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Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Andresen (2007)
Title Characterization of near full-length genomes of HIV type 1 strains in Denmark: Basis for a universal therapeutic vaccine.
Citation ARHR
SelectedGene IN
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
NumIsolates 17
NumPts 17
Subtype B, C

Clinical IN Isolates

CTL 015 CTL 015 None   G163R E11D, D25E, K34R, M50I, F100Y, L101I, T112V, T125A, K127R, K136Q, V201I, I203M, L234I, M275V, D278A S283G 
CTL 016 CTL 016 None    E11D, R20K, V32I, I72V, L74I, P90S, T112V, K156N, V165I, H171L, V201I, D256E  
CTL 017 CTL 017 None    S17N, S39C, I72V, L101I, G193E, V201I, D232E  
CTL 018 CTL 018 None    E10D, E13Q, K34R, M50I, I72V, L101I, K111T, T124N, I135V, I220L  
CTL 023 CTL 023 None    E10D, V31I, L101I, R107S, T124A, K156N, K211R  
CTL 030 CTL 030 None    D6E, E10D, I72V, G106A, T122TI, T124N, T125V  
CTL 033 CTL 033 None    S119G, T122I, T124N, L234I, A265V  
CTL 035 CTL 035 None    E11D, R20K, V31I, M50I, T112I, T122I, T124N, F181L, V201I, T206S, D256E  
CTL 041 CTL 041 None    A23V, S24G, L28I, L74I, T125A, H171Q  
CTL 043 CTL 043 None    S17N, M50I, Q53H, I72V, L101I, T112I, T124A  
PMVL 012 PMVL 012 None   V54I E11D, R20K, I72V, L101I, K111T, S119P, T124TA  
PMVL 013 PMVL 013 None    E11D, A23V, I73V, L101I, K111R, T112I, S119G, T124Q, T125V, V201I S283N 
PMVL 018 PMVL 018 None    I72V, K111Q, D207E, L234I, A265V  
PMVL 025 PMVL 025 None    E11D, L101I, K111Q, K173R, F181L, V201I, T206S, E212V, T218I, D256E  
PMVL 027 PMVL 027 None    E11D, A23T, V31I, M50L, I72V, T122I, T124G, T125A, G193E, I220M, D278A S283G 
PMVL 039 PMVL 039 None    S39C, L45V, L101I, M154I, V165I, R187K, K211R, K215N  
PMVL 049 PMVL 049 None    S17N, A23V, L28I, L45S, Y99F, I113V, T124N, T125A, V201I, D256E