Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Jallow (2009)
Title Presence of a multidrug-resistance mutation in an HIV-2 variant infecting a treatment-naive individual in Caio, Guinea Bissau.
Citation Clin Infect Dis
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 25
NumPts 23
Host Human


Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
Caio1 Caio1 None None S215SF L188LF M11T, E36K, E39X, K40X, M41X, E42X, K43X, E44X, G45X, Q46X, L47X, E48X, E49X, A50X, P51X, P52X, T53X, N54X, P55X, Y56X, N57X, T58X, P59X, T60X, F61X, A62X, I63X, K64X, K65X, K66X, D67X, K68X, N69X, K70X, W71X, R72X, M73X, L74X, I75X, D76X, F77X, R78X, E79X, L80X, N81X, K82X, V83X, T84X, Q85X, D86X, F87X, T88X, E89X, I90X, Q91X, L92X, G93X, I94X, P95X, H96X, P97X, A98X, G99X, L100X, A101X, D123N, P126Q, H162F, M164I, R165K, I180L, D192N, E207K, G211N, H228Q, M230I, I251V, R284K, R307K, L310LF, E313K, E326K, E334D, E344G, V357I, E378K, E399K V2I, V5I, I10V, D17N, G18E, R104K, R105K, L149LF, G152E, G155E, T163M, V167I, K176P, D185N, D186N, G213E, E233K, D256N, L270I, R281K, G285E, M287I, E304K, E305K, D332N, H342HP, E345K, G352E, I365V, G376E, R395K, I397T, D403N, D413E, D415N 
Caio10 Caio10 None None K70KQ, L74LV I181V M11T, G15GE, A33AT, K43KR, V83VG, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, R172K, I180L, H228X, I251V, R307K, L310LF, E334D, V357I, N404D V5I, I10V, E32EK, C38CW, A62AG, V108VG, A129AG, V167I, K176P, L270I, K358KR, I365V, R385RG, I397T 
Caio11 Caio11 None None E219D  K64R, K82R, V111I, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, G211D, H228R, E291D, Q294QE, R307K, I309IV, Y319YF, Q330X, E334D, E344G, V357I V2VI, V5VI, V167I, L270I, R281K, I365V 
Caio12 Caio12.0 None None Q151M  I31V, K43R, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, F214L, D218E, I251V, L270V, E334D, I341V, E344G I10V, V135I, V167I, L203M, V263I, K286R, M287L, T288A, T360A, I365V, I397T, A426V 
  Caio12 None None Q151M  K13KR, I31V, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, F214L, D218E, K223R, I251V, L270V, E334D, I341V, E344G I10V, V135I, V167I, L203M, V263I, M287L, T288A, E315ED, H317HR, T360A, I365V 
  Caio12.1 None None Q151M  I31V, P126Q, K176Q, L203X, F214L, D218E, K223R, I251V, L270V, Y319YF, E334D, I341V, E344G V2VI, I10V, V135I, V167I, T194S, V263I, M287L, T288A, T360A, I365V 
Caio13 Caio13 None None E219D  K66R, K103R, P126Q, K173R, K176Q, I179T, R200K, H228Q, I251V, K286X, M287X, T288X, T290X, E291EK, E334D, V357I, N359H, E396D, N404D, D432T V167I, A267V, L270I, R281K, V329I, T360A, I365L, I397T 
Caio14 Caio14 None None E219D  M11T, K64R, K82KR, H121Y, P126Q, H162Y, K173R, I180L, R200K, K223R, H228R, E250A, I251V, Y319YF, E334D, E344G, V357I V5I, I10V, R22RK, P51S, A62L, R104K, V167I, K176P, L270I, I365V 
Caio15 Caio15 None None E219D  K64R, T107TS, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, H228Q, I251IV, K277KR, E334D, I341V, E344G, V357I, I386IL, N404D V5I, P51PS, Q166K, R200T, L270I, M287L, I365V, I397T 
Caio17 Caio17 None None   K28KR, K64R, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, H228R, I251V, K286KN, M287X, R307K, Q330QH, E334D, E344G, N404D K4KR, V5I, V167I, L270I, T288TA, I365V, I397T 
Caio19 Caio19 None None   K64R, K82R, P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, R200RK, H228R, K249KR, I251X, K277R, L310LF, E334D, I341V, E344G, N404D V5VI, I10V, M11V, V167I, L270I, M287MV, T288TA, H317R, K347N, I365V, I397T 
Caio20 Caio20 None None   M11T, E39EK, K43R, D86E, H121Y, D123G, P126Q, I180L, R200K, K223KR, H228X, I251T, R307K, E334D, E344G, V357I, N404D V5I, I10V, Y127YF, K176P, L270I, M287MK, H317C, I365V, I397T 
Caio21 Caio21 None None   K64R, P126Q, A138S, R200K, G211D, H228R, K243R, I251V, E334D, E344G, V357I K176P, E250D, S311D, E322D, I365V, I397T, A426V, G431K 
Caio22 Caio22 None None   M11A, K28R, K173R, I251V, R307K, E334D E29D, V167I, K176P, L270I, H278Q, K286R, E344K, E345G, I348V, I365V, I397T, A426V 
Caio24 Caio24 None None  A101P, I181V K4T, M11T, K20R, D86E, P126Q, H162Y, K176S, R200K, G211S, H228Q, I251V, R307K, E334D, E344G I10V, P51S, L270I, M287V, H317C, I365V, I397T, A426V, G431K 
Caio25 Caio25 None None   K43R, P126Q, H162X, R172K, N175H, R200K, G211S, H228R, I251V, R307K, E334D, I341V, E344G, L367M, V372I, I375V, I386V V5I, I10V, M11V, E32K, K176P, L203M, L270I, M287K, V329I, I365V, I397T, A426V, G431K 
Caio26 Caio26 None None   P126Q, A138S, H162Y, K249R, I251V, P272S, E322N, E334D, E344G V5I, M11V, K176P, I189V, Y227F, E250D, Y271Y*, I309IM, S311D, I365V, I397T 
Caio27 Caio27 None None  I181V M11T, K43R, K82R, H121C, P126Q, I180L, D192N, R200K, H228Q, I251T, R307K, E334D, E344G, V357I, N404D, V417I I10V, V167I, K176P, T216TI, L270I, I365V, I397T, G431K 
Caio28 Caio28 None None  I181V E6Q, M11R, G15GE, K66R, D86E, V111I, P126Q, K173R, N175H, I180L, R200K, V201I, H228Q, I251V, I257IT, K277R, E334D, E344G V5VI, I10V, P51S, H121D, V167I, K176P, L270I, V293I, H317C, I365V, I397T, W402W*, W414W*, A426V, G431K 
Caio29 Caio29 None None   P126Q, H162Y, K176Q, H228K, I251V, I309V, E334D, E344G, V357I V135I, V167I, V263I, L270I, M287L, T288A, T360A, I365V, R395RI, I397T, A426V 
Caio3 Caio3 None None   K64R, P126Q, A138S, H162Y, K176S, H228R, I251V, S311N, K323R, E334D, I341V, E344G, K374R V5I, M11V, V167I, I189V, V263I, T288M, E315ED, I365V, I397T, G431K 
Caio6 Caio6 None None   K64R, P126Q, D224DN, I251IT, R307K, E334D, I341V, E344G, I386IV I63IV, K176P, E250ED, K286KI, M287MK, T288TA, E322EK, I365V, I397T 
Caio7 Caio7 None None   D86E, V111I, P126Q, Q245QE, L246X, Q248X, I251V, E334D, I341V, E344G, K347R, V357I V135I, K176P, H228HY, L270I, Q333K, I365V, A379AT 
Caio8 Caio8 None None   M11T, K43R, D86E, H121C, P126Q, H162Y, I180L, R200K, H228Q, I251T, K286KN, I308V, Y319YF, E334D, E344G I10V, R22RK, V167I, K176P, L270I 
Caio9 Caio9 None None   M11I, K43R, P126Q, R200K, H228Q, I251V, R307K, E334D, E344G, K347R V5I, V167I, K176P, L270I, M287L, V357M, N359ND, I365V