Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Etiebet (2013)
Title Tenofovir-based regimens associated with less drug resistance in HIV-1-infected Nigerians failing first-line antiretroviral therapy.
Citation AIDS
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 21
NumPts 21
Subtype G, CRF02_AG, CRF06_cpx, CRF09_cpx


Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
101034 07NG.SN229 TDF, FTC NVP V75I, M184V G190A K20R, V35T, T39N, E40D, V60I, K122E, I132L, K173T, Q174K, D177E, I178M, I195L, T200A, Q207E, R211K, F214L  
101211 07NG.SN234 TDF, FTC NVP M41ML, K65R, M184I Y181C, G190A V35T, E36D, T39TA, K49R, S68G, V90I, K122E, D123E, S162A, T165I, E169K, K173E, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K  
101276 07NG.SN235 TDF, FTC EFV K65R, M184I L100I, K103N, M230L P14S, V35T, S68G, T69N, W88C, K122P, K173I, Q174K, D177E, I178L, T200A, E203Q, R211K  
102702 07NG.SN236 TDF, FTC NVP K65R, M184I K101E, V179E, Y181C, G190A V35T, T39M, S68G, V90I, K122E, I135V, I142T, S162A, K173T, Q174K, D177E, I178M, T200A, Q207K, R211E, D237E  
102838 07NG.SN237 TDF, FTC EFV K65R, M184V, K219KE L100I, K103N V35T, T39L, V60I, D123N, D177E, I178F, Q197L, T200Q, Q207E, R211K I2IM 
103340 07NG.SN242 TDF, FTC NVP K65R, Y115F, M184V K101E, Y181C, G190A K20R, V35T, V60I, D123N, K173T, Q174R, D177E, I178L, T200A, Q207D P150PL 
104682 07NG.SN250 TDF, FTC NVP K65R, Y115F, M184V A98G, Y181C I31IL, V35K, T39A, D121H, K122E, I135T, S162AT, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K E53EK, R72RK, D186DN 
139004 07NG.SN326 TDF, FTC EFV L74I, M184V K103N, V179E, P225H K20KR, K32N, V35I, T39E, A98S, I135K, K173T, Q174K, T200A, I202V, Q207E, R211K  
151050 07NG.SN339 TDF, FTC EFV K65R, M184I L100I, K103N V35T, E36A, T39A, K43E, K49R, S68G, V90VI, T139K, S162A, E169D, Q174K, N175Y, D177E, T200A, Q207D, R211K  
157170 07NG.SN345 TDF, FTC NVP A62AV, K65R, M184V, K219E K101E, Y181C, G190S V35M, S68G, T69I, D123E, S162A, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207A, R211K, E224D  
161707 07NG.SN350 TDF, FTC EFV K65R, M184V K101P, G190A K11E, E28K, K32E, V35T, V60I, S68N, D121Y, K122E, D123G, I135T, S162A, K173T, Q174N, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K  
167751 07NG.SN356 TDF, FTC EFV K70E, M184I K101H, K103N, Y181C, G190A V35T, K49R, V60I, V90I, A98S, D121Y, K122E, E169D, Q174R, D177E, T200A, Q207D, R211K  
48793 07NG.SN042 TDF, FTC EFV K65R, M184I K103S, V106A, G190A, P225H K20R, V35T, A62P, K64R, K102R, V118I, D123S, S163T, T165I, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, F214L  
55730 07NG.SN061 TDF, FTC EFV M184V L100I, K103N, E138K P4T, K11T, K20R, V35T, T39K, K43E, K122E, D123G, S162C, K173T, Q174K, D177E, I178L, T200A, Q207E, R211K, F214L, L228H  
70203 07NG.SN080 TDF, FTC EFV K65R, K70H, K219R K101E, V108I, Y181C, G190A, P225PH V35T, T39R, E40Q, K43E, K46Q, K49R, S68G, E138G, A158S, S162A, K173A, Q174E, D177E, I178M, T200A, E204K, Q207E, R211K, F214L, L228R  
87395 07NG.SN170 TDF, FTC EFV D67G, M184V L100I, K103N, P225H K20R, E28K, K32E, V35T, K49R, V60I, K104R, K122E, D123S, I135T, K173T, Q174K, D177E, I178M, G196E, T200A, Q207A, R211K, L228R  
95850 07NG.SN211 TDF, FTC NVP K65R, M184V, K219E K101H, Y181C, G190S P4PS, V35T, V60I, S68G, I135V, S162A, K173T, Q174K, D177E, I178M, T200A, Q207E, R211K  
98575 07NG.SN220 TDF, FTC NVP M184V, K219KN Y188L V35M, T39A, V60I, S162C, K173I, Q174K, D177E, I178V, T200A, Q207E, R211K, L228H  
98729 07NG.SN221 TDF, FTC EFV M184I K101N, Y181C V35T, V60I, K66KR, W88C, V90I, D123S, I135V, T139R, S162A, K173T, Q174R, D177E, I178L, T200A, Q207E, R211Q  
98731 07NG.SN222 TDF, FTC NVP K70E, Y115F, M184V Y181C, G190A P4PS, V35T, T39K, E40D, V60I, V106I, L109I, D123E, S162C, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, F214L, H221Y, L228R G155GE 
99934 07NG.SN225 TDF, FTC NVP K70Q, M184V A98G, Y181C V35T, V60I, K122E, D123S, I142V, K166R, K173I, Q174K, D177E, T200A, I202IV, Q207A, R211K, H221Y L228LCFR