Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Zeh (2005)
Title Nigerian HIV type 2 subtype A and B from heterotypic HIV type 1 and HIV type 2 or monotypic HIV type 2 infections.
Citation ARHR
SelectedGene PR
SelectedSpecies HIV2
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 13
NumPts 13
Host Human


Clinical PR Isolates

99NG1059 99NG1059 None   I89V K70R, R72K Y14H, N68G 
99NG1063 99NG1063 None   I89V K70R, R72K, T74A Y14H, N68G 
99NG1075 99NG1075 None   I89V K70R, R72K Y14H, N68G 
99NG1275 99NG1275 None   I89V K70R, R72K Y14H, N40S, N68G 
99NG1281 99NG1281 None   I89V K70R, R72K Y14H, N68G 
99NG1299 99NG1299 None   I89V K70R, R72K Y14H, N68G 
99NG681 99NG681 None   I89V T12A, K70R, R72K Y14H, N40S, N68G 
99NG715 99NG715 None   S43T T12K, T91N, A92T N41D, V62I, L67V, N68G 
99NG735 99NG735 None   I89V K70R, R72K Y14H, N40S, N68G, T80P 
99NG739 99NG739 None   S43T T12K, K70R, T91N, A92T N41D, V62I, L67V, N68G 
99NG747 99NG747 None   I89V K70R, R72K Y14H, N68G 
99NG779 99NG779 None   I89V T12I, K70R Y14H, N40S, N68G 
99NG869 99NG869 None   I89V K70R, R72K Y14H, N40S, E58G, N68G