Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Telan (2011)
Title The early phase of an HIV epidemic in a population exposed previously to HCV in the Philippines.
Citation J Med Virol
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 22
NumPts 22
Subtype B, CRF01_AE, C


Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
08R_01-356 08R_01-356 None None   V60I, A98S, I135T, I178L, R211G  
08R_01-357 08R_01-357 None None   E28K, K32E, V35T, E36A, T39E, S48T, K122E, K173G, Q174K, D177E, T200A, I202V, Q207E, R211K, V245Q, A272P, K277R  
08R_01-359 08R_01-359 None None   E6D, K11T, V21I, V35T, T39K, K43E, V60I, D123S, K173I, Q174K, D177E, I178M, T200A, Q207A, R211S, K238R, V245E  
08R_01-361 08R_01-361 None None   S162C, D177E, R211K, V245M, K277R, Q278E  
09MM_09-1840 09MM_09-1840 None None   E6D, I31X, V35T, T39K, K43E, K122E, D123S, S162C, K173I, Q174K, D177E, I195L, G196E, T200A, E204Q, Q207A, R211S, K238R, V245E, I274V, V276I  
09MM_09-5779 09MM_09-5779 None None   V35I, V179I, I195L, G196E, Q197K, I202V, S251N, A272S, V276I  
09MM_09-8062 09MM_09-8062 None None   V106I, I178M, L193F, T200I, V245M, A272P  
09MM_09-8567 09MM_09-8567 None None   E6D, V35T, T39R, V60I, S68G, D121H, K122E, D123S, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207A, R211S, K238R, V245E, K281R  
10MC_01-08 10MC_01-08 None None   V106I, I178M, L193F, T200I, V245M, A272P  
10MC_01-09 10MC_01-09 None None   V106I, I178M, L193F, T200I, V245M, A272P  
10MC_01-10 10MC_01-10 None None   V21I, V60I, K104R, V106I, I135T, L193F, T200I, V245M, K249Q, A272P, K277R  
10MC_01-16 10MC_01-16 None None   V106I, I178M, L193F, T200I  
10MC_01-17 10MC_01-17 None None   V106I, I178M, L193F, T200I  
10MC_01-23 10MC_01-23 None None   V106I, I178M, L193F, T200I  
10MC_01-36 10MC_01-36 None None   V106I, I178M, L193F, T200I, V245M, A272P G45R 
10MC_01-37 10MC_01-37 None None   V106I, I178M, L193F, T200I, V245M, A272P  
10MC_01-42 10MC_01-42 None None   V106I, I178M, L193F, T200I  
10MC_01-48 10MC_01-48 None None   V106I, T107P, D123G, I178M, L193F, T200I, V245M, A272P L109Q, D110E, V111K 
10MC_01-49 10MC_01-49 None None   V106I, I178M, L193F, T200I  
10MC_01-50 10MC_01-50 None None   V106I, I178M, L193F, T200I, V245M, A272P Y115H 
10MC_01-52 10MC_01-52 None None   E6D, K11T, V35T, T39K, K43E, V60I, S68G, D121H, K122E, D123S, I135R, K173L, Q174K, D177E, I180V, T200E, E203D, Q207A, R211S, V245E, V276I  
10MC_01-55 10MC_01-55 None None   V106I, I178M, L193F, T200I, V245I, A272P