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Author Jallow (2009)
Title Presence of a multidrug-resistance mutation in an HIV-2 variant infecting a treatment-naive individual in Caio, Guinea Bissau.
Citation Clin Infect Dis
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 17
NumPts 17
Host Human


Clinical PR Isolates

Caio 1 Caio1 None   I46V, I89IV E37K, G39E, T43S, E58K, R72K R8K, Y14H, D17G, D25N, D40N, K57KR, E63K, R87RK 
Caio 10 Caio10 None    T43S, M95V D17G, D40S, N41D, K65E 
Caio 12 Caio12.0a None    T43S Y14H, D17G, V20A, D40S, N41D, E63K, K65E, N68G 
Caio 14 Caio14 None    E37D, T43N, T91A D40S, N41D, R87RK 
Caio 15 Caio15 None   I89V I15V, P19PS, E21ED, T43S Y14H, D17G, D40P, N41D, E63K, K65E, N68G, R70K, I75L 
Caio 17 Caio17 None    T43S, K60E D17G, D40C, V62I, K65E, N68G, R70RK 
Caio 19 Caio19 None   I89V T43S, N61D D17G, D40C, K60KT, K65E, N68G, R70K 
Caio 20 Caio20 None    T43S, K60N Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65KR 
Caio 21 Caio21 None   I89V T43S Y14H, D17G, D40S, K65E 
Caio 22 Caio22 None  V47VG  E37D, T43S, R72K D40N, N41D, K57R, T77V 
Caio 24 Caio24 None    I15V, D17E, K69R D40S, N41D, K60H, R70K 
Caio 25 Caio25 None    T43S, R70T Y14H, D17G, D40S, N41D 
Caio 26 Caio26 None    T43S Y14H, D17G, L23LS, D40S, K65E 
Caio 27 Caio27 None    T43S D40S, N41ND, K65R 
Caio 28 Caio28 None   E58EG T12L, I15V, I36V, E37D, T43S, N61D, N68ND D17G, D40S, R70RG, I75IR 
Caio 3 Caio3 None   T74TP, I89V T56TA W6W*, Y14H, D17G, V20VG, E21E*, D40S, N55ND, K65E, I75L, R87RPT, G94GC 
Caio 9 Caio9 None   T74TP  D40S, N41D, E63EK, K65KR, R70K