Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Capel (2013)
Title Significant changes in integrase-associated HIV-1 replication capacity between early and late isolates.
Citation Virology
SelectedGene IN
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 94
NumPts 94
Subtype B


Clinical IN Isolates

None    E11D, V31I, M50MI, L101I, K111T, I135V, D232E, D256E K42KN 
100 100 None    S17N, D55N, I72V, L101I, T124A, V201I, T206S, S255G  
101 101 None    V31I, K111KIRT, T124A, T125V, D207N, K211N, D232E, D256E K173KIRT, K240KN 
102 102 None    E11ED, V31I, M50I, L101I, K111T, S119P, A205S, S230N, R231K, D256E  
103 103 None    S17N, V31I, I72T, S119P, T122I, T124Q, V201I, I220L, Y227F, D256E  
104 104 None    S17N, L101I, T112A, T124A, T125A, K211Q, E212A  
105 105 None   V151I S57SR, I72V, L101I, S119T, T125A, F185Y  
106 106 None    E11D, S24G, S39C, M50I, L101I, K156H, V201VIL, T218S  
107 107 None    E11D, K14R, S17T, V31I, I72V, T112A, T124A, T125A, M154L  
108 108 None    M50I, V201I, D270DE A265AEGV 
109 109 None    E11D, V31I, K111T, I203M  
11 11 None    M50I, I72V, A265V  
110 110 None    E11D, S24N, L28I, I72V, A91S, T112I, I113V, S119P, T124N, T125A, V201I, T206S, I220V, D232E L172T 
111 111 None    K111KIRT, G163Q, V201I, T206S, K211R, I220F, Q221H  
112 112 None   V151I D6S, K7E, E11D, V31I, V32I, M50T, V201I, S283G, E287ED  
113 113 None    N27S, L28I, V31I, L45Q, I113V, S119G, T124N, T125V, G163GAEV, L234I  
114 114 None    A21S, A23V, L28I, V37I, S39C, T122X, T124N, T125A, V201I, S230N I182IFLV 
115 115 None    E11D, S24N, M50L, I72V, S119P, V201I, L234I, D256E  
116 116 None    E11D, S39C, M50I, I200M, V201I, D232E  
117 117 None    S17N, K111T, T124A, K173R, A205S, T206S, T218I, S230N, D256E  
118 118 None    S17N, I72V, T112I, I113V, T124A, N254NK S255SCGR 
119 119 None    V31I, L45I, I72V, T112I, S119P, T124A, T125A, F181L, V201I, I220L, S230N, D256E, S283G  
120 120 None    L45LIV, L101I, S119R, G193E, D256E  
122 122 None    E11Q, S24D, D25E, N27D, S39C, L45Q, L101I, S119T, I135V, I203M, Q216K, K219N, I220L, N222K, D278A K215H 
123 123 None   V151I D6S, K7E, E11D, V31I, S119P, T122I, V201I, D256E, S283G  
124 124 None    M50I, L101I, K111A, S119G, T122I, T125N, V201I, D232E, D256E  
125 125 None   L68LIV E11ED, M50MLV, S119T, M154L, V201I, D256E  
126 126 None    A49P, I72V, Y99F, L101I, T112I, S119P, T125A, V126A, K160G, V201I S283SINT 
127 127 None    K14R, R20K, V31I, T124A, T125A, G193E, T206S, I208L, D288N  
128 128 None    E11D, V31I, V32I, L101I, I113V, S119A, T122I, T124A, T125A, V201I, K215N, T218I, D256E  
130 130 None    E11D, V31I, G70E, L101I, T112I, S119R, T124N, K156N, E157Q, V201I, K215N, S230N, S283G  
131 131 None    L28I, M50I, T112ILV, T125V, I208L  
132 132 None    D3Y, A23V, L28I, L45I, L101V, K111T, S119P, T122I, T124N, T125A, I135V, A205T, T206S, Q221E, S255G, D256E Y99Y*, D286DHNY 
133 133 None    S39C, K71KN, K160KN, A196P, V201I, D232E I182IM 
134 134 None    K14R, A23V, S24G, D25E, L28I, Q53H, I89IM, L101I, Q214QH, D256DE L104LF, E212ED 
135 135 None    L28I, S39C, L101I, S119A, T122I, T124A, T125A, T206S, Y227F, L234V, S283G  
136 136 None    E11D, K14R, S17T, T124A, K160R, G193D, D279G  
137 137 None    E10D, I72V, T112I, T125V, M154I, V165I, V201I  
138 138 None    D6E, E11D, E13D, S17T, A23V, V31I, I72V, S123C, T124G, T125A, V126L, S230N, N254Q, D256E  
139 139 None    N27G, V31I, L45Q, I72V, T124A, Y227F, L234I, D256E L2LF 
15 15 None    E11D, S39C, A91T, L101I, S119P, T122I, T125A, V201VIL, T206S, T218I, L234I  
16 16 None   E92ED V31I, I89IM, L101I, T112A, S119T, D167E, A265V K160KIRT 
17 17 None    S17N, I72V, T124A, T125A, K160N, V201I, D270DE  
18 18 None    M50MI, L101I, S119P, T122I, G193E, V201I  
19 19 None    S17N, I72V, A91G, T124A, K156N, Q164QH, V201I, D256E K173RS, S283SCGR 
25 25 None    K34R, M50I, I72V, S230N, A265V, S283G  
27 27 None    E11D, M50IKRT, I72V, K111Q, T112ILV, T124N, T125V, I203M, I220M, Y227F, D256DE S119ADGV 
28 28 None    E11D, M50I, K111T, Y227F, S255N, D256E, S283G L101LFIV 
30 30 None    L28I, S39C, M50I, I60L, I113V, V201I H171HDNY 
32 32 None    E11D, V31I, M50T, I72V, L101I, K111R, I135IFLV, I161V, T206S, I208L, D232E T124DHNY, T125AEGV 
33 33 None    E11D, S24N, A91T, S119R, T122A, V201I, K211R, R231K L2LF, I72IFLV, Q209QH, R262RS 
34 34 None    E11D, A21T, I203M  
35 35 None    L101I, T122I, T125TAPS, I203M T124ADGV 
37 37 None    D6DE, L28I, I72V, M154I  
38 38 None    D6E, M154I  
None   V151I V31I, I72V, V77A, L101I, T112I, S119P, T125A, V201I, V281M  
40 40 None    E11D, S24N, S119P, T122I, T206S I182IM 
41 41 None    V31I, I72V, E87ED, L101I, T112A, S119T, D167E, G193E, E198ED, A265V, D279G  
43 43 None    I72V, T122I, T124N, K136KN, I203M, A265V  
44 44 None    E11D, S24G, D25E, V32VIL, S39SCGR, V201I H16HQ, L213LIV 
46 46 None    M50I, A265V  
50 50 None    S24N, I72V, M154I  
53 53 None    E11D, E13D, S17N, I72V, S119P, T122I, T124A, T125A, Q137QH, K160N, I203M L104LIV 
54 54 None    E10D, K14R, L28I, S39C, L45V, I72V, I113V, V201I, D256E  
55 55 None    F100Y, L101I, V201I, I203M  
56 56 None    E11D, L45Q, L101I, I113V, D256E  
63 63 None    E11D, A21T, I72V, L101I, T124A, I135V, I203IM, A265V  
64 64 None    I72V, P90S, L101I, G163Q R20RS 
65 65 None    E11D, K14R, A21T, M50I, T206S  
66 66 None    E10EAGV, E11ED, S17T, I72V, S119P, I203M, Q216QH, I220L, Q221H, A265V K34KIRT 
68 68 None    M50I, I73V, S230N I72IFLV 
None    S17N, L28I, S39C, M50I, I72V, D232E  
70 70 None    M50I, I72V, L101I, D232E, A265V  
71 71 None    S17N, I72V, T125V, K156N, I208L, D256E S283SCGR 
72 72 None    E11D, A21T, M50L, I72V, I203M  
73 73 None    D6E, E13ED, S17N, M22I, A23V, S24G, S39SCGR, M50I, I72V, L101I, T124N, T206S, K211R  
74 74 None    E11D, L28M, V31I, V32VIL, L45Q, M50I, L101I, T112R, T124A, T125A, I220L, Y227F, N254K, D270DE  
75 75 None    S17N, V31I, M50I, I72V, S119G, T122I, T125A, K188R, V201VIL, T206S, D232E, D256DE, A265V  
81 81 None    E11D, S24N, V31I, M50I, T125V, T206S, A265V  
82 82 None    I72V, L101I, I203M Q221QLPR, N222NDHY 
83 83 None   L68V E11D, M50I, H51S, D288N F26FL 
84 84 None   L68LIV E10D, S119P, V201I, Q252K R20RS, I72IFLV, S230SINT, A265AEGV 
85 85 None   V151VIL E11D, S24G, L28I, S39C, L101I, S119T, T206S, D207DE, I208ILV K14KIRT, E35ED 
87 87 None    D6E, E11D, A21T, V37I, I72V, S119P, T122I, T124N, S283G S230SINT 
89 89 None    E11D, M50I, A91E, I113V, T124N, V201I S119IKRT 
90 90 None    E11D, V32I, I72V, K111R, T112I, T124N, V201I  
91 91 None  Q148QH  E11D, S24N, L101I, T112I, S123C, T124N, V201I, A282E K34KN 
92 92 None    E11D, A21T, N27S, I72V, T112V, T124A, S230N  
93 93 None   E92ED S17N, R20K, L28I, S39SCGR, L45V, T124N, T125A, K136KN, G193E, V201I, D232E, D256E E48ED 
94 94 None    E11D, S24N, D25E, L45I, L101I, T112A, S119P, T124N, T125A, G163E, D232E  
96 96 None    E11D, V32I, I60M, I72V, K111T, G193E, V201I, I208M, D256E L2LF 
97 97 None    E11D, R20K, V31I, M50T, I72V, Y99F, G106A, S119P, T124A, I135V, G193E, V201I, S230N, D256E  
98 98 None    E11D, D25E, V31I, L101I, I113V, I203M, A265V  
99 99 None   E92ED S24T, K111R, T125V, D232E, A265V