Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Kinloch (2016)
Title Population-level immune-mediated adaptation in HIV-1 polymerase during the North American epidemic.
Citation J Virol
SelectedGene IN
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 287
NumPts 287
Subtype B


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Page 1   listing Isolate 1 to Isolate 100 from Total 287 Clinical IN Isolates

INT_100 INT_100 None    V31I, I72V, L101I, T124N, V201VI, T218I, A265V  
INT_101 INT_101 None    E10D, M50MIT, L101I, I220L, V281M, S283SG  
INT_103 INT_103 None    E10ED, I72V, T122I, T124A, R187RK, A265V, D279N  
INT_109 INT_109 None    S24G, L45V, I72V, I113V, T124A, I208IL, A265V  
INT_11 INT_11 None    K34R, L101I, K173R, I208L, A265AV, S283SG  
INT_111 INT_111 None    S17N, V31I, V32VI, D41DN, I72V, K156N  
INT_115 INT_115 None    V31I, I72V, Y99H, L101I, I141V, D256E  
INT_116 INT_116 None    I191IM, A265V  
INT_12 INT_12 None    S17N, V31I, I72V, T124AS, S230SN, N254HQ, D256E, A265AV  
INT_120 INT_120 None    V31VI, I72V, S119G, T122I, V201I, A265V  
INT_124 INT_124 None   V151I   
INT_128 INT_128 None    E10D, M50I, I72V, T112A, T124A, A265AV  
INT_129 INT_129 None    D25DE, I72IV, K188R, A265AV  
INT_131 INT_131 None   E138D L45V, T124S, T125M, G163GE  
INT_135 INT_135 None    E11D, V31I, I72IV, K111T, S119T, T125A, I135V, S230N, A265V  
INT_137 INT_137 None    L28I, M50MI, L101I, Y227F, A265V  
INT_139 INT_139 None    E11D, A21T, S24G, D25E, S39C, L45LV, M50MI, I72V, L101LI, S119P, T122TI, V201I, K211R T97TS 
INT_140 INT_140 None    L45Q, I72V  
INT_141 INT_141 None    S119P, N222H, A265V  
INT_143 INT_143 None    I72IV, T122I, T124TA, T125A, H171Q, K215N, Q216H, A265V  
INT_149 INT_149 None    V31VI, S39SG, I72IV, T124TA, D232DN, A265V, R269RK  
INT_150 INT_150 None   L68LV I72IV, S119SPRT, V201VI, A265AV  
INT_152 INT_152 None    V31VI, I72IV, T112AV, A265V  
INT_155 INT_155 None    S39SN, I72V, T112A, V201VI, I220IV, S230SN V165VG 
INT_156 INT_156 None    E11D, I72IV, S119G, T122I, A265AV  
INT_157 INT_157 None    E11D, S24G, D25E, S39SC, L101I, K111T, T122I  
INT_16 INT_16 None    E11D, S24SG, L45M, I72V, L101I, S119SG, T122I, A265V  
INT_161 INT_161 None    E10D, A265V  
INT_163 INT_163 None    E11D, K14R, V31I, M50T, I72V, V201I, D256E, A265V  
INT_165 INT_165 None    I72V, T112A, M154L  
INT_166 INT_166 None    L101I, S119P, A265V  
INT_168 INT_168 None   V151I V31I, I72V, L101I, S119G, T122I, V201VI, Q216QH, A265V  
INT_175 INT_175 None    K7KR, V31VI, A265V  
INT_176 INT_176 None    E11D, S119T, I204IV, A265V  
INT_179 INT_179 None    I72V, T124N, T125V, A265V  
INT_180 INT_180 None    D232E, A265V, S283G  
INT_181 INT_181 None   V151I E11D, V31I, V32I, I72V  
INT_184 INT_184 None    K7R, L28I, L45T, I72V, T122TI, M154I  
INT_186 INT_186 None    V31I, A265V  
INT_195 INT_195 None    E11ED, V31VI, L45LQ, L101LI, M154MI, V201VI  
INT_199 INT_199 None    S24G, S39C, I72V, L101I, K111KT, Q216QH L45L*Q 
INT_2 INT_2 None    I72V, T122I, T124N, A265V  
INT_20 INT_20 None    E11D, D25DE, M50I, I60V, S119SG, T122I, V201I, M275MV  
INT_206 INT_206 None    I72V, M154I, S255R, A265V  
INT_207 INT_207 None    S17C, I72V, A265V  
INT_21 INT_21 None    E11D, S17T, A23V, L45I, I72IV, S119P, T122I  
INT_212 INT_212 None    S17SN, I72V, A265V  
INT_213 INT_213 None    I72V, A265V, V281M  
INT_215 INT_215 None    E11D, V31I, I72V, K111T, T122I  
INT_216 INT_216 None    I72V, S119G, T122I, A265AV  
INT_218 INT_218 None   V151I E11ED, I72V, T125M, A265V G82GR, E85EK 
INT_220 INT_220 None   V151I V31I, I72V, A265V  
INT_222 INT_222 None    S17SN, M50I, G59GE, I72V, T112V, T124A  
INT_223 INT_223 None    G4GE, G70GE, T112TK, A265V, V281G D25DN, E69EK, E152EK, S283R 
INT_226 INT_226 None   V151I E11D, V31I, I72V, S119G, A265V  
INT_230 INT_230 None    I72V, A265V  
INT_238 INT_238 None    R20K, T124N, F139L  
INT_245 INT_245 None   V151I I72IV, L101I, S119G, K188R L242LF 
INT_247 INT_247 None   V151VI I72IV, L101I, S119SG, T122TI, K188KR, V201VI, D256DE  
INT_251 INT_251 None    V31I, T122TI, T124A, T218I, R231RK, D232DN, R262RK, A265V  
INT_254 INT_254 None    L45Q, D256E  
INT_256 INT_256 None    E11D, A21T, I72V, L101I, K111T, T122I  
INT_257 INT_257 None    S17SN, V31VI, I72V, T124A, K156R, G163V, V281M G52E 
INT_264 INT_264 None    S17SN, I72V, T122I, T124A, A265V  
INT_266 INT_266 None    I72V, T124TS, A265V  
INT_267 INT_267 None    I72IV, T124A, V201VI, E212EA, A265V  
INT_268 INT_268 None    I72V, L101LI, T124TA, A265AV  
INT_269 INT_269 None    E11D, V31VI, I72V, K111T, T122I, T124TA  
INT_271 INT_271 None   V151VI E10D, V31I, I72V, L101I, K111KT, S119SAGT, T122I, T125TA, K156KN  
INT_273 INT_273 None    E11ED, S17SN, I72V, T112TA, T124TA, S230SN, D232DE, A265V  
INT_274 INT_274 None    I72V, T122I, H171HQ, K173KR, A265V  
INT_275 INT_275 None    A265AV V176S, Q177S, A179N, V180K, N184T, K186P, R187T 
INT_277 INT_277 None    E11D, L101LI, K111T, S119T, V281VM  
INT_279 INT_279 None    E10D, M50MI, I72V, L101I, T112A, K156N, D256DE  
INT_282 INT_282 None    I72V, G193E, A265V  
INT_283 INT_283 None   V151I E11D, A21AT, S24SN, I72IV, L101LI, S119P, T122I, T124TA, V201I  
INT_284 INT_284 None    I72V, K111R, T112V, V201I, S283G  
INT_287 INT_287 None    I72V, K156N  
INT_30 INT_30 None    E11D, V31VI, S57SCG, L101I, K111T, I113IV, S119X, T122TI  
INT_31 INT_31 None    T124N, T125V, A265V, D278DE  
INT_33 INT_33 None    V31VI, I72V, P90PS, T124A, S230N, D232DE, A265V  
INT_4 INT_4 None    E11D, I72IV, V88VI, T112TA, T124N, F181FL, T206S, D256E  
INT_41 INT_41 None    S17N, V31I, I72V, T122I, T124N, V201I, D256E, A265V  
INT_44 INT_44 None    E11D, L28LM, V31I, V32I, L45LQ, M50MI, T112TA, I113V, T125A  
INT_48 INT_48 None    E11D, I72V, L101I, S119P, T122TI, T124A, D207N, K211T, D256E  
INT_54 INT_54 None    E11D, L45Q, T122TI  
INT_69 INT_69 None   V151I E10ED, E11D, E13ED, S24SN, V31VI, I72V, L101I, S119P, T122I, T124A, M154I, T206S, S255SR, D256E H51HP, Q53QP 
INT_70 INT_70 None    E11D, V31I, M50ML, S81SR, I113V, S119P, T122I, T124A, T125A, E157ED, V201I, A265V Q44QP, H51HP, Q53QP, H78HP, H114HP, N117NH, N120NH, S123SR, N144NH, M178MR 
INT_71 INT_71 None   V151I T112TI, V201I W243WG 
INT_72 INT_72 None    P30S, S39SN, M50I, I60V, K111KR, K173KR, V201I  
INT_73 INT_73 None   L68LV V32VI, S39SC, L45V, K71KR, I72IV, L101LI, H171HQ, V201I, K211R  
INT_74 INT_74 None   V151I E11D, A21T, V32VI, S39SC, D41NS, I72V, L101LI, I191IM, T210TI, V249I  
INT_75 INT_75 None    I89V, G163Q  
INT_76 INT_76 None    E11D, V31I, L101I, K111T, T112A, D167E, L234I, A265V  
INT_79 INT_79 None    D3DE, S39SR, I72V, S119PT, T124TN, T125AV, D167DE, K215KN, T218TS, I251IV, A265AV  
INT_82 INT_82 None    S81SR, S119P, T122I, T125A, K136KR H16L, W108WG 
INT_85 INT_85 None    S17SN, S24SG, I72V, T124N, T125TAMV, D232E, A265V, S283SG, D286DN  
INT_9 INT_9 None    T124N, A265V  
INT_93 INT_93 None    G4GE, S24G, I72V, V150A, D256E E152EK 
INT_95 INT_95 None    S17N, I113V, T124S, T125A