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Author Nakahara (2009)
Title Secondary mutations in viruses resistant to HIV-1 integrase inhibitors that restore viral infectivity and replication kinetics.
Citation Antiviral Res
SelectedGene IN
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Lab
NumIsolates 8
Lab Parent Strain NL43


Lab IN Isolates : Susceptibility Data

IsolateINIMajorDRMsINIMinorDRMsMethodDrugFold Res.
SDM1 Q148K  HeLa-CD4 reporter gene SGSK364735 225 
SDM2 E138K, Q148K  HeLa-CD4 reporter gene SGSK364735 >1,254 
SDM3 G140S, Q148K  HeLa-CD4 reporter gene SGSK364735 91 
SDM4 Q148R  HeLa-CD4 reporter gene SGSK364735 75 
SDM5 E138K, Q148R  HeLa-CD4 reporter gene SGSK364735 148 
SDM6 G140S, Q148R  HeLa-CD4 reporter gene SGSK364735 562 
SDM7 E138K  HeLa-CD4 reporter gene SGSK364735 1.1 
SDM8 G140S  HeLa-CD4 reporter gene SGSK364735 4.9