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Author Brumme (2009)
Title HLA-associated immune escape pathways in HIV-1 subtype B gag, pol and nef proteins.
Citation PLoS Med
SelectedGene RT
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 1059
NumPts 1059
Subtype B, A, C, CRF02_AG, CRF01_AE, D, H, B + F, Unknown, B + CRF01_AE, CRF11_cpx, CRF09_cpx


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Page 1   listing Isolate 1 to Isolate 100 from Total 1059 Clinical RT Isolates

SubjectIsolateNRTIsNNRTIsNRTI MutNNRTI MutCommonUnusual
A0526 A0526 None None   V60I, R83K, K104KN, E138A, S162C, I178L, Q207QE, R211K, F214L, S251I, A272P, K277R, T286A, A288AS, V292VI, I293V, T296TS, E297K, K311KR, I329L, G333E, R356K, K390R, A400T, V435I, E449D, D460N, H483Y, A554N  
A0575 A0575 None None  V179VD T39TA, K122KE, S162C, I180IV, G196E, T200A, K201KR, E203D, I293V, E300EK, K311RS, S322AE, L325LF, M357T, K390R, V435A, K451R, D460N, S468P, A481AT, H483Y, L491A, S519N, A534T, Q547K, A554AT K101K*, N265NI, E291EG, D324IMT, K350K*, Q428QL, G462GR 
A1519 A1519 None None   V35VL, D123E, V189I, Q207E, K277R, T286V, I293V, E297K, G333E, Q334H, G359S, K390R, T403M, V467I, S468P, T470S, H483Y, L503I, S519N, V531I, A554S N255NH 
A1541 A1541 None None   V35I, I50V, D123E, D177E, I178M, T200K, E204Q, R211K, D250E, A272P, K277R, L283I, I293V, E297R, G333E, A355T, K385R, K390R, A400T, D460N, H483Y, L517I, S519N, A554N, K558R  
A2508 A2508 None None K70KN  K49R, S162C, Q174H, V179VG, T200A, E204EAGV, Q207E, R211K, T286A, K311R, P313Q, D324E, G333E, Q334R, G335E, G359S, T377M, T386I, T403R, N447NS, T450NS, L452I, L491S, S519N, V531I E79EK 
A2520 A2520 None None   I135V, K166R, V179I, K277R, A288S, I293V, E297A, G333E, K366R, A376T, T377Q, K390KR, A400T, V435I, D460N, H483Y, L517V, S519N, Q524E K350K* 
A2572 A2572 None None   K20R, V35T, V60I, T69N, D123E, I135T, S162A, Q207E, R211K, K275Q, K277R, L283I, I293V, P294Q, E312T, Q334L, T369V, K390R, T403A, V435A, N447S, D460N, H483N, L491S, K512R, L517I, I521ILV, A554S E29EV, M41MK, I506IF, S513SCGR 
A3504 A3504 None None   K32KR, V35I, T39TA, S48E, K82KR, D123E, D177E, I178M, E204D, Q207EK, V245M, A272P, I293V, I329L, K390R, A400T, V435I, I505V, S519N, D549DN  
A3515 A3515 None None   V35I, A62T, Q207E, R211K, E248I, A272P, K275Q, V276T, K277R, Q278N, L283I, V292I, I293V, R356K, I375V, K390R, E399D, T403I, E432D, S468P, A554S Q197D 
A3533 A3533 None None   K20R, K122E, D123E, I135V, G196E, T200A, I202V, H208HY, R211M, S251C, K277R, T286A, I293V, E297K, Q334QL, F346Y, K390R, A400S, D460N, H483Y, L491S, Q524E, A554ST T472I 
A3546 A3546 None None   P14L, I142V, K166KE, E194EQ, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245K, L283I, I293V, P294T, S322T, R356K, A360T, K390R, E404D, K431T, R463K, H483Y, Q524E, A554N L120LF, Y127YD, F130FC, T131TI, R206RT 
A4500 A4500 None None   K20R, D123E, E169D, G196E, I202V, L210LASV, R211G, A272G, T286A, I293V, E297K, K311R, S322T, I329L, F346L, K390R, Q394H, L452S, S468P, Q480E  
A4521 A4521 None None   V35T, D123E, I135T, D177E, Q207E, V245X, L246X, D250E, V261I, I293V, E297A, K311R, Q334L, G359S, A376T, T386I, V435A, S468P, E492K, Q524E, A554T, K558R  
A4532 A4532 None None   P4S, R83K, K173Q, R211K, A272P, I274V, Q278H, K281R, T286A, M357V, A376T, E399G, E404D, A446S, D460N, S468T, L491LS, K512Q, L517V, S519N, A554N D250DAGV 
A5511 A5511 None None   S162C, G196E, Q207E, A272G, I293V, E297R, L301I, D324DE, I329L, G333E, M357V, K385R, K390R, K395R, E399D, A400T, V435A, E449D, T470TN, H483HY, Q487L, L517I, A534AS, A554N, K558R  
A6513 A6513 None None   K20R, V21I, V35VL, K122E, D123N, S162A, T165I, E169D, D177E, I178M, T200I, F214L, A272P, K277R, E298EK, G333E, Q334H, M357A, K390R, A400I, T403TS, T450S, D460N, V467I, H483Y, L491S, Q520QK  
A7512 A7512 None None   D123E, D177E, G196GE, R211K, V245Q, A272P, K281R, L283I, I293V, E297K, I329V, I341V, R356RG, E370D, A371V, A376V, V435L, L491G, K527N R78RS, L264LV 
A7531 A7531 None None   E6D, K11T, V35T, T39K, K122E, D123S, I135T, I142IV, K173IT, Q174K, D177E, V179I, Q207A, R211S, K238R, V245E, T286TA, E291D, V292I, I293V, E297A, E312T, I326V, I329V, G335D, R356K, M357K, G359S, K366R, A371V, K390R, K395R, A400T, T403TA, E432D, N447S  
A7540 A7540 None None   P4S, K22R, T27S, I50V, K122KR, I135V, R211K, F214L, V245E, D250N, S251SI, R356K, R358K, E370D, T377S, K390R, E399D, A400I, T403A, D460N, S468H, L491S, S519N, A534S, K558R  
A8507 A8507 None None   K20R, T39A, K46Q, S68G, T69TN, D123E, I135T, E138A, S162C, D177E, G196E, R211G, A272P, K277R, T286TA, V317A, S322T, P345PQ, M357T, I375V, V381I, V435I, K454R, V466A, Q520QL, Q524E, K558R P9PLQR, L12L*S, P14PLQR 
A8524 A8524 None None   V35I, T200A, E204D, Q207K, R211K, V245I, K281R, I293V, Q334E, M357A, A360T, E370Q, A400T, V435I, S468P  
A8536 A8536 None None   D121HY, K122E, S162C, D177E, I178L, Q197K, R211K, V245M, E248ED, A272P, K277R, L283I, K287KR, I293V, K347Q, G359S, K390R, V435VI, A446S, V467I, S468P, E516EV, Q524E D192DA 
A8573 A8573 None None   K101R, D123E, I135L, I178M, T200I, R211K, I293V, I329V, K347R, T386I, A446S, L452S, S468P, H483Y L34LV, W71WG, L109LP, D113DV, I270IS, E300EV 
A8595 A8595 None None   V60I, K104R, D123E, D177E, T200A, R211K, F214L, V245L, E248D, A272P, T286A, I329L, G335D, M357T, S379C, K390R, E396D, A400L, V435I, E438D, F440Y, R461K, R463K, V467I, L469I, H483Y, L491S, K512R, L517I, S519N, Q524E, K530R  
B0541 B0541 None None   R83K, R211S, A272P, K275R, L283LF, I293V, K311R, Q334H, M357T, A371V, I375T, K390R, A400T, V435A, G436E, D460N, V467I, H483HQ, L491S, Q524E, A554T  
B1501 B1501 None None   I5IV, D121H, K122E, I135T, V245VA, A272P, K281R, L283I, I293V, E312V, G333E, Q334N, G335S, T386I, K390R, A400T, N418S, V435I, A446S, R461K, V467I, S468T, H483N, L517I, S519N, A554AT, K558R  
B1539 B1539 None None   V35I, S48T, E53D, I142T, S162Y, Q174H, R211K, A272P, K281R, T286A, A288T, E297K, E312A, G333E, Q334H, M357T, T369S, A376S, A400T, E404D, A437V, D460S, R461K, S468T, H483Y, L491S, K512Q, L517I, S519N, A554S Q23Q*EK 
B1542 B1542 None None   E6ED, D121Y, K122E, D177G, V179I, R211K, V245K, T286A, P294S, E297K, K311R, I329L, R356K, A376V, K390R, A400T, T403M, E432D, V435I, S468P, A554S  
B3523 B3523 None None   T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245Q, E248D, A272P, K277R, T286A, E291D, I293V, D324E, Q334H, G335D, R356K, G359T, T377M, K390R, A400T, E404D, F416Y, N447S, L452M, V466I, D471E, T477A, V493A, S519N, A554S  
B3535 B3535 None None   I135T, S162A, Q197K, P243T, A272S, T286A, E297D, T377I, K390R, E396D, A400T, K431Q, V435A, L491V, S519N, K527N, A554S  
B3577 B3577 None None K70T  K22R, V35I, V106I, T107S, R211K, P225S, K238R, V245E, A272P, P294LS, I329L, A376T, S379C, K390R, A400T, V435E, K451R, K454R, D460N, H483Y, S519N, V531I, K558R W24WR, L26L*S, K32RS, M41MK, R78RS 
B4522 B4522 None None   V35I, E40D, K104R, V118I, T165I, R211K, F214L, A288S, V292I, I293V, Q334E, M357T, K390R, A400T, T403S, K451R, L452V, S468P, A502T, S519N  
B4578 B4578 None None   V8I, V21VF, I135T, R211K, F214L, V245E, T286A, E297K, D324E, I329L, G333E, R356K, V365I, E396D, A400T, V435E, D460N, R461K, V467VI, H483Y, I526IV, A554ADNT D250DAGV 
B5512 B5512 None None   V35T, T69TN, D123E, I135V, S162A, K173T, Q174K, D177E, I178M, T200A, Q207E, R211K, P243T, V245Q, E248ED, K281KR, T286A, E291D, V292I, I293V, P294T, S322A, D324DE, G335D, R356K, M357K, G359S, A371V, I375V, S379SG, K388R, T403M, E432D, V435A, D471E, Q480H, L491S, A508S, K512R, S519N, Q524K, K527E, E529D, A534S, H539HR, A554RS K20KN, G213GE 
B5531 B5531 None None   V189I, G196E, Q207E, R211K, V245M, T286A, E297K, V317VA, D324E, I329L, R356K, A360T, E449ED, L452I, S468P, L469I, H483N, S489SA  
B5599 B5599 None None   V35T, R83K, K122P, K166R, D177E, I178M, R211K, V245M, K277R, V292I, I293V, E297A, A360AT, K390R, A400T, A446S, D460N, H483Y, S519SG, A554T  
B6504 B6504 None None   R83K, K122E, S162A, E169D, Q207E, R211K, A272P, K277R, R284K, T286A, I293V, P294S, E297T, P321PS, D324DE, G359S, A376T, T377L, K390R, A400T, V435P, D460N, V467I, S468SP, T470S, G490E, Q547K, A554S  
B6515 B6515 None None   K122R, G196E, A272P, K277R, T286A, G335N, F346Y, R358K, S379G, V435A, R461K, T470A, H483Y  
B6533 B6533 None None   E36D, K122E, I135T, D177DEKN, Q207E, V245E, A288AS, I293V, P294Q, Q334L, M357T, T369A, A376T, T386I, A400IT, E404D, R461K, S468T, K527N, A554T  
B7500 B7500 None None T215D  E6ED, K11KR, V60I, R83K, E138Q, N175H, V179L, I202V, Q207K, R211K, D237DE, K275Q, T286A, I293IV, T296S, E297K, V317A, I329V, Q334E, A355S, T369A, K385R, A400T, V435A, D460N, R461K, L469I, H483F, L491S  
B7521 B7521 None None   V35VI, D123E, I142IF, K166R, Q174QE, I180V, Q207QE, R211K, F227FS, A272P, V276VI, P294A, E297K, S322T, I329L, E344EV, R358K, K385R, A400T, V435M, L452I, D460N, R461K, V467I, L469I, L517I, Q524E, A554T K126K*, R143RS, V148VM, L149LP, W153WR, E169EV, D177DEV, D186DV, L205LP, E233V 
B7532 B7532 None None   V106VI, V118I, K122E, I135IT, N175H, R211RK, F214L, K277R, Q278E, E297R, E312D, S322T, Y342YF, K347KR, T377I, K390R, A400T, V435A, G436E, K451KR, L452LS, D460N, L491P, E492EK, S519N, A534T, A554T E29EG 
B7579 B7579 None None   M16MK, K20R, I135T, S162C, Q197E, R211G, A272P, K277R, Q278H, T286A, Q334QHKN, I341IV, M357MV, A360AT, K366KR, A376AT, E399D, A400T, E432D, R461K, L491S, E516EV, K527KHNQ W24WR, M41MK, R78RS, E438G 
B8526 B8526 None None   V90I, A98S, K122E, D123DN, I178L, V179I, T200A, R211K, D250N, A272S, K277R, V292VI, I293V, I329L, M357T, A360T, A376T, K390R, A400T, E404D, V435I, D460N, R461RK, H483Y, K512R, S519N, A554N, K558R  
B8575 B8575 None None   K49R, R83K, K122E, E169D, G196E, K277R, L283I, K311R, D324E, K366R, A376T, A400T, N418S, A446S, L452LV, S468T, L469I N255NH 
B9517 B9517 None None   K20X, R83K, V90I, K104KR, K122E, S162A, D177E, G196E, R211K, V245E, Q278H, T286A, V292VI, I293IV, T296TS, E297KR, L303LM, K311KR, V317VA, R356RK, G359S, T386I, K390R, A400T, V435VAIT, D460N, A554T V21VFIL 
B9543 B9543 None None   V21VF, S68G, T69A, K122E, Q174QHKN, T200I, R211K, E248D, K277R, A288S, Q334D, M357T, A360T, K366R, K385KR, T386TI, K390R, A400T, T450N, V467I, L469I, H483Y, L491P, I495V, Q520L, Q524E, A554T M41MR, S48S*, E302ED, F416FL, G462GR 
D1543 D1543 None None   V35M, R83K, V106I, D123E, I135T, S162C, R211K, A272P, T296S, E297K, S322T, Q334E, A376V, E396D, A400T, W410V, V435I, L452Q, D460N, Q480R, L491S, S519N, A554T, V559VI D17DN 
D2526 D2526 None None   K49R, I135T, E169D, D177E, T200A, E204A, Q207E, R211K, F214L, K249Q, A272P, I293V, E297EV, K311R, V317A, I329L, G333E, G335N, T386I, K390R, Q394L, A400T, K431KQ, T439TS, A446AD, N447ND, K451R, V458VA, S468P, L469I, K558R L26L*W, T27TR, E291EV, E298EV, E300EV, L303LP, E305EV, Y427Y*, Q428QL, E430E*, D443DV 
D2575 D2575 None None T69AD, V75M V108VI, V179VE, Y181C P9PS, V35I, S48T, D86N, D123E, Q174K, I178M, A272S, K277R, L283I, A288AS, I293V, E297K, L301I, E312K, G335D, R356K, A360T, K390R, E396EG, V435I, H483Y, Q507H, Q509K, Q524E, V531I, A554N  
D3500 D3500 None None   E6D, K104R, K122E, D123E, T165I, G196E, T200A, R211K, A272P, K277R, P294S, E297K, A376T, K390R, E399D, A400I, V435L, D460N, V467I, S519N, A554N  
D3521 D3521 None None   V35T, K49R, V60I, K122E, S162A, F171Y, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, V245Q, T286A, E291D, V292I, I293V, P294A, S322T, G335D, R356K, M357K, G359S, K366R, T369A, E370A, I375V, T377L, S379A, K390R, E399D, A400T, T403M, E432D, A446S, T470A, D471E, Q480Y, H483Y, L491S, Q509H, K512Q, S515A, L517T, S519N, Q524K, K527E, E529D, A534S, A554N  
D3532 D3532 None None  Y181YF R83K, D123DN, K126KR, D177N, I178IM, G196E, R211A, A272P, K281R, K311KR, S322T, G333GE, Q334QHKN, G335C, R356K, K390R, D460N, R461K, L491S, S519N, K527Q F77FI, E79EG, Q161Q* 
D3579 D3579 None None   K20R, V35I, T39A, R83K, L100LF, K103R, D123E, I135T, T165I, T200A, I202V, R211K, F214L, V245E, A272P, K277R, Q278N, T286P, I293V, E297K, K311R, K366R, A376T, A400T, V435VI, E449EQ, D460N, K527Q, A554Q E169EAGV, P170PHLR, D177DAGV 
D4506 D4506 None None   S162F, K173E, Q207A, R211K, P243T, A272P, K277R, E297A, L301M, G333E, Q334N, K390R, A400T, A446S, L452I, V467I, S468P, T470N, H483Y, S519N E291EG 
D4523 D4523 None None   K49KR, R83K, D123E, I202V, R211K, T286A, K287KR, I293V, E297K, S322T, R356K, A360V, T377LS, K390R, D460N, T470P, Q480H, H483HY, L491S, L517IT  
D4535 D4535 None None   I135T, T200A, Q207K, R211T, E248X, A272S, K277R, A288T, I293V, K311R, Q334N, T338S, M357T, K366R, T377M, S379G, T386I, A400T, E404D, V435A, D460N, R461K, H483Y, L491S, A554T, K558R, V559I  
D4577 D4577 None None  K103NS V35R, K122KE, D123DE, K166R, R172K, V179I, T200A, R211K, A272S, L325I, I326V, T338S, A355T, R356RK, V381VI, K390R, A400T, K454R, V467I, H483Y, D488E, L491S, K527KR  
D5513 D5513 None None   P4S, R83K, I142T, T165I, V245E, A272S, K277R, T286A, I293V, Q334E, R356K, A376V, A400T, E432D, V435E, D460N, R461K, H483Y  
D6512 D6512 None None   R83K, K122E, T200A, R206RK, R211K, V245E, G335S, G359S, A371V, A376T, K390R, E396D, A400T, T403A, V435I, G436E, N447S, D460N, R461K, S468T, T470A, H483L, L491A, E492K, V559I  
D6531 D6531 None None   E6D, D121Y, K122E, S162A, I167IV, D177E, I178M, R211K, A272P, K277R, I293V, I329L, G333D, R356RK, A360T, A376S, T439TS, S468P, T470S, D471DV, V559I D185DG, E233EAGV, K350K*, N363NH, L368LS, K388K*, K390KIN, W398WC, W410WR, L422LF, Y427Y*, V435FLS, G462GR 
D7504 D7504 None None  G190A V35I, K64R, A98S, K122E, T200A, Q207E, V245E, E248ED, K249X, D250X, S251X, K277R, A288S, I329L, V381I, T403M, E404D, V467I, T470N, D471N, H483Q, L517V, S519N, K527N, A554Y  
D7515 D7515 None None   V106I, D123N, I135T, S162C, K166R, K173E, D177E, T200A, Q207E, F214L, A272S, K281R, T286A, I293V, E297A, S322T, Q334L, A360T, S379G, T386I, K390R, A400T, D460N, R461K, H483L, Q487E D498DE 
D7533 D7533 None None   E6D, V90I, K104KR, V118I, K122E, I135IT, G196E, T200A, R211K, F214L, E248EV, I293V, E297EA, S322T, I329L, A360T, E396D, V435E, K451R, D460N, H483HY, L491LS, A502AV, L503LI, S519SN, L533LM  
D8508 D8508 None None   V35I, R83K, I142T, S162A, F171Y, R211K, A272P, K277R, I293V, E308Q, G333DE, Q334H, K350R, A376S, T377N, K390R, A400T, V435E, D460N, L469I, T470P, H483HY, I506L, S519N, Q520E, A554N  
D8520 D8520 None None   K173R, R211K, A272P, K277R, L283I, Q334L, R356K, T403I, K431R, K451R, S468P, T470N, H483Y, S519N, V559I  
D8572 D8572 None None D67DY  I31IM, K32KE, V35VA, E42EG, D121DH, S162C, Q197QH, K201KR, R211S, V245Q, I293V, E297EK, R307K, I326V, I329V, T377A, T403M, V435A, K451KR, S468P, T470A, I495M, L517I, A554NT, K558KR Y56Y*, F61FV, R78RT, N81NI, P170PA, S489SW, V493G 
D9519 D9519 None None   V35L, S68G, F87L, K101R, I135V, K166R, I178M, Q207K, V245M, A272P, K277R, E297A, V317A, I326V, Q334L, P345T, T403M, V435A, S468P, S519N, A554N, K558R K20KT 
E0510 E0510 None None   K122E, I135T, S162C, I178M, G196E, E204Q, R211G, A272P, T286A, P313T, Q334L, R356K, K366R, A376S, T377M, K390R, A400T, N447S, L452S, D460N, V467I, K476Q, H483Y, E516EK, S519N  
E1509 E1509 None None   E6D, V60I, A98S, T165TI, Q174H, T200A, Q207E, R211K M16MI, P19PLQR, W212F 
E1530 E1530 None None   A98S, K102Q, V245L, A272S, K277R, L283I, A288S, I293V, E297A, I329L, G335D, R356K, M357R, I375V, T386I, K390R, A400T, S468T, S519N, A554T, K558R  
E1548 E1548 None None   V35I, T39AS, G196E, R211K, A272G, V292I, I293V, M357ST, Q394QH, A400T, E404D, V435E, D460N, S468P, L491S, K512R, A554N, K558R V245*K, N255NY, K281KI, Q340QL 
E1571 E1571 None None   E169D, D192DN, G196E, A272T, A288S, I293V, K311KR, S322N, Q334Y, T338S, M357T, K390R, F416Y, V417I, P421PL, V435A, L452S, S468P, H483Y, G490E, A534AS, A554AS V381VIM 
E2514 E2514 None None   D123E, I135T, E169D, G196E, Q197K, R211K, P294T, I326V, Q334L, K366R, A376S, K385R, T386I, K390R, T403M, K451R, L452S, V466I, L517I  
E3505 E3505 None None   K122E, I178M, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245E, I293V, M357T, T377M, A400S, R448RG, V493X, N494X, I495X, S519N, A534T, A554S A538AT 
E3527 E3527 None None   K102Q, I178M, Q207G, S251C, A272S, T286A, E297K, R358K, S379G, K390R, E396D, A400S, V435E, A446S, R461K, H483Q, L491PS, Q524E N265NS, W410WR 
E3576 E3576 None None   A98S, I135RT, D177E, V179VI, R211K, V292I, I329L, M357A, Q367R, T377TIM, A400T, E413D, V423VE, Y427YS, V435X, G436X, A437X, E438X, T439X, F440X, Y441X, V442X, D443X, G444X, A445X, A446X, N447X, R448X, E449X, T450X, K451X, L452X, G453X, K454X, A455X, G456X, Y457X, V458X, T459X, D460X, R461X, G462X, R463X, Q464X, K465X, V466X, V467X, S468X, L469X, T470X, D471X, T472X, L491S, E516EV, L517V I159IK, A360G 
E4528 E4528 None None   R211K, P243PL, V245K, D250E, A272P, K277R, K281R, T286A, E291D, E297K, D324E, I326V, Q334Y, V365I, A400T, D460N, S468SP, H483Y, K512R, L533M  
E5501 E5501 None None   K20R, I135V, S162C, R211K, T286A, I293V, E297K, I326V, Q334E, K366R, E449D, L469V  
E5518 E5518 None None   K49R, R83K, I142T, Q207QR, R211RK, V245K, A272P, D320DV, E344EV, F346FS, M357T, A376T, T377TS, V381I, T386TS, E404D, L469I, T470A, H483N, K512R, L517I, A554T, K558KR I2IMV, P4PA, I5IS, D324DV, E328EV, Y339YH, R356RS, E370EV, E438EV 
E5539 E5539 None None   V35T, E36A, T39E, E40D, K122E, D123N, K173A, D177E, I178M, T200A, E204K, Q207E, F214L  
E5590 E5590 None None   V35IT, D123E, I135R, S162C, D177E, Q207E, A272P, K281KR, T286TA, I293V, E297EA, K311KR, D324DE, A360AT, T369TA, V372VA, I375IV, K390KR, A400ST, V435VI, D460DN, R461K, L491S, K512Q, E516D, S519N, A554T  
E6503 E6503 None None   K20R, I142IT, I178IM, V179I, R211K, V276VI, T286A, I326V, G335GD, M357K, A371V, I375V, A376V, E449D, L452M, R461K, Q464E, H483Y  
E6574 E6574 None None   V35IMT, K122E, I142V, D177E, Q207E, S251SR, W252WR, T286A, P294T, E297A, K311KR, A400T, T403S, V435VA, V466A, Q524E T253TA 
E7529 E7529 None None   K11R, R83K, D123E, D177E, R211K, V245E, K277R, T286A, I293V, E297K, Q334L, T338S, A376V, T386A, K390R, E404D, D460S, S519N, A554T E233EAGV, I270IF, E300EV, E305EV, E478EAGV 
E7538 E7538 None None   S48T, K122E, K166R, Q174R, I178IV, T200I, Q207D, R211K, V245E, A272P, K277R, L283I, I293V, Q334H, G335D, P345Q, F346Y, R356K, G359S, A360T, T377L, T386I, K390R, A400T, T403V, T450N, S519N, K530R, A554T, V559I K20T, P313PL 
E7570 E7570 None None   K20R, V60I, R83K, D123E, A158S, T165I, I178L, T200A, R211K, A272S, I293V, I329L, M357T, T386I, A400L, V435A, A437V, L452I, S468T, L469I, T470N, H483Q, L491S, Q507H, A534T, A554S E6E*, T7LM, P19PLQR 
E9516 E9516 None None   K102R, K104R, V179I, G196E, T200A, Q207E, S251T, A272S, I293V, S322T, D324E, Q332QR, M357T, T369TA, K390R, A400T, F416Y, V435A, R448K, D460N, A554N, K558R  
E9534 E9534 None None   K49R, I50V, R83K, I135T, G196E, T200A, A272S, I293V, E297K, L310I, I329V, A376T, T386I, T403M, V435E, A437V, L452I, D460N, R461K, V467I, S468T, T470A, Q480H, S519N  
E9547 E9547 None None  F227FL K103R, I135V, I142T, S162C, I195IL, E203EG, D237DE, V245E, E248T, A272P, K277R, I293V, P321PS, D324E, A327PT, Y342F, M357T, I382V, K390R, A400S, Q428K, D460N, R461K, H483N, K512Q T128TS, G231GV, P345PR, W410WR, F416FV 
F0511 F0511 None None   V35I, R83K, D121Y, K122E, I135T, T165I, T200I, R211K, T286A, I329L, G333E, K390R, A400T, E404D, K451R, D460N, S468T, L469I, T470A, K512R, S519N, A554S, K558R  
PRRT_4030 PRRT_4030 None None   R83RK, K122KR, T165I, E169D, T200TA, I202V, R211K, A272P, K277R, L283I, Y342F, M357MV, A376T, T386I, K388KR, K390R, A400T  
PRRT_4031 PRRT_4031 None None   K20R, E44D, K122KE, D123E, D177E, I202V, Q207E, R211K, F214L, K277R, T286A, A288S, V292I, E297R, I309V, V317VA, Q334L, T369A, A376T, K390R, A400T  
PRRT_4032 PRRT_4032 None None   D121Y, K122E, K166R, V179I, R211K, K277R, I293V, E297A, I329L, F346N, M357T, A376T, A400T  
PRRT_4033 PRRT_4033 None None   V35I, E40EA, T69TN, R83K, K101Q, K104N, D121H, K122E, K126KR, I135KR, T139TI, K173KE, Q174QR, V179VI, T200A, R211K, I244IV, V245K, A272P, I293IV, I329L, T369A  
PRRT_4034 PRRT_4034 None None   K122E, I135V, V245M, A272P, L283I, R356K, T369A, T377M, S379G  
PRRT_4035 PRRT_4035 None None   K64R, K122E, I135T, V179I, Q207T, R211K, I293V, E297R, K347R, A376T, T386I, K390R, A400T  
PRRT_4036 PRRT_4036 None None   K11KR, K20R, V60I, D123E, I135T, D177E, Q207DEKN, R211KT, T286A, G333GE, F346Y, R356RK, K390R  
PRRT_4037 PRRT_4037 None None   V60I, R83RK, I135V, R211K, A272P, V276VI, K277KR, E297A, R307K, I309IL, S322T, G359S, K390R, A400L K126KE 
PRRT_4038 PRRT_4038 None None   I142V, R211K, V245M, A272P, T286A, E297K, D324DE, Q334L, M357T, K366R, A376N, S379C