, L203S, T237K, Q248E, A268S, R281K, E304Q, Q320KR, D332N, Q333L, E345N 
V086122 V08-6122 None None  Y227L K35R, K102E, E122P, P126Q, H162Y, E169D, K176S, R200K, G211D, L212M, D218E, H228R, I251IV, Y271F, L279I, T290S, R307K, S311E, H317S, E322G, K323E, E324P, E334A, E344G, I348T V2M, V5I, I8V, I10V, M11K, E32L, I90V, I118V, H121D, T163S, R165G, Q166K, V167I, I189V, T194S, L203S, T237K, Q248E, A268S, R281K, E304Q, Q320KR, D332N, Q333L, E345N 
V086123 V08-6123 None None   M11E, L21I, T27S, K28R, K35R, K64R, D86E, K102E, L109I, E122P, P126Q, H162Y, E169D, K176S, G211D, L212M, D218DE, H228R, I251V, Y271F, K277R, L279I, R307K, S311E, H317S, E322G, E324P, E334A, E344G, K347R I8V, I10V, E32L, P51S, I90V, R104K, H121D, V135I, T163S, Q166K, T194S, L203S, Y227F, T237K, Q248E, R281K, E304Q, Q320K, K323V, D332N, Q333L, E345D 
V086124 V08-6124 None None   M11T, K28KR, K82R, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, D195X, R200K, H228Q, I251V, R307RK, E334X, V357I I10V, L21Q, R22RK, R104K, H121D, E122EK, K176P, Y227F, L270I, D332S, E345D, I365V 
V086127 V08-6127 None None   P7S, M11T, K20R, E39Q, T58S, K64KR, P126Q, A158T, K173KR, I180L, R200K, H228Q, I244L, R284K, R307K, E334D I10V, R22K, R104K, V135I, Q166K, K176P, D195G, Y227F, L270I, H317C, V329I, D332S 
V086130 V08-6130 Unknown Unknown M184MV  M11T, K64KR, K82KR, H121X, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, R200RK, H228Q, I251IT, Y271YH, R307K, H317X, D332X, Q333QE, E334D, V357I V5I, I10V, R22K, R104K, S134SA, V167I, K176P, Y227F, L270I, V329VI, I365V 
V086136 V08-6136 None None  Y227L M11T, P14A, K20R, K82R, E122P, R125K, P126Q, H162F, T163I, I180L, R200K, H228Q, I244L, I251T, H278X, E334D, Q336QP, V357I V2I, I10V, R22K, R104K, H121D, K176P, D195G, V201A, T253TA, L270I, H317C, V329I, D332S, Q343QP, E345D, V351VI 
V086139 V08-6139 None None   V5M, M11T, K20R, K28R, K35R, T58S, K64R, N69S, H121Y, R125K, P126Q, I145V, H162Y, I180L, R200K, H228Q, I244L, I251V, R307K, Q333R, E334D, V357I V2I, I10V, R22K, E32G, R104K, K176P, D195G, Y227F, H317C, V329I, D332S